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How to change your Reddit username

Start posting on Reddit under a new alias!

Published onApril 20, 2022

When you create a Reddit account, you’re joining the most prominent public forum on the planet. With subreddits for every interest and an innumerable amount of users and posts to go through and either debate or learn from, Reddit can be an incredibly valuable resource. That said, what if you’re unhappy with your username? Can you change your Reddit username?

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To change your username on Reddit, you must create a new account. That's not the news most people want to hear, but after you create your account and customize your username once, you're stuck with that username.

You can change your Reddit display name by going to User Settings > Profile > Display name (optional) and entering a new display name for your account.


Can you change your username on Reddit?

After you have set up your Reddit account with a custom username, you cannot change it again.

When you sign up for Reddit, you have three options: Continue with GoogleContinue with Apple, or EMAIL. If you select Continue with Google or Continue with Apple, your account will automatically be set up with a randomized username.

continue with google or apple reddit
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

When you visit Reddit after creating your account with Google or Apple, you will see a Do you want to change or keep this username? notification in the top right. If you don’t, you can always go to your profile page and change your username.

create account with google or apple
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click Change Username to customize your Reddit username. Remember that you can only do this once; after this, your account will be permanently bound to that username.

If you created your account with an email

To create your Reddit account with an email, enter your email in the EMAIL field.

creating an account with an email
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

After entering an email, you will be taken to the Choose your username page. Enter your desired username in the CHOOSE A USERNAME field, then type a password for your account in the PASSWORD field below it.

choosing a username
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

After finishing, you’ll click the blue Sign Up button at the bottom. Because you chose your username during this process, you will not be able to change your username again.

With all of this in consideration, there is still one thing you can change after creating your account and choosing a username. That would be your display name.

How to change your display name on Reddit

Your display name is a stand-in for your username when you post. You can change this whenever you want; however, to follow our process on desktop, you must ensure your Reddit version is the “New” Reddit.

new reddit
Curtis Joe / Android Authority


Go to Reddit in your browser, then open your profile dropdown menu. To do this, click the downward arrow next to your profile picture in the top right.

click your profile picture
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

From the dropdown menu, under MY STUFF, click the gear-shaped User Settings button.

click on user settings gear
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click the Profile tab in User settings.

click on the Profile tab
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Choose a new display name and type it into the Display name (optional) field.

enter your new display name in the display name optional field
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Android and iOS

Tap your profile picture in the top right of the Reddit app, then select My profile from the subsequent menu. This will take you to your Reddit profile page.

find edit profile on the reddit app 1
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

On your Reddit profile page, press Edit.

edit your profile
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Enter a new display name in the Shown on your profile page field underneath Display name.

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Why can’t you change your Reddit username?

Reddit’s infrastructure never accounted for multiple username changes when the site was first conceptualized. The entire system would need to be reworked to enable multitudinous username changes. While there are ways to get around it, like by creating new accounts, most of the time people just live with the username they tied to their account.

How do I find my Reddit username?

Your Reddit username can be found on your profile page. It looks like u/YourUsernameHere.

How do I delete my account?

Deleting a reddit account is pretty simple; all you have to do is go to your account settings and find the delete option at the bottom of your screen. From there, Reddit will guide you.

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