The Best Zombie Games for Android of 2013 (so far)

by: Joe HindyJuly 31, 2013
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The Best Zombie Games for Android 2013

Who wants to kill some zombies? A few years ago, the zombie fad began and while many thought it would die out, the zombie fad has evolved into a culture and it’s stronger than ever. With that comes some great movies, books, and especially some great video games. On this list we’ll outline the best zombie games for Android so far in 2013. Of course, if you’d rather watch than read, you can jump to the bottom really quick to check out the video review. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Best Zombie games 2013 Stupid Zombies

10 Stupid Zombies 2

First on our top 10 list today is Stupid Zombies 2. This simple little puzzle game is a little like Angry Birds. Except you don’t get to kill zombies in Angry Birds. You have a finite amount of ammo per level and you must strategically shoot them to bounce around and kill all the zombies in as few shots as possible. The less ammo you use, the higher your score. As per the norm for these types of games, there is a 3-star rating system. The key, obviously, is to get 3-stars in each level.

It’s quick, simple, addictive, fun, and best of all, free. You can also choose from a male or a female character so this one is by no means gender biased. If you want to try it out, click Google Play button below.

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Zombie Dash best zombie games of 2013

09 Zombie Dash

Number 9 on the list is called Zombie Dash. This zombie game is incredibly simple. All you do is run and shoot. That’s really it. It’s simplicity is also its greatest strength because with this game the simplicity works very well. It’s a quick game to pick up and put down so it’s perfect for killing a few minutes. You can pick up power ups –including a mech– to help things along and the longer you last, the faster the game scrolls.

Like we said, it’s short, simple, free, and people seem to really like it. If you want to mow down some zombies but don’t have all day to do so, then this could be the game for you. Click the Google Play button below to check it out.

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Earn to Die best zombie games of 2013

08 Earn to Die

Eighth on the list is a part strategy, part driving game called Earn to Die. In this game, you must construct a car that can make it to the end of a level without running out of gas or boost. While the bulk of the game is spent driving through levels and mowing down zombies with your car, there is a strategy element involved. You have to tilt your car and use the gas and boost strategically or you won’t make it to the end of the map. Unlike most of the drivers in this game, it’s not a pedal-to-the-floor type of driver, which actually makes it pretty unique.

It’s the most complicated game on the list so far, but it’s still pretty fun. Click the Google Play button below to check it out.

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Zombie Road Trip best zombie games of 2013

07 Zombie Road Trip

If you happen to enjoy pedal-to-the-floor style zombie driving games, then number 7 on our list is for you. It’s called Zombie Road Trip and, much like Zombie Dash, it goes on forever at max speed until you screw up and the horde catches you. You can upgrade your car and buy guns to protect yourself as well as performing front and back flips to earn boost. At the end of the day, though, this game is all about staying ahead of the horde for as long as possible.

If that sounds up your alley, click the Google Play button below to check it out.

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Zombie Highway

06 Zombie Highway

Number 6 on the list is called Zombie Highway. For long time fans of Android Authority, you may remember this as the first app review that yours truly ever did. That’s because it’s a stellar game with decent graphics and a fun premise. It’s definitely the strongest of the zombie driving games and for good reason. There’s a bunch to unlock, it’s quick to play, and the nice graphics are definitely a plus.

To see more about Zombie Highway, check out our Zombie Highway review. Or you can click the Google Play button below and try it yourself!

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Zombie Smasher

05 Zombie Smasher

Fifth on the list is Zombie Smasher. Other than being a generally entertaining game to play, it’s also the only game on this list that is played in portrait mode. Fun facts aside, the premise of this game is you must smash zombies by tapping your screen as they try to get by you. There are obstacles to make things challenging, like living people that you should not be smashing and they eventually get pretty fast. Like Stupid Zombies 2, it has a 3-star scoring system.

It’s pretty good and definitely worth a try if you’re into these kinds of games. Tap the Google Play button below to check it out.

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Gun Zombie Hellgate

04 Gun Zombie: Hellgate

Gun Zombie: Hellgate is number 4 on our list and once you get used to it, it’s actually a really entertaining game. The problem is getting used to it. It has a very crowded menu that takes a bit to get the hang of. However, once you do, you’re treated to hours upon hours of FPS zombie shooting goodness. To top it off, there are multiple games in the Gun Zombie series, including some seasonally themed ones that are just as good as this one.

If shooting zombies FPS style is your thing, check this game out using the Google Play button below.

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Samurai vs Zombie Defense 2

03 Samurai vs Zombie Defense 2

Here we are, the top 3! First in our top 3 is called Samurai vs Zombie Defense 2. It’s a half hack-n-slash, half tower defense game where you must slash zombies to death before they reach your base. You can upgrade your weapons and armor, summon minions, and even play multiplayer. It also uses Google’s new Play Games Services, which is an automatic win for us.

