Recently we took a look at the best headphones you can buy for under $50, but what if you have a bit more to spend? There are quite a few options that are $100 and they are certainly worth exploring. To do that we’ve enlisted the help of SoundGuys once more. 

Lilly from Sound Guys breaks down the best options under $100 inn great detail over at But for those looking for a quicker read we’ve broken down their selections below. 


Best All-Around: Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

From the enthusiast to the professional, the 40x will satiate your hi-fi appetite. All while costing just $99.

Reasons to consider the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x:

  • They use 40mm drivers which sit within swiveling ear cups
  • The headband is quite comfortable with just enough padding
  • Excellent audio quality with subtle bass reproduction

Best Design: Sony MDR7506

If you’re in need of a solid, reliable, and legendary pair of headphones the MDR-7506 have the “it” factor.

Reasons to consider the Sony MDR7506:

  • Folding hinges make transporting them a breeze
  • The long 9.8-foot-long cable is great for studio use
  • Should last you for years on end

Best Active Noise Cancellation: CB3 Hush


All too often, low cost ANC headphones just get louder to block out ambient noise, undermining sound quality. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with the CB3 Hush.


Reasons to consider the CB3 Hush:
  • They do an excellent job at blocking out the office air conditioner and ground-level traffic
  • Effectively implements ANC technology without ruining audio quality
  • Cushy padding on the headband and ear pads allow for long listening sessions sans ear pain
  • Battery life maintains 15 hours of playback time while both Bluetooth and ANC activated.

Best Comfort: Bose SoundTrue II


Aside from being an audio powerhouse, Bose is renowned for engineering products that are comfortable and the Bose SoundTrue II are head and shoulders above the competition.

Reasons to consider the Bose SoundTrue II:

  • Headphones are constructed from flexible plastic for more comfort
  • Vocals are excellent and easy to parse apart from underscoring instrumental
  • The mic and remote are compatible with either iOS or Android devices

Best Soundstage: Grado SR60e

The Grado SR60e's retro design harkens back to the 60 years of success that Grado celebrates in manufacturing reliable, high-end products out of their Brooklyn location. The meticulous sound engineering efforts make for a delightful listening experience.

Reasons to consider the Grado SR60e:

  • It does an fantastic job with low end response without sacrificing the integrity of the mids and highs
  • The ear cups rotate to rest flat in your bag or on your chest
  • It’s thick audio cable is great

Why you should trust Sound Guys

The Sound Guys team has a lot of experience in audio and personally test each and every product that makes it into the best list, as well as dozens that don’t. The options listed above were curated by SoundGuys’ newest member, Lilly.

While she has only been with the Sound Guys team for a little while now, she has a previous background working in a college radio station for three years, where she racked up countless hours with studio-level microphones, headphones, speakers and recording software. All the while, deepening her understanding of the technical side of audio.

Lily is a passionate audiophile and great addition to the Sound Guys (and Android Authority) family.