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Your guide to the best tablets: Breaking down the OS, options, and more

From Android to iOS, there's a lot to consider in your next tablet. Here are our picks, buying advice, and more.
July 25, 2022
apple ipad air 2022 5th gen front
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Our smartphones pack more of a punch than ever, and screens just keep growing. However, it’s impossible to top the real estate that the best tablets afford you.

Choosing a great tablet was never going to be easy. Apple’s iPads keep getting better, but Samsung and Amazon have competitors of their own. Even Lenovo has some skin in the game, so we’ve rounded up the best tablets in 2022 to help you make a decision.

Buying the best tablet for your needs

It’s not always easy to choose the perfect tablet right away, but at least there’s an easy place to start. Before you get into screen sizes and processors, you have to nail down your operating system. After all, Android vs iOS will impact everything else you do on your new device.

Once you’ve settled the operating system debate, it’s time to move into the specifics of your tablet. That means deciding on how much screen you really need. The iPad Mini, for example, comes in at less than eight inches, while Samsung’s premium Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a massive 12.4-inches.

iOS, Windows, or Android — this is the most critical decision you have to make when buying a tablet.

It also means nailing down your storage options. If you’re planning to scroll through social media or binge shows over Wi-Fi, you may not need as many gigs. However, those of you hoping to download movies, games, and more will want to find something with a bit more space.

One final thing to keep in mind is build quality. Many of Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs and Apple’s iPads come with aluminum bodies, which can usually handle wear and tear. On the other hand, most cheaper tablets stick with plastic backs to save on weight and cost.

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Still unsure what operating system to get, looking for more options, or other buying advice? Below we’ll discuss our favorite tablet choices and who they are for. Afterward, keep reading for questions/answers, a bit on the OS differences, and more.

The best tablets (Android and iOS)

Best Apple tablets

Best Android tablets

  • The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus packs plenty of screen real estate at a rock-bottom price.
  • The Amazon Fire HD 8 shrinks the benefits of Fire OS into a smaller package, and it’s the cheapest tablet on our list.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is the best Android tablet you can buy, with up to 512GB of storage and an included stylus.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a solid alternative if you want Samsung’s Android experience without breaking the bank.
  • The Lenovo Smart Tab P12 Pro brings a brilliant display with excellent hardware and impressive battery life.

Best Apple tablets

If you’ve landed on iOS as your operating system of choice, an iPad is the only way to go. Apple’s new iPadOS is standard across the entire range, but they feel just like you’re using a beefed-up iPod or iPhone. A few models still carry the classic home button, while the premium end of the range has adopted a buttonless design with slimmer bezels. The lower-cost models can be light on storage space and be ready for the Apple Tax at checkout.

Below we highlight our favorite Apple iPads, but just looking for a good deal? Head to our iPad deals page.

Apple iPad: The best tablet for most people

Apple iPad 2021 home screen portrait
Eric Zeman / Android Authority
aa2020 the best

The 2021 version of Apple’s iPad got little more than a basic update, yet it provides the best value by far. It still starts at just $329.99, and it brings solid battery life, a snappy processor, and Touch ID into one portable package.

Apple upgraded from its A12 Bionic processor to the newer A13 Bionic to keep the iPad up to speed, pairing it with 64GB of storage in the base configuration. You can boost it to 256GB for a fee, but it’s nice to see the base configuration move beyond the paltry 32GB of years past. Although Apple has switched some of its premium iPads to USB-C charging, the classic iPad remains the last tablet line to rely on the Lightning cable for yet another year.

Our own Eric Zeman was plenty impressed with the Apple iPad in his review testing, pointing out that even the minor update keeps it ahead of the competition. He achieved the advertised 10 hours of battery life — the same as last year’s model. The classic home button design means thick top and bottom bezels, but there’s little to find fault with otherwise.

2021 Apple iPad 1
Apple iPad (2021)
The new most-basic iPad gets some new processing power.
The vanilla iPad got a 2021 refresh with a new A13 Bionic chipset and a new price.


  • Good A13 Bionic processor
  • Great hardware
  • Touch ID home button


  • Dated design
  • Mono speaker
  • Lightning port

Apple iPad Air: The junior iPad Pro

apple ipad air 5th gen 2022 rear 2
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

The iPad Air kickstarted Apple’s trek into colorful finishes on iPads and iMacs, and it’s back with five more vibrant finishes. It’s not just a pretty new face, though — Apple made some serious improvements hidden under the surface.

The first key change is the adoption of the Apple M1 chip. It’s the very same processor at the heart of the MacBook family and a few other iPad. After all, you need the best hardware to be the best tablet. Apple also kept the same lightweight, updated design from the iPad Pro family. Mentioning Pro-inspired choices, the bezels are slimmer on all four sides, and the home button is gone like the dodo.

Fear not, as it doesn’t mean you’ll have to do without Touch ID. Instead, the fingerprint reader is built into the side-mounted power button. Unfortunately, the iPad Air costs twice as much as the classic iPad, and it starts with just 64GB of storage space — though you can upgrade to 256GB for additional cash.

2022 Apple 10.9 inch iPad Air Widget Image
2022 Apple 10.9-inch iPad Air (64GB, Wi-Fi)


  • USB-C charging
  • Apple M1 processor
  • Optional Magic Keyboard


  • Costs twice as much as the iPad
  • Limited to 64GB or 256GB

Apple iPad Mini: The iPad Air, to go

iPad Mini 2021 landscape in hand
Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

If you want the smallest tablet around, it’s tough to beat Apple’s upgraded iPad Mini. It has an 8.3-inch display and looks just like an iPad Air that’s had time to shrink in the sun. You’ve got the same rounded corners, the flat sides, and now the move to a USB-C port.

Another factor in the iPad Mini’s favor is almost no competition in the small tablet sphere. We’ll come to Amazon’s alternative in a moment, but the Mini has generally cornered the market. It starts with 64GB of storage space, but the design change has come at a cost — the smallest iPad now costs between $499 and $799.

Apple’s latest tiny tablet made a big move to the cutting-edge A15 Bionic chip, the same as you’ll find in the iPhone 13 series. It also supports Apple Pencil 2, and the Touch ID sensor now lives in the power button along the top edge.

Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen Wi Fi 64GB Widget Image
Apple iPad Mini (6th Gen, Wi-Fi, 64GB)
Apple's new iPad Mini brings updated style to the tiny tablet. It features an A15 Bionic chip, a flat-sided design, and equal bezels on all four sides.


  • Excellent new design
  • 5G for cellular models
  • Apple Pencil 2 support


  • No headphone jack
  • Pricey for 256GB
  • only 60Hz display

Best Android tablets

Android tablets have a level of freedom that iPads just can’t match. You can roll with plenty of different manufacturers, which means a much better variety of prices. If you have a preferred Android skin, it can help make your choice a lot easier. You may not get quite the same level of integration as you would with an iPad, but there’s value across the board. Keep an eye on the different build materials because here are our best Android tablet picks.

Below we highlight our favorites, but that’s far from all, check out our guide to the best Android tablets for more.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus: A big screen for a small price

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus screen
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Amazon’s FireOS may be Android-based, but don’t expect Google apps on the Fire HD 10 Plus. Instead, you’ll have to navigate the Alexa-powered alternatives, but we can’t say we mind too much at an extremely low price. For just $179.99 — with ads — you can snag your own 10.1-inch tablet, complete with 32GB of storage.

If you’d rather not see ads scattered throughout your experience, you can shell out a few extra dollars. Both versions come exclusively in black at the moment, though we’ll probably see Amazon roll new colors out eventually. You’ll get 4GB of RAM as well, which is an extra Gig over the current Fire HD 10.

Perhaps the Alexa integration is the best reason to choose one of Amazon’s tablets as your next display. If you have an Echo speaker or smart display, the tablet should integrate just about seamlessly. You can even use it to control your smart lights, thermostat, or coffee maker.

61NQmtKmcAS. AC SL1000
Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet
The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet is a step up from the 8-inch model thanks to its larger, pixel-rich display, speedier processor, and stellar battery life.


  • Unbeatable price
  • Solid 10.1-inch display
  • Great Alexa integration


  • Plastic construction
  • Lack of Google apps

Amazon Fire HD 8: A portable option for under $100

2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 review photos 16

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 is nearly identical to the tablet above, but it comes with a few sacrifices for the smaller body. For starters, you lose two inches of screen real estate. You’re also back down to 2GB of RAM to keep you moving.

The Fire HD 8 comes with ad-supported and ad-free options, which can hack the price as low as just $89.99. You’ll get just 32GB of storage to work with at the base price, but a 64GB version is always on the table. You’ll have to do without Google apps again — this is FireOS, after all.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 may not be the most premium tablet on our list, but it’s not trying to be. Instead, it’s all about being the best budget tablet that Alexa can handle.

If you want an even smaller Amazon tablet, the company has just updated its Fire 7. It doesn’t offer an HD display, but it picks up an extra gigabyte of RAM, and the processor is more powerful this year. Even better, it’s still available for as little as $60.

cheap android tablets fire hd 8 plus
Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)
The Fire HD 8 is an affordable tablet made for Amazon shoppers, Prime streamers, and Kindle readers.


  • Starts at under $100
  • Portable size
  • USB-C charging and 12-hour battery


  • Limited to 2GB of RAM
  • Ads required for lowest price

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus: The top Android tablet with plenty of storage

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus with S Pen
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

We’ll go from the budget-friendly Android tablet to the cream of the crop. Our own Eric Zeman hailed the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus (and its Tab S8 sibling) as hitting the sweet spot, and it’s not hard to see why.

Samsung packed the best hardware it could find under the 12.4-inch display. You’re ready for anything with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, up to 8GB of RAM, and as much as 256GB of storage. If that’s still not enough, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus packs a microSD slot for even more storage. There’s even a behemoth 10,090mAh battery to keep you moving all day long.

The story isn’t just what’s inside the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus — the outside is pretty good too. It sports an aluminum build, a vibrant Super AMOLED display, and an S Pen for good measure. The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is by far the best Android tablet on the market, and it has a price tag to match.