It’s a unique, genre-bending game but it pulls it off really well. To give it a try, click the Google Play button below.

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Dead Trigger 2

02 Dead Trigger / Dead Trigger 2

While we wanted to put Dead Trigger 2 here, the game unfortunately hasn’t been released yet. Thankfully its predecessor, Dead Trigger, is still the benchmark from which all FPS zombie games are measured. It revolutionized FPS on mobile and remains one of the most popular, successful, and awesome zombie shooting games out there. While we loved Dead Trigger because, you know, it’s great, we really can’t wait for Dead Trigger 2 to come out. If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend checking out the Dead Trigger 2 trailer.

In the meantime, if you want to play Dead Trigger, which is free by the way, you can do so by clicking the Google Play button below.

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Zombies Ate My Friends

01 Zombies Ate My Friends

Here we are, the number 1 on the list! The best of the best as rated by you, the people. It’s a game called Zombies Ate My Friends and this is a mix of your standard Flash game with some RPG elements and even some hack-n-slash elements. In the game you take control of a character to save people, progress through a story line, find items, and kill zombies. It even has cut scenes. It was a very fun game with the only drawback being that you have to stop playing every now and then when you run out of energy.

If you’d like to give this one a try, use the Google Play button below.
In the meantime, if you want to play Dead Trigger, which is free by the way, you can do so by clicking the Google Play button below.

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The Leader Board

If you take a look at the leader board you can see the list in full. As usual this is how you, the people, have rated these games so there is no bias here. If you want to give them a try, you can download them using the corresponding Google Play buttons above.

The Video

Wrap Up

This was a really fun list to do. Killing zombies with guns, cars, and various bludgeoning tools is one of the best ways to spend an otherwise boring afternoon. The zombie culture isn’t going anywhere any time soon and fans of the whole zombie thing have a number of great options for their zombie gaming needs. If we happened to have missed a great zombie game and you want to talk about it, feel free to leave us a comment to let us know.

  • Joshua Hill

    Global Outbreak, one of the best Android strategy games IMO and it has zombies :D

  • YoungHermit

    Into the dead’s a great game too

    • JosephHindy

      yeah it is. There were like 25 or so games that had a 4.5 rating in the play store (minimum for consideration on the list) and into the dead was one of them. i had a lot of fun testing all those games :)

  • Alfredo Richardo Haurissa

    plants vs zombies! :D

    • impulse101

      Reading is fundamental. Its not the best zombie games of 2010.

      • Alfredo Richardo Haurissa

        the problem is plants vs zombie is the best zombie game of all time :P

  • gx3k


    • impulse101

      Its average review is 4.3 so hence it doesn’tmmake it into the list

  • Dalian barons

    I think with these you should also include best games that can be emulated on android as that’s androids biggest feature over other OS’s in terms of gaming

  • impulse101

    Wow you left off the new walking dead game

  • Zombie

    I love Zombie games, and I will try them today

  • Mehdi

    TWD : Assault was good too !

  • tim0202

    Nice review Joe, Samurai vs Zombie 2 is one of my favorite :)
    btw, I found another addictive game here:

  • Mitesh Ganatra

    Nope, I think Zoombie HQ & Zoombies Don’t Run both are the best for me so far..

    • Mekhs

      Ohh, its hard luck for me too. Even I can not do that in my phone. I can’t do crictime.

  • TechAxle.Com

    Earn to Die is awesome, as well nowadays the most famous games are “Template Run2” and “Subway Surfer”..I love both of these games, I recommed you to give them a try.

  • malvin hariyanto

    nice share bro,visit to DL free android games

  • Mubashir Mazhar
  • xXLilJmanXx

    I wanna know what the name of the game is you have a car and you can add weapons to it. On the top you can have like a missile launcher, on the hood a machine gun, on the sides saws, on the front a metal plow and you drive around killing monsters and zombies. I had it on my phone but after a while I uninstalled it and couldn’t find it since I forgot the name. Its a very good game

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    i love zombies games…gud collection at onleplace……

  • Fazblood779(YouTube me :) )

    Key ones left out:

    1) Dead Effect
    2) Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies
    3) Plants vs zombie 1/2
    4) Into the Dead

    IMO games wher you have to stand still, aim and shoot are ridiculous (gun zombie hellgate, contract killer zombies, etc.), where’s the fun in standing still looking at waves of OP enemies approaching you is just boring.

  • PixelPower

    Also Super Zombie Run pro can be added to the list. Not only is it a game but it plays streaming free zombie movies making it a perfect game/app

    • Mandy Jhons

      Yep it should be. Cool game.

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