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Project Fi is now Google Fi, adds support for iPhones and many more Android phones

Google also renamed Project Fi to Google Fi, which could indicate an escalated focus on the mobile network.

Published onNovember 28, 2018

Project Fi logo
  • Google announced it has renamed Project Fi to Google Fi.
  • Google also announced Google Fi support for many more phones, including iPhones and those from Samsung, LG, Motorola, and OnePlus.
  • iPhone users can sign up through the new Google Fi app, which is currently in beta.

Following rumors that Google would rename Project Fi into Google Fi, the search giant made it official today. Google also announced that Google Fi now supports many more smartphones, including those from Samsung, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, and Apple.

You read that right. You can officially use your iPhone on Google Fi.

You could technically get Project Fi to work on iPhones and other smartphones before today’s announcement. The problem was that you would not know if something was wrong until you tried. For example, we saw questionable call quality, slower speeds, and the lack of seamless carrier switching when we tested Google Fi on an iPhone 7 Plus.

With today’s announcement, however, none of the aforementioned issues should crop up anymore.

google fi logo project fi

However, just because a phone is compatible with Google Fi, doesn’t mean it will get every Google Fi feature. Some phones, such as the Moto Z3 and LG V30S, do not have access to automatic carrier switching or Google Fi’s VPN. You can go here to see if your phone is compatible with Google Fi and which features may or may not be missing.

When it comes to iPhones, iMessage works just fine but you will have to update your iPhone’s MMS settings to send and receive texts with non-iPhones. You will also receive voicemails as texts and have them transcribed. Voicemails will not show up in the Voicemail section of the Phone app.

Google Fi’s Network Tools feature will not work on iPhones. Network Tools is what allows for automatic carrier switching, enables a Google Fi VPN, and make Wi-Fi calls.

iPhone users can sign up for Project Fi with the new Google Fi for iOS app, which is currently in beta. From there, you can pick how you want your plan to look like.

If you’re new to Fi and decide to buy a phone from Google Fi today, Google will give you the same value back in your choice of travel gift cards. You can spend these gift cards on flights, lodging, and more. If you want to sign up for Google Fi with your current phone, you’ll receive $200 of Fi service credit if you sign up today.

Base prices start at $20 for unlimited talk and text, $10 per gigabyte, and $15 per line up for up to five extra lines. Regardless of your plan make-up, Google Fi includes Bill Protection to prevent overage fees once your monthly data allotment is up, does not typically charge surprise fees, and makes sure you only pay for what you use — you will not get charged for unused data.

Heads up! We talked about this on the podcast too!

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