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What does "Cancelled Call" mean on an iPhone?

What's going on with these Cancelled Calls?

Published onNovember 14, 2023

If you’re going through your iPhone call logs, it’s common to see incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. Understanding what these mean is pretty straightforward, but there is one other type of call that may leave you scratching your head. What does “Cancelled Call” mean on an iPhone?


A Cancelled Call on an iPhone refers to a call that didn't go through. If you see this, the person on the receiving end never got a call.


What does “Cancelled Call” mean on an iPhone?

iPhone 13 Pro taking a phone call
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

As mentioned in the quick answer, a Cancelled Call on an iPhone refers to a call that never made it to the other party. This means your phone started the call, but got interrupted before the actual call was connected. The other party’s phone didn’t ring at all.

This commonly happens when the caller, which in this case would be yourself, makes the call and hangs up immediately. You know, like when you suddenly realize you’re calling the wrong person, or just figure out it’s no longer necessary to have that call.

Does a Cancelled Call go through on an iPhone?

If a Cancelled Call appears in your call log, you can rest assured it did not go through. The other party didn’t get the call and will not be able to see it in their call log. It will be as if you never made the call.

Why does my iPhone cancel calls?

People using an Apple iPhone stock photo 2
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

As mentioned earlier, most Cancelled Calls happen because of hanging up right after dialing. If this is not the case, having Cancelled Calls can be a sign of something going wrong with your phone, though. It may be an issue with your signal, a software bug, or an issue with the Phone app.

We’ll go over some troubleshooting tips in the next section. Go through them and try calling again.

How to fix cancelled calls on iPhone

  • Restart the iPhone: A simple restart can iron out any software hiccups. Give it a try. We have a guide on restarting an iPhone if you don’t already know how to do it.
  • Ensure you have a good signal: Random Cancelled Calls are commonly caused by spotty signal. Check your signal bar in the top-right corner. If your signal is looking weak, move to a place with better coverage and try again. You can also use Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Make sure Airplane Mode is off: Do you have Airplane mode on? Sometimes, we accidentally turn it on, so check, just in case. Here’s our guide on turning Airplane Mode on or off.
  • Update your iPhone: Sometimes, software versions of iOS can come with bugs, which are fixed with future software updates. It’s always good to run the latest iOS version, so check out our guide to update your iPhone.
  • Reset the network settings: If nothing else works, you can reset the network settings. This will bring all your network settings to factory defaults.

If all these troubleshooting tips show no results and you continue getting Cancelled Calls on an iPhone, your next best solution would be to contact Apple Support or take your device to either an Apple Store or your carrier, if you purchased the device through it. Your iPhone may have a hardware issue, or a more complex problem.


Cancelled Calls never established a connection, so the other party’s phone won’t ring, and the call won’t show up in their call log.

It’s normal to have Cancelled Calls when you call someone and quickly hang up, before the call is connected. If you’re not doing this, then Cancelled Calls are not normal, and you should look into finding a solution.

If you suspect a call you made is a Cancelled Call, you can check to make sure. Just Launch the Phone app and go into the Recents tab. Find the call and tan on the i icon next to it. You’ll find a log with dates and a label telling you what type of calls these were. Look for Cancelled Call.

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