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How to create or delete a Facebook business page

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Published onDecember 11, 2023

After creating your Facebook account, it’s smart to use it for more than just fun, especially for your business. To reach potential customers, you should go where they are. Creating a Facebook business page lets you promote your products or services by going live, running polls, or hosting events. Here’s a simple guide on how to get started.


To create a Facebook business page, go to Facebook pages section, click Create New Page. Fill in as many of the fields as possible, upload images, and name your page. Then click the Create Page button. You must already have a personal Facebook account and be logged into it.


How to create a Facebook business page

Before starting, you must be logged into a personal Facebook account, which will be linked to the business page you are about to make.

  • On the left side panel, select Pages to go to the pages section.
  • Click the Create new Page button.
  • On the left-hand side, insert all of the necessary details.
  • On the left-hand side, insert all of the necessary details.
  • As the information is input, the page updates in real-time to show you how it will look on the right side of the screen. You can view it from both desktop and mobile perspectives.
  • Fill your information to finish setting up your page. You don’t have to complete every field if you don’t want to, but adding as much as possible increases your online visibility chances.

The images are the most important part of all. The Profile Picture should be your business logo and should be optimized to fit into a circular shape. If you have your logo in another shape, you will have to get it redesigned to fit into a circle.

The Cover Photo could be a bigger version of your logo, a picture of your products, or a picture of your business. Anything you want, really.

How to create a memorable username

  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • At the left side, select Settings.
  • Click the profile page name.
  • At the right side, enter your own username as you prefer in the prompted box.
  • Click Save changes.

How to manage your page for business

The latest update of Facebook doesn’t include a business template for pages. Instead, it offers the New Pages Experience feature, providing a tool for managing your professional presence on Facebook. This feature enables you to develop your brand or business, increase your audience, and connect with followers.

  • Go to your page.
  • At the left side, select Settings.
  • Click New Pages Experience.
  • Go through the settings to manage your page to develop your brand or business.

How to link a Facebook page to other accounts

How to link a Facebook page to an Instagram account

  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • At the left side, select Settings.
  • Click Linked Accounts.
  • In the Linked Accounts section, select Instagram.
  • On the right side, click the Connect account button.
  • Click the Connect button. Keep in mind that you can only connect the Facebook page to an Instagram professional account.
  • Follow the instruction to finish.

How to link a Facebook page to WhatsApp

  • In the Linked Accounts section, select WhatsApp.
  • On the right side, enter your WhatsApp phone number in the prompted box.
  • Click the Send WhatsApp code. The verified code will be sent to you via WhatsApp.
  • Follow the instruction.
  • Then, click Add button to make a shortcut to your WhatsApp on your page profile.

How to add Action Buttons on your page profile

An Action Button is a shortcut that appears on your page profile, making it convenient and easy for viewers to contact you or take actions related to your business page. You can manage these buttons by following these steps to best suit your page profile objectives:

  • Go to your page.
  • Click the three horizontal dots button to open the options menu.
  • Select Edit Action Button.
  • Click Change Button.
  • Choose an option to make an Action Button.
  • Then, click Next and follow the instruction to finish setting up the Action Button.

How to delete a Facebook page

  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • At the left side, select Settings.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • In the Privacy section, click Facebook Page information.
  • Click Deactivation and deletion.
  • Choose whether you want to deactivate your page or delete it.
  • Then, click Continue and follow the instruction to finish the process.

However, bear in mind that the page won’t be deleted for a further 14 days, but it will be invisible from search results. After 14 days, the page will be permanently deleted. If you want your page back, you must log back in within that 14-day time period to reactivate the page and halt the deletion request.

How to change your Instagram account to a professional account

We’ve already explained how to link your Facebook account to Instagram. But to link your Facebook business page to Instagram, you must have an Instagram business account. It is very easy and free to switch over. This is how you do it.

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner.
  • In the pop-up menu, select Settings and privacy.
  • Scroll down and tap Account type and tools.
  • Choose Switch to professional account. Then, follow the instruction to finish the process.


A Facebook business page is free to set up and maintain. However, in a very shameless money grab, Facebook restricts the visibility of your posts to a select number of your followers, unless you “boost” the post (pay to advertise it to a wider audience). However, boosting a post is very hit-and-miss, and does not always produce the results Facebook promises.

A Facebook business page can be transferred to the control of another Facebook user by assigning them admin privileges. They can then remove you from the page by removing your admin status.

No, the business page is linked to your personal profile. If you no longer wish to keep your personal profile, you could make a new empty personal profile and assign admin privileges to it. Or you can transfer admin privileges to a trusted friend. But if the admin privileges are held only by someone else, only they would be able to update the business page.

You can only invite people to follow your business page. Clicking the three vertical dot menu at the top of the main page, and clicking Invite Friends. But they must already be friends of yours on your personal profile.

Yes, but the Instagram account in question cannot already be linked to another Facebook page. If it is, you would have to disconnect the other Facebook page first. To connect a Facebook page to an Instagram account, first, make your Instagram account a professional one. Then in Instagram, go to Profile–>Settings–>Account–>Linked Accounts–>Facebook. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Note that if your Instagram account is not a professional one, you will be linked to your personal Facebook profile instead.

Yes. Select Edit Page Info in the left-hand sidebar of the Facebook business page. In the General section, change your username in the Username section. Minor changes, such as spelling mistakes, are usually approved instantly, while complete name changes may take a few hours for Facebook to approve. If you change the business page name too often, Facebook may impose a limit on how often you can do it.

If you have added someone else to your page with admin status, it is possible they have removed you as the admin (which other admins of the page have the right to do). Unless you can resolve the issue with the other admin, and get them to restore your access, there is likely very little that can be done. This is why you should be extremely selective about whom you promote to admin level.

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