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How to tell if someone unadded you on Snapchat

Have your friends suddenly disappeared from Snapchat?
June 16, 2023

Losing a friend on any social platform, not just Snapchat, isn’t fun. It’s also hard to tell if you’ve been blocked or unfriended, as Snapchat won’t alert you of these actions. If someone unfriends you, there’s only one way to know. Let’s discuss how to tell if someone unadded or removed you on Snapchat.


To tell if someone unadded or removed you on Snapchat, go to Profile > My Friends > Search. Enter the display name or username of the friend you want to check. If they don't appear on your list, they have unfriended you, blocked you, or deleted their own account.

How to tell if someone unfriended you on Snapchat

Snapchat will not notify you if someone removes you from their My Friends list. This is out of respect for the other person’s privacy while keeping your notifications uncluttered. After all, do you really need to know when someone unfriends you?

If you answered yes, there is one way to determine whether you were unfriended. That would be to go to your Profile and tap My Friends.

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Search for the person you think unfriended you on Snapchat. If they do not appear, then they either unfriended or blocked you. They may have also deleted their account, so you can check with them if absolutely necessary.

If you are sure you are friends with someone and they aren’t showing up in the app correctly, see our guide on common problems on Snapchat and how to fix them.


If someone deletes you on Snapchat, you wouldn’t receive a specific notification about it. However, you will notice a few changes. Their Snapchat name will no longer appear on your friends list. If you try to send them a snap, you’ll find that you can’t do it directly as you used to. If they’ve removed you but haven’t blocked you, you can still message them, but the message will be pending and only delivered if they add you back.

The terms “removed” and “unadded” essentially refer to the same action: it means someone has deleted you from their friend list. You can still see their public profile and old chats, but any new messages you send will show as ‘pending’ until they add you back. On the other hand, if the other person has blocked you, you cannot see or message them on Snapchat.

If someone disappears from your Snapchat friend list, it likely means they either deleted you from their friend list, blocked you, or deactivated their account.