Samsung has also recently added a newer, even larger member to its tablet family. The Tab S8 Ultra soars to a 14.6-inch display, complete with up to 16GB of RAM and an 11,200mAh battery. We’ll update this section further once we’ve gone hands-on with the new lineup.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus with S Pen
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is a large, powerful slate that aims squarely at those seeking a combined productivity and entertainment machine. It competes with the likes of the Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro.


  • Premium hardware
  • Top-notch performance
  • Great displays


  • Weak cameras
  • Expensive accessories

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: Samsung’s ecosystem on a budget

samsung galaxy tab a8 netflix
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Galaxy Tab A8 doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles you’re bound to get on the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, but it’s a far more affordable way to give Samsung a try. Samsung’s budget beast is smaller, sitting 10.5-inches across, and the internals are scaled back to match.

You’ll have a UniSoc Tiger T618 processor lighting your way and 3GB or 4GB of RAM with up to 128GB of storage. While the sacrifices can add up, the Galaxy Tab A7 should leave your wallet smiling at $229.99. Even at a lower price, Samsung managed to lead up a 7,040mAh battery, which we could stretch for over 10 hours.

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Samsung’s brilliant display makes another appearance with a crisp Full HD resolution and excellent color reproduction. Add in four Dolby Atmos speakers, and you’ve got yourself a mean streaming machine. The RAM and memory make gaming a no-go, but the tablet should stand up to the rest of your daily life.

samsung galaxy tab a8 1
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
Samsung's budget-conscious A-series is back with the updated Galaxy Tab A8. It packs a 10.5-inch display, a solid metal build, and improved RAM and storage options to power through your day.


  • Loud Dolby Atmos speakers
  • Solid metal construction
  • Excellent security update support


  • Slow 15W wired charging
  • Weak cameras on both sides

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro: Lenovo’s return to premium tablets

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro with keyboard facing right
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Apple and Samsung seem to have had the premium tablet market cornered for the last few years. Now, Lenovo wants back in with a powerful new offering — the Tab P12 Pro. It’s a hefty entry, offering a 12.6-inch AMOLED display with Dolby Vision and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Lenovo’s internals are no slouch, either, the Tab P12 Pro runs on a Snapdragon 870 chipset with 8GB of RAM out of the box. As for storage, you’re looking at 256GB which you can boost at any time with the microSD slot. You’ll also have the power to run all day with a large 10,200mAh battery and snappy 45W fast charging.

Finally, Lenovo’s premium Tab P12 Pro comes with a built-in stylus. It’s a popular move for the top Android tablets these days, so not a surprise to see it included. Unfortunately, Lenovo’s tablet is only set for one major Android update — Android 12 — but it will receive security patches through September 2024.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro
Lenovo Tab P12 Pro
Lenovo Tab P12 Pro
A perfect entertainment, gaming, and productivity powerhouse that's built for use outdoors and indoors, with an all-day battery and bright display.


  • Excellent hardware
  • Class-leading battery life
  • Included stylus


  • Mediocre cameras
  • Limited Android updates
  • Weak haptics

What about Windows tablets?

Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet mode
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

While this guide focuses solely on iOS and Android, there’s a third choice in Windows. Today it’s easy to get a tablet running Windows that also can transform into a laptop via a keyboard dock or similar.

These tablets tend to be better for professional use as they give you all the power of Windows applications, alongside the ability to run more traditional apps. It’s also worth noting that Windows has the least tablet-optimized apps out of the three main OSes, and you’ll often have to settle for third-party versions of popular tablet apps when it comes to Windows.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide to the best Windows tablets.

iOS vs Android — which OS is right for you?

The Android vs iOS debate is a long and complicated one. To further make matters tricky, there’s a big difference when you’re talking Android vs iOS and Android vs PadOS. While Android and iPhone OS have a lot in common, the reality is that Android tends not to be the best optimized for tablets. Many apps don’t quite translate well to the big screen. The experience works, but many would argue the iPad makes for a better tablet experience than Android.

Of course, if you’re used to the Android ecosystem, you might not care. There might be more iPad-optimized apps, but there are enough big hitters on Android that many are okay with minor concessions.

Picking the best tablet apps and accessories

Now that you have a feel for the best tablets to pick on Android and iOS, you might want to check out some accessories to complete the setup. Here are our current favorite apps as well:

Other Frequently Asked Questions

The average price of a tablet varies depending on features and functionality. You can find tablets as cheap as $20 and as much as $1000, but the key is understanding what’s not worth it. Generally, those no-name brand tablets for sub-$100 prices aren’t worth buying! Instead, if you want to save money and get a basic tablet, we recommend the Amazon Fire 8 or Fire 10.

We have a list that goes further into the answer, but generally, an Amazon Fire (or especially the Fire Kids tablet) is a great starting point. If your kids prefer iPad, we recommend the iPad Mini.

Technically nothing, an iPad is one type of tablet. Officially most people just call iPads by that brand name, while Android and Windows tablets get lumped into the generic “tablets” label.