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The best Roku streaming players are affordable, yet provide access to a slew of media streaming services. Whether it’s YouTube, Sling TV, Hulu, Netflix, or Google Play Movies, Roku has you covered for your streaming needs. Let’s take a look at our favorite options!

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The best Roku streaming players:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best Roku streaming players as new devices launch.

Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra 1

The Roku Ultra supports Full HD, 4K UHD, and HDR streaming. While it’s not the only Roku streaming player to support such resolutions, this is the top-of-the-line and best Roku streaming player you can buy.

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The Ultra is the only Roku streaming player with an Ethernet port. It’s also the only option with storage expansion through a microSD card slot or full-size USB port. Even the remote is unique since it features personal shortcut buttons, a remote finder, buttons for TV power, volume, mute, and a headphone jack for private listening. On that note, you’ll also be happy to learn it comes with some nice JBL headphones.

Roku also offers a Walmart exclusive Ultra LT, which offers many of the same features at a lower price point. It drops a few programmable buttons from the remote and you won’t find a USB port, but the savings are worth the difference.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus Headphone Edition

Roku Streaming Stick Plus Headphone Edition

The Roku Streaming Stick Plus is great, but for $10 more, we think you will like the Best Buy-exclusive Roku Streaming Stick Plus Headphone Edition. It’s just as great as the regular version, but it comes with a headphone-capable remote, as well as a pair of earbuds.

There’s still 4K HDR streaming support, a remote with voice support and buttons for TV power and volume, and 802.11ac dual-band MIMO support. Also, the ultra-portable form factor lets you quickly remove the Roku Streaming player and take it anywhere.

Roku Express 4K Plus

roku express 4k plus


The Roku Express 4K Plus is the latest streaming box from Roku. It costs less than $40 but it still supports 4K HDR streaming. You also get dual-band Wi-Fi, and there’s a microUSB Ethernet port for a wired Internet connection.

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The streaming box also comes with a voice remote that supports voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices. It even supports Apple’s HomeKit for controlling the box via Siri and Airplay for casting iPhone and iPad content to the Roku. It comes with its own HDMI cable, and there’s an adhesive strip so you can mount it to the back of your TV. Overall, this is a feature-packed video streaming box for a very reasonable price tag.

Roku Express Plus

Roku Express Plus streaming player

The Roku Express is a great affordable option, but the Roku Express Plus is better. This is a Walmart-exclusive Roku streaming player, and what makes it special is the addition of a voice remote with TV controls. The rest is as simple as it gets. There’s Full HD streaming and 802.11b/g/n single-band Wi-Fi. The unit also has an adhesive strip, in case you want to attach it to your TV.

TCL Roku Smart TV

TCL Roku Smart TV

If you are sure you want to stick with Roku as your streaming platform, you might consider going all in and getting a Roku Smart TV. These come with Roku integrated and need no extra accessories, therefore clearing up your entertainment area. Having fewer things to worry about is always a good thing!

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There are some pretty affordable Roku Smart TVs, too. TCL’s Roku Smart TV units start at around $290 for the 43-inch version. It’s a basic TV, yet still features 4K definition, HDR, and Roku functionality.

If you really want a bigger home movie theater experience, TCL does have bigger Roku-powered TVs. Its latest model is an 85-inch smart TV, again with 4K and HDR support. You can buy it now for a relatively affordable price of $1,600.

Roku Smart Soundbar

roku smart soundbar


If you want the absolute best audio experience, look no further than the Roku Smart Soundbar. This is easily among the best Roku streaming players, especially if you are looking to upgrade your TV speakers. It’s an area many TVs need help with, and if you are already paying for a streaming device, you might as well get both upgrades in one.

This device not only turns your TV into a 4K Roku streaming device, but it comes with a cinematic audio experience you will love. It offers an expanded frequency range, great bass, and Dolby Audio support. There are four 2.5-inch speakers inside. Bluetooth support also ensures that you get a multi-purpose speaker for all your needs.

This is the most expensive of all Roku streaming players, but it is very much worth it if you are looking to also invest in audio equipment.

If you prefer a smaller soundbar for your TV, the Smart Soundbar isn’t your only Roku option. The Roku Streambar measures just over 16-inches across, yet it manages to pack all of the same smart features that you expect from the Roku family. Four angled Dolby Audio speakers help to fill your room with sound to match the 4K streaming quality.