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If you own one of the many, many Chromebooks available from Google and other laptop makers, you likely want to print some documents from time to time on your home printer. But just how do you print from a Chromebook? Here’s how you can connect your Chromebook to your printer so you can print emails, documents and more from your ChromeOS device.

How to connect your Wi-Fi printer to your Chromebook

Most new home printers include Wi-Fi hardware, and can connect to the internet through your home network. The first thing you should do is start up your home printer and connect it to the internet. You then start up your Chromebook and connect it to the same network as the printer.

Once you have connected your printer to the Iiternet, click on your Google Account logo or photo in Chrome, select Settings, and then select Advanced. Then go to the Printers option, click on it and then Click Printers.

After that, you should see a selection called Add Printers. Click on it, and you should see a list of printers. If you see your printer on that list, click on it and select Add. Your printer should now be connected to your Chromebook.

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How to manually connect your Wi-Fi printer to your Chromebook (Optional)

If, for some reason, your printer does not appear on the list in the Add Printers section, don’t worry. You can still add your device manually and print from a Chromebook.

In the Printers section, click on the Add Manually option. Then type in the printer’s name, its IP address, its protocol (usually, the supported connection protocol is IPP), and finally its queue (usually, queue is ipp/print). Click Add when all of that information is filled in.

A box should pop up asking you to select your printer manufacturer and model. If you find it, click Add. If it doesn’t show up, you should then check your printer’s information for its “printer language” or “emulation.” Then go back to the list and select the Generic” option that looks similar. You might need to upload your printer’s driver. If that’s the case, click on the Browse option to upload it.

How to print from a Chromebook

If you have successfully connected your home printer to your Chromebook, you should be ready to print a document from the device. To do so, just go to the page you want to print, and press the Ctrl and P buttons at the same time. Under the Destinations option, select Change. Then, under either Recent Destinations or Local Destinations, select your printer and select Print.

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How to print from a USB-connected Chromebook (Optional)

If you own an older printer with no Wi-Fi hardware, you can still connect your Chromebook, via a USB cable, to it in order to print. After you connect the printer to the Chromebook with the USB cable, just follow the steps in the previous sections to add the printer to your Chromebook.

Print from a Chromebook – Conclusion

That’s how you can print your documents from your Chromebook. Was this article helpful to you when you tried to connect and print a document from your Chromebook to your home printer?

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