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Chromebooks are cheaper, faster, and simpler than PCs, but learning the ins and outs of a new operating system has its challenges. Everything is slightly different than what you are used to with traditional computers. Chromebook keyboard shortcuts as well as Chromebook trackpad gestures also have a learning curve. Here are the most important ones you should definitely know about.

General Chromebook keyboard shortcuts

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  • Take a screenshot: Press Ctrl + Show windows button.
  • Take a partial screenshot: Press Ctrl + Shift + Show windows button. Select the area.
  • Sign out of a Google account: Press Shift + Ctrl + Q twice.
  • Lock the screen: Press Search + L.
  • Open Files app: Press Shift + Alt + M.
  • Use the F keys: Press Search + 1 all the way to Search + +/=.
  • Open notifications: Press Shift + Alt + N.
  • Switch between set languages: Press Shift + Ctrl + Space.

Web/page browsing Chromebook shortcuts

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  • Page up: Press Search/Alt + Up.
  • Page down: Press Search/Alt + Down.
  • Go to the top of the page: Press Ctrl + Alt + Up.
  • Go to the bottom of the page: Press Ctrl + Alt + Down.
  • Open the History page: Press Ctrl + H.
  • Make a Google search: Press Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E.
  • Open link in new tab and switch to it: Press Ctrl + Shift and click on a link.
  • Switch between windows: Press and hold Alt and press Tab.
  • Input “www.” and “.com” to your address bar text: Press Ctrl + Enter.
  • Open a new tab: Press Ctrl + T.
  • Open a new window: Press Ctrl + N.
  • Open Incognito mode: Press Shift + Ctrl + N.
  • Close the current tab: Press Ctrl + W.
  • Close the current window: Press Shift + Ctrl + W.
  • Print the current page: Press Ctrl + P.
  • Bookmark the current page: Press Ctrl + D.

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Text editing Chromebook shortcut commands

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  • Caps Lock on/off: Press Alt + Search button.
  • Select all: Press Ctrl + A.
  • Select content in address bar: Press Ctrl + L or Alt + D.
  • Copy highlighted text: Press Ctrl + C.
  • Cut highlighted text: Press Ctrl + X.
  • Paste text: Paste Ctrl + V.
  • Paste plain text: Press Ctrl + Shift + V.
  • Undo your last action: Press Ctrl + Z.
  • Redo your last action: Press Shift + Ctrl + Z.

How to see all shortcuts on Chromebooks?

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Google knows Chromebook shortcuts can be confusing, so it added a hidden guide for you to access.

  • See all Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts: Press Ctrl + Alt + / and you will get a virtual keyboard with all available shortcuts.

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Chromebook touchpad shortcuts

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In addition to Chromebook keyboard shortcuts, you can get a lot of stuff done on a Chromebook touchpad as well. You’re all familiar with the basic gestures of moving the pointer, clicking, and scrolling, but there are a few others as well.

  • Move between pages: Swipe left with two fingers to go to a previous page, and swipe right with two fingers to go forward to a page you were just on.
  • See all open windows: Either swipe up or down with three fingers.
  • Close a tab: Point to a tab and then tap on the touchpad with three fingers.
  • Open a link in a new tab: Point to a link and then tap on the touchpad with three fingers.
  • Switch between tabs: Swipe left and right with three fingers when you have multiple tabs open.

These Chromebook shortcut keys and touchpad gestures will have you navigating through your computer like a master. Enjoy! And if you need more Chrome OS tutorials or tips, we have a wide selection of guides linked below.

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