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Here's how to cancel Amazon Prime to save money

Canceling the service can be a bit tricky but we show you how to do it.
April 26, 2022

Amazon Prime is one of the biggest services offered by the massive online retailer. For a monthly or yearly fee, you can get free two-day shipping for millions of items in Amazon’s listings and free streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows, including a growing list of original Amazon Prime Video films and series. Many other features are also a part of the service. Long story short, lots of benefits will make it worth it for some users, but it’s not for everyone. In the post below, we’ll tell you how to cancel Amazon Prime.


It's pretty easy to cancel your membership, even if Amazon tries to talk you out of it a couple of times.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership

The process itself is simple but can be a little tricky to figure out at first.

Go to your Amazon account page

This may be the trickiest part of the process, believe it or not. You might think you need to click the Memberships and Subscriptions section of the Your Account menu to start canceling Amazon Prime. However, you need to go down the menu to Your Prime Membership to begin the procedure.

Click the Membership section

amazon prime cancel membership

Once you are on your Amazon Prime Membership page, glance to the right side to see the Membership section. Click on it, and you should see an End Membership option at the end of the popup menu. Click on that to continue the process of how to cancel Amazon Prime.

Go through the You will lose these benefits page

amazon prime cancel membership screen

Yes, Amazon really does not want you to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. After you click on the End Membership link, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked if you really want to lose the many benefits of Amazon Prime membership. You have three choices to click, but it’s the one in the bottom middle, Cancel My Benefits, that you want to tap on if you want to continue this process.

Go through the annual membership page

amazon prime cancel membership screen 2

If you have a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime, the next page you may see will ask you to stick around and pay an annual subscription instead. We will assume you still want to cancel Amazon Prime, so click Continue to Cancel to continue this process.

Make the final choice to cancel Amazon Prime

amazon prime cancel membership screen 3

On the next page you bring up, you can click the Remind Me Later option to have Amazon send you a reminder email three days before your membership renews. There’s also a Keep My Membership option if you go through this whole process but decide to end it at the last minute. Finally, there’s the End on (renewal date), which will cancel Amazon Prime on the date of your membership renewal. If you want to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, click on that last option.

Amazon Prime is canceled

amazon prime cancel membership screen 4

You will finally be taken to your main Amazon Prime membership page. It will tell you that your membership will expire on your previous renewal date. Keep in mind that you can rejoin Amazon Prime for $14.99 a month or $139 a year (plus taxes).

That’s how you can cancel Amazon Prime. Again, it’s a little tricky at first, and Amazon does try its best to keep you around, but if you really want to do away with it, it only takes a few clicks with a mouse or a few taps on a smartphone.