Google Pixel 4 hands-on!

Google Pixel 4 hands-on: Picture perfect in nearly every way

Eric Zeman October 15, 2019 770 shares

Behind the scenes: Google’s Pixel cameras aren’t trying to be cameras at all

David Imel October 15, 2019 871 shares

Google Pixel Buds 2 hands-on: The best earbuds I’ve not listened to

Kris Carlon October 15, 2019 273 shares

Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs Mate 20 Pro: Worth a yearly upgrade?

Robert Triggs October 18, 2019 216 shares
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Three men who pioneered Li-ion batteries will receive Nobel Prize in chemistry

The men most directly responsible for the lithium-ion batteries in your smartphone will receive the Nobel Prize.
C. Scott BrownOctober 9, 20191766 shares

Foldable battery shown off, could power future foldable devices, smart clothing

Today's foldable phones currently use two batteries, but a foldable battery could improve matters in a big way.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 26, 2019220 shares

Nokia kills off controversial battery tool in favor of Adaptive Battery

Nokia was initially ranked the worst offender when it came to killing apps, but things may have changed for the better.
Hadlee SimonsAugust 27, 2019619 shares

5 best battery saver apps for Android and other ways too!

Do you need to save battery life on your Android device? Not getting enough juice? Here is our list for the best battery saver apps for Android!
Joe HindyAugust 24, 20192009 shares

Best phones with a removable battery and alternative solutions! (August 2019)

These are the best phones that still come with removable batteries.
Team AAAugust 14, 20192168 shares

Samsung reportedly close to releasing new, faster charging battery technology

Samsung is reportedly planning to release at least one device with advanced graphene battery technology by the end of 2021.
Phillip PradoAugust 13, 2019674 shares

A Samsung phone with a 6,000mAh battery is in the works

We've seen quite a few phones with 5,000mAh batteries, but 6,000mAh? That's insane.
C. Scott BrownAugust 9, 20191079 shares

Charging habits to maximize battery life

Need some battery life tips? These are the facts and habits you need to maximize your phone battery's longevity.
Robert TriggsJuly 24, 20191272 shares

10 reasons why your Android battery is charging slowly and how to fix them

Is the battery in your Android device charging too slowly? If so, we'll help you troubleshoot the error and help fix it!
Team AAJuly 22, 20191192 shares

The best Android smartphones with the best battery life (July 2019)

These are the best Android phones with the best battery life you can get right now!
Team AAJuly 21, 20191381 shares
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