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Does the iPhone 14 come with a charger?

You probably know the answer, but read on for the whys, and your various charging options.

Published onMay 8, 2023

apple iphone 14 plus home screen
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

It’s a growing trend for smartphone makers to leave charging adapters out of the box. Sometimes it’s claimed to be in the name of eliminating e-waste, but of course, it also means better profit margins. So let’s check — what’s the situation with the iPhone 14 lineup?

Does the iPhone 14 come with a charger?

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max always on display AOD standing
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Sadly, no. Every iPhone 14, even the Pro Max, ships with nothing more than a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. Apple explains that this is a part of “efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2030,” by which it means reducing or offsetting carbon emissions in a bid to slow climate change. On top of cutting down on manufacturing waste, ditching chargers allows for slimmer packaging and more efficient shipping. For the same reasons, you’ll no longer find EarPods bundled with Apple products.

Instead the company encourages people to reuse existing accessories if they have them. Conveniently, of course, Apple sells plenty of first- and third-party chargers, including ones with MagSafe wireless.

What kind of charger does the iPhone 14 use?

Apple 18W USB C Power Adapter

Just about anything that connects to Lightning or MagSafe will work. Apple’s purpose-built product is a 20W USB-C wall adapter, since 20W is as much as the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus allow. You can eke out 27W with the 14 Pro and Pro Max, so if you want to fuel those devices as fast as possible, it might be worth searching for more powerful options. Don’t worry about going too high, since power delivery will automatically step down as needed.

Note that when you use MagSafe, charging is capped at 15W, and often less on third-party accessories. You’re trading speed for convenience.

Can you charge the iPhone 14 with an old iPhone charger?

iPhone Box with Charger and cable

Certainly. Be aware that the lower the wattage, the slower your iPhone will charge. An old 10W Apple adapter (paired with a USB-A-to-Lightning cable) might be fine for overnight power or staying plugged in at work, but you’ll regret it if you’re trying to top up 30 minutes before boarding a flight.

In fact if you’re using any kind of USB-A charger, it’s probably time to upgrade. USB-C has a higher power ceiling, and of course that format is increasingly the industry default, which makes for better interchangeability. Apple is expected to jettison Lightning in its 2023 iPhone models.