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In this post, which will be updated regularly, we’ll be looking at the latest rumors surrounding the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. 

Last year’s Google Pixel 2 received plenty of acclaim, even if they chose to drop the headphone jack. Despite the audio port disappointment, you were getting a powerful phone, stock Android, and a great camera experience.

What will the Mountain View company bring this year? Well, the Google Pixel 3 rumor mill has just started chugging in recent days, giving us a few potentially tasty morsels of information.


Will the Google Pixel 3 continue the Pixel series design language?

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were manufactured by HTC and LG, but that was before Google acquired HTC’s hardware team. So what should we expect now?

According to WinFuture.de, Google is partnering with Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile to manufacture the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. FIH Mobile isn’t a new entrant either, producing HMD’s Nokia-branded smartphones.

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A Bloomberg report also mentions Foxconn, merely saying that Google is in talks with the company to manufacture the phones.

Although we’re still months away from the likely reveal of the Pixel 3 series, we might already know what the larger model will look like. Over the past few weeks, multiple leaks of images have hit the internet, from renders to prototypes. Some prototype images are below:

google Pixel 3 XDA-Developers

The images above were posted to XDA Developers by a regular forum member. If the images are legit, the smartphone will have an all-glass back. At first glance, the Pixel 3 XL seems to feature the same metal-back-and-glass-window design as the current generation. But on closer examination, you can see that the back is actually one slab of glass with a matte finish on the lower part. This could mean the handset will support wireless charging, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

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The images reveal that the phone could feature a notch, which not everyone is a fan of. They also tell the same story as previous rumors, which is that the flagship will sport a single camera on the back, two on the front, and dual front-facing speakers. And no, the headphone jack won’t make a return.

Keep in mind while this leaked Pixel 3 XL unit seems legitimate, it’s still likely just a prototype or engineering sample. The design of the commercial model could be different.

Reliable leaker @OnLeaks posted 360-degree video renders that allegedly depict the Google Pixel 3 XL in black and the Google Pixel 3 in white. Check them out below:

From the renders, we can tell that the new Pixel series will look a lot like the current Pixel series, albeit with some notches here and there.

Finally, we also saw some unboxing videos and photos that allegedly depict a retail version of the Google Pixel 3 XL. The images are here:

And here’s the unboxing video, which leaves very little left to the imagination when it comes to the Pixel 3 XL:

You’ll notice that there’s a set of USB Type-C headphones included in the retail box. This appears to be a concession for removing the headphone jack from the device, as using the included headphones will prevent you from having to use a dongle if you don’t own a set of Bluetooth headphones.

Pixel 3 SpecsLike the Pixel 2, Google Pixel 3 is rumored to have a single camera

In the leaked unboxing images and video above, we get a good look at the specs of the Pixel 3 XL.

The first thing the images all but confirm is that the phone will run the latest version of Android, the newly monikered and released Android 9.0 Pie. However, this was expected and is pretty much a given as launching with the newest version of Android is half the point of the Pixel line.

The images also show that the phone will likely be powered by an octa-core Qualcomm processor (4 x 1.77GHz and 4 x 2.8GHz), which is almost certainly the Snapdragon 845 SoC, backed by 4GB of RAM and an Adreno 630 GPU.

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The display is also listed as having a 1,440 x 2,960 resolution with a 494 ppi rating.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL managed to deliver portrait mode without the need for a dual camera setup. In fact, Google’s HDR+ feature and portrait mode makes a strong case for computational photography paired with a single camera setup. From the images above, we can assume that all versions of the Google Pixel 3 will come with a single camera lens on the rear, just like the previous line.

This bucks the current trend of dual (or even triple) rear cameras. However, we don’t have any hints to specs yet.

We also can assume that the larger phone is apparently packing two selfie cameras, ostensibly for improved bokeh trickery, authentication and/or wide-angle shots. The smaller Pixel 3 will only have a single front camera.

Google Pixel 3 release date?

Mock-ups of what the Google Pixel 3 notch could look like. BGR

Google traditionally launches its Pixel devices at its fall hardware event in the second half of the year. In fact, the last two Pixel generations were unveiled on October 4 — will it be three in a row?

According to a YouTube listing for sponsored content, it very well could be.

The request offered up to $10,000 for Canadian YouTube content to promote the release of the Pixel 3 on October 4, 2018. While this isn’t anything like an official announcement or invite from Google, it seems like this could be the launch date of the new Pixel line.

Until we hear anything different, we have October 4 marked on our calendars.

Third and maybe fourth Google Pixel 3 in the works

The current rumors seem to suggest that Google may launch as many as three Pixel phone models in 2018. Way back in October 2017, an unconfirmed report claimed that the code names for the next Pixel phones would be “albacore,” “blueline,” and “crosshatch.” Since then ASOP commits from Google have referenced both “crosshatch” and, this week, “blueline”. At the moment, we have yet to see a reference to “albacore” in ASOP.

However, there’s now another unconfirmed report, from WinFuture.de, that claims Google is working on a new phone that could launch in the first half of 2019. The same site claims the code name for the phone is “bonita” and that it will use the newly announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor that’s designed for mid-range ($400-$500) devices. This may be the second generation of such a device from the company. There are still rumors that Google could launch a new mid-range phone sometime in the summer of 2018, that would target developing markets like India.

What’s this about a Pixel Watch?

It is rumored that Google will also launch its first branded smartwatch at the launch event for the Pixel 3. We have no leaks of images or specs, but rumors keep popping up that a smartwatch is imminent, possibly bearing the Pixel name.

Recently, Qualcomm sent out invitations for a smartwatch event that will likely be the reveal of the new Wear OS-compatible chipset. With that in mind, it is absolutely possible that Qualcomm will launch the new chipset on September 10 and then on October 4 Google will launch the first smartwatch with that chipset and call it the Pixel Watch.

These are unsubstantiated rumors at this point with the weakest amount of intel. But it’s worth mentioning that this is a possibility.

Google Pixel 3 price?

The Pixel 2 order screen. Google Store

Back in 2016, Google had a starting price of $649 for the 32GB Pixel, while the entry-level Pixel 2 maintained the same price and doubled the storage. The 128GB Pixel and Pixel 2 models also shared the same $749 price tag. Price increases are inevitable, but here’s hoping Google maintains the same pricing for the standard Pixel 3.

Moving to the large models, the first-generation 32GB Pixel XL came in at $769, while the 64GB Pixel 2 XL has a price tag of $849. At the top end, the 128GB Pixel XL came in at $869, while the 128GB Pixel 2 XL has a $949 price tag. Could we see the top-end Pixel 3 XL breach the $1000 barrier?

Will the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL fare better than their predecessors? What do you want to see from the two smartphones? Let us know in the comments below!

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