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Snapchat gets chattier than ever with Chat 2.0

by: John DyeMarch 29, 2016
Snapchat Chat 2.0 is a hot-swapping, multimedia approach that is sure to confuse the hell out of anyone older than thirty, but the younger crowd will probably love it.
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Here are the videos you don’t want to miss this week – March 12, 2016

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 12, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge unboxings, everything you need to know about Android Pay, and more -- here are the Android-related videos you don't want to miss this week.

Come join Android Authority on Snapchat!

by: Bailey SteinMarch 8, 2016
Want cool behind the scenes footage that we need to self destruct? Follow us on Snapchat, username:androidauth. Also be sure to ask us questions, we have a new Snapchat Q&A show where we will help answer your questions!
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Instagram now blocking links to Telegram and Snapchat

by: Kris CarlonMarch 4, 2016
Remember last year when WhatsApp started blocking links to messaging rival Telegram? Well, Facebook HQ is spreading the love, with Instagram now blocking links to Telegram and Snapchat.
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Snapchat rewind filter arrives with latest update

by: Edgar CervantesJanuary 26, 2016
The latest Android app update brings the video rewind filter to your Snapchat clips. It does pretty much what it sounds like it will do - plays your video backwards.
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New Android adware reportedly “nearly impossible” to remove

by: John DyeNovember 6, 2015
Lookout has discovered a new form of adware that roots a device after the user installs it, then entrenches itself as a system application.
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Snapchat now charges users for multiple replays, adds face effect lenses in latest update

by: Jimmy WestenbergSeptember 15, 2015
A big update is making its way to Snapchat for Android today, bringing some new features and paid options to the photo and video sharing application.
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Latest Snapchat update lets you use more emoji and save more data

by: Jimmy WestenbergAugust 11, 2015
A new update is rolling out to Snapchat for Android today, bringing the photo and video sharing app up to version 9.14.
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Snapchat is gaining new features that will make watching videos and finding friends easier

by: Jimmy WestenbergJuly 1, 2015
The Snapchat team has just announced a number of new features that will make watching videos and finding friends much easier.
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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week

by: Joe HindyJanuary 30, 2015
Welcome to our redesigned Android Apps Weekly! This week we talk about some bad decisions by EA, Microsoft Office for tablets, and more Android apps news!
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