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Best heart rate monitor earbuds

These earbuds make it easy to analyze your workout data and feature apps with virtual fitness coaching.
September 22, 2019
The Jabra Elite 65t in front of its charging case.

Heart rate monitor earbuds curb the need to buy fitness tracking wearables. What’s just as important as the earbuds themselves is the functionality of their accompanying applications. These let you analyze the collected heart rate data and adjust your workouts accordingly. While no product is perfect, these are the best heart rate monitor earbuds to keep you fit.

Best heart rate monitor earbuds:

  1. Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless
  2. Jabra Elite Sport
  3. Jabra Elite Pulse Wireless
  4. Under Armour Sport by JBL
  5. Samsung Gear IconX (2016)

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best heart rate monitor earbuds regularly as new devices launch.

1. Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless heart rate monitor earbuds lifestyle image of a man weight lifting.
Bose The Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless earbuds fit comfortable thanks to the provided StayHear+ ear tips.

The IPX4 water-resistant Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless are some of the best wireless earbuds with a heart rate monitor athletes can buy. Each housing features a built-in sensor, allowing the earbuds to track your performance. The StayHear+ ear tips used with Bose’s SoundSport Free and SoundSport Wireless earbuds are included here. The silicone ear and wing tips keep the earbuds in place during vigorous movement.

One drawback of the earbuds is their short battery life, rated at five hours. Seeing as most of us workout in 30-60-minute blocks, it shouldn’t be an issue. You’re also afforded great features through Bose’s free app, including a find my headphones feature and firmware updates. If you want a reliable pair of training earbuds that sound good, these are a standout pick.

2. Jabra Elite Sport

The Jabra Elite 65t heart rate monitor earbuds in front of its charging case.
These heart rate monitor earbuds are IP67-rated, making them the most durable on the list.

The Jabra Elite Sport were released back in 2016, but remain some of the best heart rate monitor earbuds on the market. The all-black colorway keeps appearances clean and minimal which is needed as the housings are bulky. The true-wireless earbuds are IP67-rated, protecting them against both dust and water. In fact, you can even submerge them as deep as one meter for up to 30 minutes at a time.

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The heart rate sensors communicate information to the Jabra Sport Life app. This gives you live feedback according to your heart rate data, therefore making it easier to adjust your training sessions. Said application also has a coaching feature that nudges you to push further or let your foot off the gas. The app also records cardiovascular system information, relative to how well your body absorbs oxygen. This gives you an approximated readout of your fitness level compared to your peers. Jabra has one of the most user-friendly and functional training apps.

3. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Jabra Pulse Sport Wireless product image
Jabra If you like boosted bass while working out, these are a great pick.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless are similar to the Bose Pulse Wireless and include Comply foam ear tips for a comfortable fit and great noise isolation. All of the same benefits of the Jabra Sport Life app that are afforded to the Jabra Elite Sport may be used with the Sport Pulse Wireless, too. These wireless earbuds emphasis low-end frequencies, to keep you motivated while working out. If you don’t want to fuss with true-wireless tech, these ‘buds should be in your gym bag.

4. Under Armour Sport by JBL

Under Armour Sport by JBL lifestyle woman exerce fitbit
JBL Tapping the right earbud gives you a live readout of your heart rate.

Under Armour and JBL paired up to create these workout earbuds with a heart rate monitor.

The ear hook design keeps the earbuds in place no matter your workout. Touch controls on the right earbud make it easy to hear heart rate updates and receive training information. Listeners get a one-year premium membership to MapMyRun, a $30 value. What’s more, the UA Record app lets you analyze previous workouts and gives heart rate feedback.

5. Samsung Gear IconX (2016)

Samsung Gear IconX 2016 heart rate monitor earbuds in a circular formation against a white background.
These earbuds have 4GB of on-board storage so you can workout without your phone.

The original Samsung Gear IconX have been discontinued as Samsung is pushing the Galaxy Buds. However, the earbuds are still available for purchase and standout as a great pair of workout earbuds, despite the poor battery life. They have 4GB of onboard storage, meaning you can leave your phone at home while running about. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, syncing activity data to your phone is a breeze. Otherwise, just download the Samsung Health app.

The application provides a virtual trainer to coach you through your workouts and keeps track of daily personal records of your workouts. This makes it easy to keep track of any progress you’ve made and calibrate workout intensity to stretch your goals.

These are our picks for the best heart rate monitor earbuds on the market. We hope the niche continues to grow and provide more options to consumers. We’ll be sure to update this list as new earbuds become available.