Samsung 12 days of deals internet advert. Samsung

We’re through Black Friday and Cyber Monday but the sales aren’t stopping yet. Samsung has launched its 12 days of deals promotion, bringing you new and exclusive discounts from its online store every day for almost two weeks.

Each offer comes with free shipping, but you’ll have only 24 hours to cash in on some of them. Other, less time-sensitive deals end today.

Day 1 Deals (11/29)

Day 2 Deals (11/30)

Day 3 Deals (12/1)

Day 4 Deals (12/2)

Day 5 Deals (12/3)

Day 6 Deals (12/4)

Day 7 Deals (12/5)

Day 8 Deals (12/6)

Day 9 Deals (12/7)

Day 10 Deals (12/8)

Samsung’s top picks (ending 12/8)

TV deals (ending 12/8)

Tablets PC’s and more (ending 12/8)

That’s all we’ve got so far but we’ll update this page with the new offers as they arrive. Let us know which deal you think is the best in the comments.