US Cellular is the nation’s 5th biggest wireless phone carrier. As a result, it tries harder to appeal to people who want to save money. The company is always offering some sort of special offer or discount on their phone and accessories selection, and at the moment, these are the best US Cellular deals that are currently available to snap up.

Best US Cellular Phones | Best US Cellular plans

US Cellular deals – Get a Samsung TV “free” with the purchase of two Samsung phones

One of the current US Cellular deals will get you a free Samsung TV if you purchase two Samsung smartphones. Technically, the deal will get you $400 in credit that you can use to purchase a Samsung TV at Samsung’s online store. The two phones must be purchased on the same account and from a limited number of Samsung Galaxy models. They include the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10 Plus. The phones must be signed up for one of US Cellular’s Total Plans, and also must include device protection.

US Cellular deals –  Get your current phone’s contract paid off, up to $200, plus $150 in bill credit


The other one of the US Cellular deals is asking you to switch your current phone, and its carrier. US Cellular says that it will pay off anything left off your current phone’s carrier contract, up to $200, if you switch. In addition, it will give you an additional $150 in bill credits. The credits will be spread out over five months, for $30 a month and the credits themselves will begin with the third bill on the carrier.

Conclusion – the best US Cellular deals right now

That’s all for our look at the best US Cellular deals that are currently available. We will update this post when deals expire and new ones pop up. In the meantime, which of these deals and discounts will you be checking out?
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