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Here are the carriers that offer the Samsung Galaxy S24 for free

The latest Samsung smartphone is available for free on several carrier plans.

Published onJuly 16, 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S24 came out earlier this year and is now available through all major retailers and carriers. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series focuses more on AI and design refinement than major hardware changes, despite a price increase this year of around $100 for the Ultra model. The result is a device with the beastly power you’d expect from a Galaxy but with an AI experience more akin to the Pixel 8 series. Interested in the Galaxy S24 but looking to save some cash on the deal? It’s possible to get a Samsung Galaxy S24 for free or extremely cheap, though not without a few caveats.

How do I get a Samsung Galaxy S24 for free?

No one is going to just hand you a free Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, or S24 Ultra, right? Aside from long-shot options like giveaways, the only truly trustworthy way to obtain a free Galaxy is through your carrier. However, ‘free’ is a bit of a loaded term here, as most deals for free phones require a trade-in, a new plan, a new line, or a similar set of terms and conditions. Regardless of how you receive your free phone, expect a contract period, typically 36 months in the US, though T-Mobile still offers phone payment plans for just two years.

You’ll be charged a monthly fee for the phone in nearly all cases, but you’ll instantly receive a credit each month that covers the cost. This is important because it means if you decide to cancel your carrier service, you’ll have to pay off the remaining balance on your ‘free’ phone first. If you wait out the full contract, you’ll own the Galaxy S24 outright and can then cancel your service whenever you please.

Are these deals any good? If saving money is your sole concern, probably not. Often, you can fare better by pairing an unlocked Android phone with a prepaid phone carrier. You’ll have to tolerate issues like throttling during congestion, but this can lead to significant savings. Still, if you’re already with a major carrier, are eligible for a new phone, and don’t plan on switching carriers, this could be an excellent way to acquire a new phone without any upfront cost.


Verizon logo on smartphone with a colored background Stock photo 11
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

New and existing Verizon customers can get the Galaxy S24 for absolutely free with a new line on either Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate, or they can add it to an existing Plus/Ultimate plan with a trade-in. Prefer the Plus or Ultra? Verizon won’t give either of these phones away for free, but you can get up to $800 off with a trade-in, regardless of the phone’s condition.

Verizon Galaxy S24 links: Galaxy 24 | Galaxy S24 Plus | Galaxy S24 Ultra


ATT logo stock image 1
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

AT&T is offering a free S24 Plus with a trade-in for both new and existing Unlimited customers, though the base Galaxy S24 will cost you around $9 a month oddly enough. Interested in the Ultra? You’re eligible for up to $1000 off with a trade-in for qualifying plans.

AT&T Galaxy 24 links: Galaxy 24 | Galaxy S24 Plus | Galaxy S24 Ultra


T Mobile logo at MWC 2022
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

T-Mobile is offering a Galaxy S24 trade-in deal that gives you up to $800 off, which would effectively make the Galaxy S24 free. T-Mobile’s trade-in deal might not be the most exciting but the Uncarier makes up for it by giving you $1,000 off if you add a line on Go5G Plus or Go5G Next. That’s still not quite enough to cover the S24 Ultra for free, but it does bring the price down to around $300 to start.

T-Mobile Galaxy 24 links: Galaxy 24 | Galaxy S24 Plus | Galaxy S24 Ultra

Xfinity Mobile

xfinity mobile phone

Xfinity Mobile is offering up to $800 off in trade-in credit and double the storage on the Galaxy S24 model of your choice. Those without a trade-in can still get $500 off if they pre-order between now and January 30, which is a pretty solid deal. If you’re unaware of Xfinity, it works on Verizon’s network and requires an Xfinity TV/internet subscription to sign up. You can learn more in our guide comparing Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon.

Xfinity Mobile Galaxy 24 links:  S24 | S24 Plus | S24 Ultra

Boost Infinite

The Dish-owned Boost Infinite is a smaller postpaid carrier that is still attempting to gain market share, which results in it having some pretty killer deals usually. The Galaxy S24 series is no exception, as you can get it from Boost for absolutely free with no trade-in needed if you sign up for their $60 unlimited talk, text, and data plan. You’ll even be able to upgrade to a newer phone within a year if you’ve made consistent payments on your plan. As you expect, if you cancel anytime before this you will have to pay off any remaining balance.

Boost Infinite Galaxy 24 pre-order links:  S24 | S24 Plus | S24 Ultra

What if I don’t want the Galaxy S24 series through a carrier deal?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Family 1
Lanh Nguyen / Android Authority

What if you’re interested in the Galaxy S24 series but aren’t interested in going through a carrier to get it? In that case, you won’t be able to get a free Galaxy S24. That said, you can still buy it unlocked at full price from Amazon and other major retailers now and can even take advantage of the same pre-order bonuses like a free storage upgrade.

Those who shop at Best Buy also have the option of trading in their phone for up to $870 off. While this sounds great don’t expect the same generous trade-in prices as a carrier would offer. For example, a Galaxy S22 in good condition would only bring the price down to about $250. You’ll also get a $150 Best Buy gift card even if you don’t trade in a thing.

Don’t mind paying full price as long as you still get that sweet pre-order bonus? Hit up the widgets below:

See price at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S24
Samsung Galaxy S24
Seven-year update commitment
Neat AI features
Robust battery life
See price at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus
Bright, sharp 1440p display
Excellent update commitment
Handy Galaxy AI features
See price at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Powerful, flexible cameras
Excellent update commitment
Brilliant flat display


You can pre-order the Galaxy S24 now! It’s available from Samsung and Amazon, plus all of the carriers and retailers mentioned above.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will have seven years of software updates, which should help it last a long time. That said, batteries tend to weaken after a few years, so to push it that far, you’ll likely want to eventually have the battery replaced.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series has both a physical SIM slot and an e-SIM slot. You can use both at the same time to replicate a dual-SIM experience.

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