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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

The Google Pixel 3 is the current version of the company’s Pixel smartphone lineup, along with the larger Pixel 3 XL. Released in late 2018, this phone packs plenty of punch and is easily one of the best Android phones of 2018 — and still one of the best of 2019 as well!

Of course, flagship phones aren’t cheap and you will definitely want to keep your Pixel 3 safe from harm by getting a case for Google’s new phone. Here’s a look at the best Google Pixel 3 cases you can currently buy for the phone.

Best Pixel 3 cases:

Editor’s note: We will be updating this post regularly as new Google Pixel 3 cases are released.

1. Google Pixel 3 fabric case

The four available colors of the Google Pixel 3 Fabric Case.
Google offers a number of cases with backs that have a fabric similar to the ones found on the company’s Google Home Mini smart speakers. First introduced with the Pixel 2 series, these fabric cases for the Pixel 3 are available in a variety of colors, including Carbon, Indigo, Fog, and Pink Moon.

2. Pixel 3 MNML Case

Looking for a thin Pixel 3 case? There is no thinner case than the MNML case at just 0.35 mm thin. It’s so thin that it will look and feel like you have no case at all. It doesn’t offer much drop protection, but it will protect you from the day-to-day scratches that can accumulate.

The case comes in 5 different colors, including frosted black, frosted white, matte black, really blue, and red, and it’s on sale for $27. Get 15% off with code: 15PX3 only at

3. Bellroy Leather case

A promotional image of the Bellroy Leather Case for Google Pixel 3.

Google is also selling three full leather Pixel 3 cases from Bellroy. They come in three colors (Black, Navy, and Carmel) and they will definitely give your Pixel 3 a classy fashion-style look, while also making the phone itself easier to hold due to the material.

4. Otterbox Defender

A promotional image of the Google Pixel 3 OtterBox.

There are a lot of rugged Pixel 3 cases available, but one of the best is the Otterbox Defender. This ultra-protective case includes a solid outer shell, along with an inner softer lining that’s designed to keep the phone safe from falls of several feet. It also comes with its own belt holster that can also double as a kickstand for some hands-free video watching.

5. Under Armour Protect Verge

A promotional image of the Google Pixel 3 Incipio Under Armour Protect Verge.

The Incipio Under Armour Protect Verge case has a clear back so you can still see the color of your new phone, along with textured sides for easy holding. A think bumper with reinforced corners ensures that the Pixel 3 is able to survive a drop. It comes with the distinctive Under Armour logo on top.

6. Spigen Rugged Armor

Google Pixel 3 case - Spigen Rugged

Spigen is one of our favorite phone case makers, and they have a few models for the Google Pixel 3. One of them is this rugged armor case, which offers a high degree of protection while also having a fairly slim design. The one-piece case still has Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology to keep the Pixel 3 safe from any falls from a few feet high, while the textures on the back provide a better grip.

7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Google Pixel 3 case - Spigen Hybrid

Another one of Spigen’s Google Pixel 3 case is this Ultra Hybrid S model. It has a clear back to let you show off your new phone’s color. The rigid polycarbonate back is coupled with a flexible bumper to offer solid protection for the Pixel 3. It even throws in a metal kickstand on the back for hands-free video watching that’s also magnetic, so it shouldn’t flap around.

8. Ringke Fusion-X

Google Pixel 3 case - Ringke Fusion-X

The Ringke Fusion-X is one of the best Pixel 3 cases you can buy. The dual-layer design on the sides of the case is certified MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 for falls and drops. The case is transparent and lets you show off the color and design of the phone. A raised lip keeps the display and the rear camera safe as well.

9. Sucnakp Google Pixel 3 case

Google Pixel 3 cases

This Pixel 3 case from Sucnakp includes a soft TPU material that should fit this phone well, while still offering a solid amount of protection. This case comes in a wide variety of color choices, including black, gray, blue, red and even mint green. It is also one of the cheapest cases on this list.

10. Area wallet case

If you want to keep your money, credit cards and your Pixel 3 in one place, consider getting the Area wallet case for the phone. It’s made of quality PU leather and includes four slots for your credit and debit cards, along with a pocket for your paper money. The case is designed to charge up the phone without removing it from the wallet, and you can even convert it so it serves as a kickstand for hands-free video viewing.

That’s just some of the Google Pixel 3 cases that are currently available, and we will be updating this post with more choices as they become available.