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Get Netflix on the Xbox One console using these simple steps

The Xbox One is more than just a gaming machine. Here's how to get Netflix on Microsoft's console.
May 18, 2022
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The Xbox One is more than a gaming machine. Microsoft set out to create one central point for all your entertainment needs. It also embraces streaming apps made available across multiple platforms so you can watch new movies and TV shows on your Xbox. In this guide, we show you how to get Netflix on the Xbox One.

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Don’t have a Netflix subscription? You can get a 30-day free trial by clicking the button below!

Editor’s note: This guide applies to the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X. Instructions for the Xbox 360 are similar but more straightforward. From the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to Apps, select Netflix, and download. 


How to get Netflix on the Xbox One

You do not need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, you must be signed in to the Xbox Live network to use Netflix. You’ll also need a decent internet connection: Preferably wired or via a 5GHz wireless access point. Here are the speed requirements provided by Netflix:

  • 0.5Mbps – Required
  • 1.5Mbps – Recommended
  • 3.0Mbps – Recommended – SD quality
  • 5.0Mbps – Recommended – HD quality
  • 25 Mbps – Recommended – Ultra HD quality

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Install Netflix on Xbox One

Let’s start with getting the Netflix app on your Xbox One. If you already have the app installed on a Windows 10 PC, you’ll see Netflix listed as “owned” on the Xbox Store.

Netflix on Xbox One: Find Apps Page

1. From the Home screen, navigate right to the Store.
2. Scroll down, highlight Apps, and press the A button.

Xbox One Find Apps Alternative

3. Alternatively, you can scroll down and select Browse apps.

Xbox One Store Show All Apps

4. You’ll typically see Netflix listed on the main App page. If not, you can select Show all 50 next to Most popular apps.

Netflix on Xbox One - Search for Apps

5. You can also search for the app by selecting Search apps and pressing the A button. Just start typing “Netflix” on the following screen, and the app will appear.

Xbox One Install Netflix

6. Select the green Install button and press A on the controller. You can launch Netflix from here after the installation process.
7. Sign in to your Netflix account.

If you don’t have an account, you can get a 30-day free trial. The app will ask you to enter a mobile number to create an account in a web browser.

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Add Netflix to your Xbox One Home screen

Microsoft removed the ability to manually pin apps to the Home screen. If you frequently watch Netflix, you’ll see the app listed in the Home screen’s top My games & apps row. But you can “pin” Netflix by adding it to a group that’s accessible from the Home screen. Think of groups as folders so you can stash similar apps together under one name.

Select My Games Apps

1. Select the My games & apps icon on the Home screen and tap the “A” button.

Xbox One Find Netflix app

2. Scroll down to Apps on the next page and select Netflix.

Add to Group

3. Tap the controller’s three-line “hamburger” Menu button.
4. Select Add to a group in the popup menu.

Search apps page

5. Select Create new group if you don’t have one already for streaming services.
6. Name your new group.

See All suggestions

7. Navigate back to Home.
8. Scroll down to the Add more category. If you don’t see your new group, select See all suggestions.
9. Scroll down to Groups, select your new group, and tap the A button to add it to Home.

That wraps up our guide on how to get Netflix on Xbox One.

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