Verizon Wireless is the biggest US carrier and has great coverage and a decent selection of phones. For those ready for a new device but looking for the best Black Friday deal possible, finding the best Verizon deals doesn’t have to be a trawl. In this post, we’ve put together the best Verizon deals that we’re currently aware of for the holidays. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Most of the Black Friday deals are best if you’re switching carriers, and here are some highlights:

1. Save $550 on a Galaxy Note 20 with trade

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 display

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

One of Verizon’s signature promotions is the sharp discount with a trade-in, which is often applied to some of the hottest new smartphones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is one of the latest devices to become available on this scheme, saving you a total of $550.

Hit the button below to find the deal, or read on to find out how you can save on the Note 20 without having to shell out for two devices upfront.

$450 .00
Save $550 on a Galaxy Note 20
Save $549 .99
Buy it Now
Save $550 on a Galaxy Note 20 Buy it Now
Save $549 .99 $450 .00

2. Grab an iPhone SE and more for free

Verizon deals on iPhone SE

How does a free Apple iPhone SE sound? There are several great phones that are free right now from Verizon as long as you add a new line of service on a qualifying unlimited plan. You’ll pay for the device upfront, but you’ll receive bill credits for the full value of it over 24 months.

The iPhone SE is the most notable example, but the deal also applies to a few other devices such as the Google Pixel 4a, Moto G Power, and the Galaxy A11. Hit the button below to see the full array.

Get a free iPhone SE or Galaxy A51
Buy it Now
Get a free iPhone SE or Galaxy A51 Buy it Now

3. Get great phones for as little as $5 per month

Google Pixel 4a 5G screen size comparison vs Pixel 4a Verizon deals

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

While not quite free like the phones above, there are Verizon deals on several devices right now which means that they’re as low as $5 per month, rather than the higher prices they usually carry.

The most notable of the savings are on the Pixel 4a 5G. The Pixel 4a would usually be over $15 per month, but it’s available now for free. It’s 5G-ready big brother is also down from $24 to $15 per month right now.

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Another option in this bracket is the Samsung Galaxy A51. It offers one of the best experiences on Android in a well-designed chassis, for one-third the price of modern flagships. This deal gets you it even cheaper at just $10 per month over the life of your 24-month contract.

The Galaxy A21, the LG Stylo 6, and the Moto G Stylus are also all available at a cut-rate right now. The button below takes you to the full selection.

$10 .00
Save on mid-range phones from Verizon
Buy it Now
Save on mid-range phones from Verizon Buy it Now
$10 .00

4. Get up to $700 off top phones when you switch

Samsung Galaxy S20 Display 2

On many more flagship smartphones that haven’t already featured in this Verizon deals list, you can trade in your old device and save as much as $700. When you add this to the $250 gift card you can get for switching to Verizon, that’s a total savings of up to $950. If you’re already a Verizon subscriber then you can upgrade with a trade-in and get up to $550 back instead.

How much you can save depends on whether you’re switching or upgrading, the device you’re trading in, and the phone that you want, so there’s an array of different iterations. Your best bet is to head to Verizon and select your ideal phone to see what offers are currently available.

$0 .00
Save up to $700 on top Verizon devices
Buy it Now
Save up to $700 on top Verizon devices Buy it Now
$0 .00

5. Military, teachers, nurses, and first responder discounts

Verizon deals for first responders.

In an age where teachers, nurses, and other first responders are asked to work like never before, Verizon is giving back. The carrier offers a variety of perks and discounts for those who serve — from unlimited plans for $30 per month to hiring veterans, it’s an impactful way to say thank you. The plan discounts are valid on four-line plans, so your entire family can save.

It’s easy to sign up — simply verify your eligibility and enroll with your basic information. If you’re a service member looking for employment, you and your spouse can join the Verizon Talent Network and stay informed with the latest job postings.

$0 .00
Save with Verizon’s service discounts
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Save with Verizon’s service discounts Buy it Now
$0 .00

6. College discounts — save up to $25 on unlimited

Student Writing Laptop

The upcoming school year is still a bit of a mystery, to say the least. Some schools plan to conduct in-person classes while others are making the move to online learning. Whatever the situation, Verizon has college students covered. Right now, you can save $10 per month with a single line of unlimited service or $25 on a pair of lines. All you have to do is verify your student status with UNiDAYS and then Verizon will hook you up.

The offer is good for online students as well, and you don’t have to add a new line of service. However, the offer is only good for a maximum of four years so super-seniors be warned.

$0 .00
Grab a Verizon college student discount
Buy it Now
Grab a Verizon college student discount Buy it Now
$0 .00

7. Get up to $450 in Verizon eGift Cards when you switch

Verizon deals Wireless logo stock image 7

Verizon is jam-packed with great deals if you want a new device, but what if you’re happy with the one you’ve got? Well, you can get $450 money back in the form of a gift card just for bringing your current device to the network and activating an unlimited plan.

Unlike most deals, you’ll have to add a promo code at the rebate center to get your eGift Card. Claiming the card requires a promo code, which you’ll be provided with when you sign up. For a limited time, the reward also comes with a Verizon Stream TV for free.

Bring your device and get money back
Buy it Now
Bring your device and get money back Buy it Now