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Fossil Hybrid HR review: Beautifully flawed

Jimmy Westenberg 24 hours ago 283 shares

Black Friday 2019: Early deals and a sneak peek at upcoming deals

AA Picks November 11, 2019

Google Stadia review: This is the future of gaming, if you have the data for it

David Imel November 18, 2019 257 shares

Samsung One UI 2.0 beta hands-on

Eric Zeman November 18, 2019 678 shares
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Cortana quits Android, and more tech you need to know today

It's the end of Cortana, as we know it (and I feel fine). Also, Ford's first mass-market Mustang EV.
Tristan RaynerNovember 18, 2019103 shares

Google Assistant: How much do you really know about it?

There are 10 questions in this quiz, each of which revolves around Google's digital assistant. How many can you get right?
Mitja RutnikNovember 16, 2019102 shares

Pixel 4-like Google Assistant comes to Pixel 3, minus the bells and whistles

New, more compact UI coming to Google Assistant on older Pixel phones.
Adamya SharmaNovember 11, 2019114 shares

New voice-free method for launching Google Assistant spotted on Pixel 4

You could soon be able to talk to the Google Assistant by simply lifting your phone.
Adamya SharmaNovember 11, 2019132 shares

The best smart bulbs without a hub

If you want to establish smart lighting but don't want a central controlling device accessible by all, this list is for you.
Kevin ParrishNovember 9, 2019185 shares

Philips’ compact television brings Android TV into your kitchen for under $300

No matter how good smart displays are getting, nothing quite beats consuming content on a proper television.
Phillip PradoNovember 8, 201960 shares

The best Google Assistant devices for your home

Here are the best Google Assistant-compatible smart home products you can buy!
Team AANovember 6, 2019238 shares

Turns out “OK boomer” can also wake up your phone

Go ahead, try it.
Adamya SharmaNovember 6, 20191259 shares

Hackers can control your smart speakers by shooting laser beams at them

Hackers were able to open garage doors and start cars by simply pointing a laser at devices with voice assistants.
Adamya SharmaNovember 5, 2019264 shares

How to set up Google Home devices as a single stereo speaker output

You can now set up your original Google Home and Google Home Mini devices in pairs as a single stereo output.
Phillip PradoOctober 28, 201989 shares
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