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Creating a mobile carrier seems to be the hot new expansion right now. Just look at Xfinity and its Verizon-powered mobile arm. It’s not without its own hoops to jump through, but can the internet provider challenge one of America’s largest networks? We’ll compare the two at every turn to see who will emerge victorious in the battle of Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon.

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You already know that both carriers rely on Verizon’s infrastructure, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll break down the prices, perks, and your selection of phones to help you choose your next carrier. Ready to see how Xfinity holds up? Here we go.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon — Pricing

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Comparing prices is not as easy as putting each plan head to head. We already know that Verizon is expensive, so it would stand to reason that Xfinity Mobile can win this category. However, Xfinity Mobile comes with one large catch — you must be an internet subscriber in order to sign up. Check out the table below for more prices before we dig a bit deeper.

Xfinity Mobile By The Gig$15 per month for 1GB
$30 per month for 3GB
$60 per month for 10GB
Xfinity Mobile Unlimited$45 per line
Verizon Start Unlimited$70 for one line
$60 per line for two lines
$45 per line for three lines
$35 per line for four lines
Verizon Play/Do More Unlimited$80 for one line
$70 per line for two lines
$55 per line for three lines
$45 per line for four lines
Verizon Get More Unlimited$90 for one line
$80 per line for two lines
$65 per line for three lines
$55 per line for four lines

Xfinity Mobile

We’re not going to add in the price of Xfinity’s internet service with each plan, but you’ll need to choose one of these on top of your service:

  • 15Mbps – $54.95 per month, good for 1-2 devices
  • 100Mbps – $80.95 per month, good for up to 5 devices
  • 200Mbps – $39.99 per month, good for up to 8 devices
  • 400Mbps – $59.99 per month, good for up to 11 devices
  • 800Mbps – $69.99 per month, good for 12 or more devices
  • 1,200Mbps – $79.99 per month, good for unlimited devices
  • 2,000Mbps – $299.95 per month, good for unlimited devices

Although your internet bill can rack up quickly, Xfinity Mobile’s plans should help you keep your service cost low. You can either pay for a shared pool of data or go with unlimited service for each line. If you roll with the By The Gig plan, you won’t pay any monthly access costs, just the cost of your shared data. The Unlimited Plan is fairly straightforward, and it offers a mix of 4G LTE and 5G service. Xfinity Mobile even allows you to mix and match so one user can be unlimited while others share with By The Gig coverage.


At Verizon, your high costs are upfront. You know what you’ll pay without adding an extra plan to the mix. Verizon’s Start Unlimited, Play More, and Do More plans are actually more affordable than Xfinity Mobile once you hit four lines of service. They drop to $45 per line on Play and Do More, while Start costs just $35 per line per month. You’ll still max out your bill with the Get More plan, but you’re also getting the best that Verizon has to offer.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon — Coverage

Although both Xfinity Mobile and Verizon rely on the same 4G LTE networks for service, they’re not completely identical. The main draw of Xfinity Mobile is the massive network of high-speed hotspots. Instead of relying on a mobile network, your phone will do its best to bounce between hotspots and keep you on Wi-Fi that doesn’t count against your cap. It’s easy to check your local mix of hotspots right here — I found that there are more than 1,000 connections in my county alone.

You won’t be able to check a national map for Xfinity Mobile’s 4G LTE coverage. Nevertheless, it should be pretty solid considering the Verizon infrastructure. Select hotspots around sports stadiums and other highly populated areas are also 5G-enabled. But please try to socially distance yourself wherever possible.

As for Verizon’s coverage, you already know that it’s fast. It’s also pretty much everywhere thanks to a 4G LTE network that covers over 70% of the United States. While it’s not perfect coverage, the areas where you’ll struggle for signal tend to be less populated anyway.

Verizon’s 5G signal isn’t limited to hotspots in the way that Xfinity’s is, but it’s not always much better. You’ll find that the mmWave setup is quite limited, but the new Nationwide network is far more accessible. You can check out Verizon’s interactive coverage map right here.

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Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon — Perks and promotions

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Pricing and coverage might be the two main factors in choosing a mobile carrier, but they don’t tell the whole story. Streaming perks and discounts can take a plan from good to great. Check out our table to see what Xfinity and Verizon have to offer:

Verizon Start Unlimited6 months of Disney Plus and Apple Music
12 months of Discovery Plus
Verizon Do More Unlimited6 months of Disney Plus and Apple Music
12 months of Discovery Plus
Verizon Play More UnlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus included
6 months of Apple Music
12 months of Discovery Plus
Verizon Get More UnlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Apple Music included
12 months of Discovery Plus
Xfinity Mobile Unlimited and By The GigNone

Verizon has the edge over just about every carrier when it comes to perks. You don’t just get a video perk or a music perk, you get both. Each plan comes with at least six months of Apple Music and Disney Plus, and the Get More Unlimited plan includes both services for good. You’ll also get the Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus bundle for the life of your plan with the Play More Unlimited plan. Now, all Verizon plans also include one year of Discovery Plus to complete the streaming arsenal.

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Unfortunately, Xfinity Mobile doesn’t come close to Verizon’s perk prowess. It’s partly due to the nature of MVNOs — low cost typically means no perks. You won’t find video or music streaming bonuses, though the mix and match setup is one of the carrier’s best features. Xfinity Mobile’s prospects improve slightly in terms of promotions thanks to discounts on a variety of devices. There are fresh new discounts on the iPhone 12 range, and Google’s Pixel 4a 5G is just $10.41 per month. Xfinity also offers a ton of mid-range devices for less than $10 per month.

Verizon gets to flex its big carrier muscles once again when it comes to promotions. You can save a few hundred dollars on most of its devices, and even more when you switch from another carrier. Flagship Android devices are as much as $750 off right now, or you can save some money with the LG Velvet for $5 per month or Google Pixel 4a for free right now.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon — Phone selections

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Verizon is among the largest United States carriers, so it follows that Big Red has an impressive menu of high-end devices. If you can name it, there’s a good chance Verizon supports it. All of Samsung, Apple, and LG’s best devices are there, and you can even bring your own if you really want to.

If you want the fastest 5G access, you’ll have to look for Verizon’s UW tag, as the mmWave network requires some extra special hardware. However, the launch of Verizon’s Nationwide 5G means that you can bring even more devices to the network.

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Over on Xfinity Mobile, you might be surprised at the variety of phones you can choose from. It keeps up with the big dogs, offering the iPhone 12 family, Galaxy S21 and Note 20 lines, and even a solid mix of LG devices. As a more budget-friendly alternative, Xfinity Mobile also supports a variety of Motorola phones — each costing less than $10 per month. Once again, you can bring your own device, and you’ll get a $50 gift card for your effort.

Which carrier is right for you?

Finally, the answer you’ve been looking for — who should you choose in the battle of Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon? Well, the answer depends on you. If you’re already an Xfinity Internet customer, it becomes much easier to consider the internet provider for mobile service too. However, if you rely on another internet provider, then you’ll have to switch to Xfinity which will run you at least another $40 per month. You’ll have to spend more than that to reach top-end speeds, so suddenly the low-cost options aren’t very cheap.

If you have the budget and you already like your internet provider, it makes sense to go with Verizon. You’ll get more perks and a better list of phones to choose from. Verizon emphasizes its unlimited plans, and you won’t be de-prioritized for taking full advantage of your data.

You may read through all of this and decide that neither carrier is right for you, and that’s good too. Here are a few of our other guides to help you continue your research:

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