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Sometimes describing what’s on your computer screen is a hassle, but you need others to see what you’re seeing. “Show, don’t tell” is the golden rule for a lot of things. Luckily that’s easy to do by simply taking a screenshot, generating an image of your screen you can easily share in a group chat, email, or on social media.

Every device has its own fussy combination of controls to get a screenshot. On Android devices, the usual combo is volume-down and power buttons, pressed at the same time. On iOS, the home and power buttons do the trick. On a Mac computer, you hit Command > Shift > 4 (all at once) to open up a crosshairs icon and drag whatever you want a shot of. Command > Shift >3 will also take a screenshot of the whole screen, rather than a selection.

So how to you get a screenshot on Chromebook? It’s easy once you know how, so have a look at our instructions below.

Taking a screenshot on a Chromebook with the keyboard

To capture your entire screen as a Chromebook screenshot, go to its keyboard and press the Ctrl > window switch keys, and you’ve got it. If you just want a screenshot of part of the screen, go to the keyboard and hit the Ctrl > Shift > window switch, to drag a crosshairs icon over just the part of the screen you need.

If you use an external keyboard, you have to something slightly different. You’ll want to click on the Ctrl > F5 keys or the Ctrl > Shift > F5 keys for the same Chromebook screenshot effects, respectively.

Taking a Chromebook screenshot when in tablet mode

More and more Chromebooks have been designed as 2-in-1 devices, where you can either flip the display around 360 degrees, or you can fully detach the display from the hardware keyboard.  You can then use the display as if it was a large touchscreen tablet (assuming the display is a touchscreen model).

Since it’s a bit of a pain to take a screenshot using the keyboard in this fashion, if you want to accomplish this on a Chromebook while in tablet mode, just press down on its power and volume down buttons at the same time to accomplish this task. This will take a screenshot of the entire display, so you will need to use some editing tools to crop the image if you need to handle this job afterward.

Taking a Chromebook screenshot with a stylus

HP Chromebook x2 detached

More and more Chromebooks now come with an included stylus, such as the Google Pixelbook, the HP Chromebook x2, the Samsung Chromebook Pro and the Samsung Chromebook Plus. If your Chromebook does have a touchscreen stylus, you can tap on the screen to bring up a menu that will allow you to take a screenshot with the pen without having to use the keyboard or the side buttons.

You have two choices in the Chromebook stylus menu for screenshots. One is simple; just tap on the Capture screen option to take a screenshot of the entire screen. The other is a little more complicated. You can tap on the Capture region option in the stylus menu to take a partial screenshot. When that option is applied, just tap and hold down on the stylus on the potion of the screen you want, and then drag it to get the section of the display you want. Just take the stylus off the screen when that is done, and the screenshot is taken.

Taking a Chromebook screenshot by using a Chrome extension

Chrome extensions are designed to help you use Chrome OS and/or your Chrome web browser in new and better ways. It’s not a shock to learn that there are a ton of Chrome extensions available for taking full or selected screenshots. Here’s a list of just some of the extensions that are available from the Chrome store

Accessing your Chromebook screenshot

Once you’ve taken a screenshot on your Chromebook, you’ll see a notification window confirming you have indeed taken a screenshot.

If you want to access the Chromebook screenshots you’ve taken — why else would you take one? — it’s pretty simple. You have two options.

First, simply open your Chromebook screenshot directly from the notification pop-up you see when you take the screenshot.

Second, if you’ve closed that window or missed you’re chance to click on it, you’re still good. Just go to your downloads folder, which can be accessed by opening your app launcher and clicking on “Files.”

chromebook screenshot access

That’s it!

It may seem like a deceptively easy process to take a screenshot on Chromebook, but it really is that simple. So have at it, and get to sharing whatever you might find worth sharing on your Chromebook screen.

Let us know if you run into any problems in the comments below!

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