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US Cellular is the fifth-largest carrier in the States, so it has to get creative with sales to try to keep up with the bigger market players. As a result, you can usually save a pretty nice chunk of change if you’re willing to make the switch. We’ve picked out three of the best US Cellular deals currently available. 

If you’re serious about making the switch, you might want to check out the best US Cellular plans and phones as well. In the meantime, take a look at these potential savings.

Best US Cellular deals:

  1. Switch and save $700 on the latest phones
  2. Get $300 back when you bring a phone
  3. Get $300 off any iPad
  4. Save up to $30 on Braven speakers

Editors note: We’ll make sure to update the list of deals as we find new savings and these deals expire. Check back often if you’re thinking about switching.

1. Switch and save $700 on the latest phones

iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Pro back

This deal is actually a collection of some of the best prices on US Cellular phones. You can save up to $700 when you switch to US Cellular and you don’t even have to trade in a device. That means the iPhone 11 is completely free and the brand-new iPhone SE is just $6.65 per month for a limited time. 

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If you’d prefer an Android device to the latest iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 also becomes free with a trade-in and the LG V60 is as low as $3.32 a month. Here are a few of the other great prices when you switch:

You can check out all of the discounted devices at the button below:

2. Get $300 back when you bring a phone

us cellular store

If you want to make the switch but don’t necessarily want to buy a phone, US Cellular still has you covered. The important part is saving money, and you can get $300 back in the form of bill credits when you sign up. All you have to do is make sure your device is eligible with the IMEI number and sign up for an unlimited plan.

US Cellular will then credit you $10 per month for 30 months starting within three cycles. You will need to make sure that you enable autopay in order to stay fully eligible.

3. Get $300 off any iPad

Apple iPad Pro 2020 money shot

You can do much more than simply connect a phone with US Cellular. In fact, the carrier is offering up to $300 off of any new iPad in the form of bill credits for $8.33 per month. The best part is that you’re not limited to previous-generation devices either — the latest 11-inch iPad Pro can be had for just $18.02 per month.

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There are no tricks or trade-ins required, you just have to pick up a new iPad with credit approval and get ready for 36 months of bill credits to roll in on your line of service. If you don’t need the powerful iPad Pro, you can also check out the New iPad for as low as $4.40 per month or the portable iPad Mini for $6.34 per month.

4. Save up to $30 on Braven speakers

braven brv x2 speaker

If you’re looking to complete your new setup with an accessory, now’s your chance to save on the already-affordable Braven BRV speakers. The BRV-X2 and BRV-Mini are $30 off and $15 off, respectively. Both models are IPX7 waterproof with more than a dozen hours of battery life.

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The Braven BRV speakers are built for adventure, and the BRV-Mini is easy to link with a second unit using Bluetooth. The larger BRV-X2 is also shockproof to handle the drops and tumbles that come with exploring the outdoors. You can grab the Braven BRV-X2 for $69.99 and the BRV-Mini for just $19.99 with no bill credits involved.

That pretty much wraps up the best US Cellular deals available right now, but we’ll keep updating the list as new deals become available. We mentioned the links above, but here are a few other lists to check out for US Cellular: