With any Android device, there is the magic phrase “Okay Google”. The moment you speak those words, a whole new world of instant information opens up to you. But what are the limits of Google Now? How many questions can you ask it?

To answer this, we have comprised a list of every Google voice command that is compatible with Google Now, from simple questions to device controls. It’s quite an extensive list, but we encourage you to read through and try these commands out for yourself. The words in parenthesis are just examples and are interchangeable with any other word.

Phone and Text

  • “Call (Jessica)” or “Call (my brother).”
  • “Find (Tristan’s phone number).” – you can search for any contact information this way.
  • “Text (Mom) (I’m going to the grocery store).”
  • “Show me today’s messages from (Tim).”
  • “Check my voicemail”
  • “Send Hangouts message to (Brittany)”/”Start a Hangouts chat.”
  • “Video Call (Brittany) with Hangouts”/”Start a video call.”
  • “Send an email to (John), subject (vacation), message, (what time do you think we’ll be leaving for Florida in the morning?)”


  • “What am I doing tomorrow?”/”When is my next event?”
  • “Set an alarm for (6 AM)”/”Wake me up in (3 hours).”
  • “Remind me to (pick up milk when I get off of work)”/”Remind me to (wish Grandpa Happy Birthday at 2 PM).”
  • “Create a calendar event for (prom on April 13 at 7 PM).”
  • “Book (a table for 2 at Red Lobster on Valentine’s Day evening).”
  • “Make a note: (give Cindy the registration forms this Sunday).”
  • “Where is my package?” – only works if tracking has been applied through Gmail.

App and Device Commands

  • “Turn on WiFi.”/”Turn off WiFi.”
  • “Turn on Bluetooth.”/”Turn off Bluetooth.”
  • “Turn on flashlight.”/”Turn off flashlight.”
  • “Lock phone.”
  • “Turn up/down/off volume.”
  • “Open (Pandora).”
  • “Take a picture.”/”Record a video.”
  • “Post to Google+ that (I’m going to a concert).”

GPS and Weather

  • “Navigate to (McDonald’s).”/”Directions to (1999 Seal Ave, Fresno, California).”
  • “How do I get home?”
  • “Where is the (Empire State Building)?”
  • “What time is it in (Japan)?”
  • “Where is the closest (gas station)?”
  • “How far away is (Columbus)?”
  • “Show me my flight info.”
  • “What are some attractions around (Chicago)?”
  • “Where is my hotel?”/”Give me directions to my hotel.”
  • “What is the status on (Southwest) Flight (230)?”
  • “Has (LH 170) landed?”
  • “Is it going to rain (tomorrow)?”
  • “Weather.”
  • “What is the weather in (New York)?”
  • “What will the weather be like in (Seattle) on (Thursday)?”
  • “Will I need a coat tomorrow?”

Entertainment and Sports

  • “Play/Shuffle (OneRepublic).”
  • “Play/Listen to (Stressed Out).”
  • “Play some music.” – this will launch the “I’m Feeling Lucky Radio”.
  • “What music does (Needtobreathe) sing?”
  • “What song is this?” – Google Now will listen to a song playing and pick out the tune.
  • “Youtube (How it Should Have Ended videos).”
  • “Watch (The Lord of the Rings).” – only works if you own said title on Google Play.
  • “Who acted in (The Hunt for Red October).”
  • “Who directed/produced (Avatar)?”
  • “When was (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) released?”
  • “What’s on TV?”/”Listen to TV.” – Google Now will listen to your TV (if it’s not already connected) and will give you info about what you’re currently watching.
  • “What movies are playing tonight?”/”When is (Doctor Strange) showing?”
  • “Read (Tiger’s Curse).” – only works if you own book on Google Play.
  • “Who is the author of (Storm Breaker)?”
  • “How are the (Cincinnati Reds) doing?” – you can also just say the team name to get their most current scores.
  • “When is the next (Steelers) game?”
  • “Show me the (Champions League) table.”
  • “Did the (Buckeyes) win their last game?”
  • “Who does (Brett Favre) play for?”
  • “When is the (Rose Bowl final)?”
  • “Who won the (Cotton Bowl)?”

Google Search

  • “Show me pictures of (Mount Rushmore).”
  • “Search for (best PS4 games of 2016).”
  • “What is (I love you) in (French)?”/”How do you say (I love you) in (French)?”
  • “How old is (Stephen Amell)?”
  • “Define (promontory).”
  • “What is (Einstein’s Theory of Relativity)?”
  • “Where was (J.R.R. Tolkien) born?”
  • “Who invented the (coat hanger)?”
  • “Stock price of (Nintendo).”/”What is the stock price of (Nintendo)?”
  • “What is (4 tons) in (kilograms)?”
  • “What is the (square root of 12)?”
  • “What is (6 divided by 2)?”
  • “What’s the tip for (63 dollars)?”
  • “Search (Twitter) for (America).”
  • “(How fast are cheetahs)?” – any question like this can be asked and you will almost always be given a sure answer.

Fun Secrets

There are some hidden voice commands in Google Now that will garner some laugh-worthy responses.

  • “Who are you?”
  • “Tilt/Askew.”
  • “What does the fox say?”
  • “Beam me up, Scotty.”
  • “Tell me a joke.”
  • “Flip a coin.”
  • “When does the narwhal bacon?”
  • “Who’s on first?”
  • “What is your favorite color?”
  • “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”
  • “Okay Jarvis…” – in replacement of “Okay Google.”
  • “Sudo make me a sandwich.”
  • “Make me a sandwich.”
  • “Go go gadget (Facebook).”
  • “When am I?”
  • “Do a barrel roll.”
  • “Tea, Earl Grey, hot.”
  • “What is the Bacon number of (Morgan Freeman)?”
  • “What is the loneliest number?”
  • “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right.”

Other apps that work with Google Now

Google Now does have voice commands that are compatible with other 3rd party apps, but only certain phrases will work. Here are some of the apps and their respective phrases.

  • Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, NextPlus: “Send a (Telegram) message to (Dad).”
  • Instacart: “Show Instacart availability.”
  • Flixster: “Show me (Big Hero 6) on Flixster.”
  • NPR One: “Listen to NPR.”
  • TuneIn Radio: “Open TuneIn in car mode.”
  • Lincoln: “Start my Lincoln MKZ.”
  • Shazam: “Shazam this song.”
  • Walmart: “Scan my receipt on Walmart.”
  • TripAdvisor: “Show attractions near me on TripAdvisor.”
  • Trulia: “Show homes for sale in (Lansing) on Trulia.”
  • Realtor.com: “Show rentals near me on Realtor.”
  • Wink: “Activate home mode on Wink.”
  • Zillow: “Show me nearby houses on Zillow.”

There are many things to do with Google Now, but if we missed any, don’t be afraid to let us know down in the comments. Also feel free to tell us how frequently you use Google Now and if you like it better than Cortana and Siri or vice versa. Furthermore, what’s your favorite Google Now voice command?

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