Xiaomi Mi Note 10 camera review: The first 108MP phone camera

Robert Triggs January 16, 2020 923 shares

Making sense of the Samsung Galaxy S20 display refresh rate rumors

Adamya Sharma January 14, 2020 479 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 specs: All the rumors and leaks so far

Hadlee Simons January 16, 2020 1146 shares

OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Lite, and OnePlus 8 Pro: All the rumors in one place

C. Scott Brown January 14, 2020 1815 shares
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You might be able to record voice calls with Google’s phone app pretty soon

Call recording hasn't been natively available on the platform without rooting since Android 8.
Phillip PradoJanuary 14, 2020261 shares

Can’t see app icons on your Pixel phone? You’re not alone

The bug apparently affects Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 phones running Android 10 with the December security patch.
Adamya SharmaJanuary 2, 2020247 shares

Pixel’s improved RAM management set to appear on other Android phones

But we might have to wait until the next version of Android to see it on third-party devices.
Hadlee SimonsDecember 11, 2019565 shares

How to turn off Amber Alerts on your Android device

The process of turning off Amber alerts isn't the same for all devices, but here's a basic guide on how it is done.
Mitja RutnikDecember 5, 2019

Older Pixel phones get Pixel 4 features and third-party launcher gestures (Update)

Update: Google has officially confirmed that Live Caption is now rolling out to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a.
C. Scott BrownDecember 2, 2019113 shares

Google will send off the original Google Pixel with one final update

Come 2020, the original Google Pixel won't see any new updates. All hail Google Pixel.
C. Scott BrownNovember 5, 2019802 shares

November ’19 Pixel updates land, but not for OG Pixel/Pixel XL. Is this the end?

The October 2019 update for your Pixel or Pixel XL could be the last you'll see from Google.
C. Scott BrownNovember 4, 2019298 shares

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Untapped potential

The most hotly anticipated Android phone of the year is here, and it surprises and disappoints in equal measure.
Kris CarlonNovember 4, 2019942 shares

Older Pixel devices won’t get the Pixel 4’s screen attention feature

As of right now, the Pixel 4 is the only device in Google's smartphone line that will support this feature.
Phillip PradoOctober 30, 2019151 shares

What happens to your Pixel’s original quality photo backups, according to Google

Older Pixel devices enjoyed original quality photo backups as part of a promotion. What happens when those promotions end?
Joe HindyOctober 24, 2019515 shares
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