Worst to best: The Samsung Galaxy S series, ranked

Hadlee Simons 14 hours ago 464 shares

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus vs Jabra Elite 75t

Lily Katz 11 hours ago 96 shares

The smartphone CPU arms race is about to heat up again

Robert Triggs June 3, 2020 254 shares

Wallpaper crash: Here’s how an image can soft-brick phones

Bogdan Petrovan June 1, 2020 829 shares
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The best third-party Google Assistant speakers to spend your money on

Google Home devices are great, but don't forget about third-party Assistant speakers. Here are the best of the rest.
Mitja RutnikMay 31, 2020383 shares

It’s shocking how many voice assistants might be in the wild by 2024

If the idea of voice assistants taking over the world is scary to you, now might be the time to look away from your screen.
Dave LeClairMay 28, 202068 shares

Got YouTube Premium or Play Music in US? Google has a free Nest Mini for you

The offer also extends to YouTube Music users.
Hadlee SimonsMay 28, 2020545 shares

What if your smart speaker could react to sounds in your home?

Could a smart speaker react to noises like a knock on the door, or an oven dinging? It could happen sooner than you think.
Dave LeClairApril 22, 202059 shares

Best Alexa speakers: There’s more than just Echo

Third-party Alexa speakers that are just as smart as the Echo.
Lily KatzApril 17, 202096 shares

This guy made his own HAL 9000 with Google Assistant and a Raspberry Pi

Thankfully, you don't have to worry about this one going rogue.
Phillip PradoApril 13, 2020150 shares

Smart home tech sales could jump 30% as consumers combat the coronavirus

A smarter home just might be a safer home.
Phillip PradoApril 1, 202019 shares

Samsung’s smart speaker is finally nearing launch, but is it late to the party?

The Bixby-powered Galaxy Home Mini is on its way.
Adamya SharmaJanuary 7, 2020169 shares

Google is giving away free Nest Minis to Fi subscribers

Google Fi subscriber? Then Google is willing to send you an early Christmas present.
Hadlee SimonsDecember 10, 2019170 shares

Hackers can control your smart speakers by shooting laser beams at them

Hackers were able to open garage doors and start cars by simply pointing a laser at devices with voice assistants.
Adamya SharmaNovember 5, 2019264 shares
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