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Whether it’s controlling your household lights, operating a smart lock, or rolling a digital die (try it yourself with “Hey Google, roll a die.”), Google Home has you covered. But what good is having control of household gadgets without the gadgets themselves? We’ve rounded up the best Google Home accessories money can buy, so you can get the most out of your device.

Note: These products should also work with the Google Home Mini and Max, as well as the Nest Mini, Nest Hub, and Hub Max. Furthermore, these accessories should work with most third-party Google Assistant devices as well.

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The best Google Home accessories:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Google Home accessories regularly as new ones launch.

1. Google Chromecast

google chromecast remote

This Google Home accessory is also a Google product. You can choose between the Chromecast Ultra with 4K support or a cheaper version with 1080p definition support. If you own a Google Home and are looking for a low-cost way to improve another part of your home setup, a Chromecast is a must.

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The Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra can be connected via HDMI to your TV to expand its functionality. This will allow you to search for movies, TV shows, and actors; browse and cast content from Chromecast-enabled apps like YouTube; play, pause, and change the volume of music you’re streaming; and more, all with the power of your voice.

The Chromecast Ultra is a little hard to find right now, and even Google has a waitlist to get it. We’ll leave the link below so you can keep checking for availability, as it’s still one of the best Google Home accessories.

2. Nest Thermostat E

Nest’s smart thermostats are great because they learn from user behavior. I adjust the thermostat settings in my apartment several times per day as it warms up and cools down, but the Nest can help reduce this pattern with its intelligent algorithms. Monkey around with the Nest for a couple of weeks, changing its temperature settings periodically as you normally would, and it will become trained to recreate your preferences automatically.

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The Nest Thermostat E has a plastic body rather than the larger, more premium-feeling metal body of the regular Nest learning thermostat. Its screen also isn’t as impressive — it doesn’t display as much information and it’s harder to see than the main model with its Farsight system. What’s more, it isn’t compatible with quite as many HVAC systems, and there are reports that it takes a little longer to learn your preferences.

All of that said, the majority of the functionality is still there in this cheaper, neater package, making it the ideal entry point for your smart thermostat life. It’s a great addition to this list of the best Google Home accessories.

3. Philips Hue light bulbs

Philips Hue light bulb 1

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

For all your smart lighting needs, look no further than the Philips Hue bulbs. You can use them in conjunction with Google Home products to turn your lights on and off — as you would expect — or manage the settings of individual lights. You can give your bulbs names such as “living room” or “kitchen” and control them independently, including brightening or dimming them and setting the brightness to a specific percentage.

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We recommend the Philips Hue A19, which comes with four white bulbs and can work without a hub. You can also get a two-pack or buy an individual bulb if you only need one.

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4. TP-Link Kasa smart plug

TP Link Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini

This is definitely one of the best Google Home accessories. It is simple, affordable, and can turn any electronic product into a smart device. The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is compact enough to not encroach on the second wall outlet. All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi connection (2.4GHz) and you’re good to go.

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You can control your electronic devices from your phone, using the Kasa app, or with your voice, with the help of Alexa, Google Assistant, or Cortana. You can even schedule when to automatically switch devices on or off and set up scenes using multiple devices.

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5. Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub third generation device.

A smart hub can be used to connect the various electronic devices in your home together and give you control over them. This is what makes it one of the best Google Home accessories. Samsung’s solution is compatible with a range of products, including those from Honeywell, Netgear, Halo, and Phillips, with more being added all the time.

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Smart hubs are effectively the brains of your smart home operation and can control multiple products from different brands in one place. Though Samsung’s SmartThings hub comes with its own Android app, you can also control it with your voice through the Google Home, giving you access to lights, security systems, thermostats, and more (so long as you have the compatible products).

Samsung’s third-generation model has Wi-Fi access its predecessors lacked and is also a little smaller. This model doesn’t have a battery, though, so if you power cuts you won’t be able to use it.

6. August Smart Lock 4th Gen

August Smart Lock 4th gen

The August Smart Lock provides an additional form of access control that can help you if you ever lose your keys and find yourself locked out, or if you need to grant access for someone when you aren’t there. Google Home Assistant makes this all the smarter, letting you unlock your August lock by just saying “Ok Google, unlock my door,” or vice versa! Locking up at night never got easier, and you can even check the status by speaking with your assistant.

Pairing is easy, and once you get used to letting people in without getting up, you won’t want to go back. That’s why we think the August Smart Lock is one of the best Google Home accessories around.

7. iRobot Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Google Home accessories

In many ways, a robot vacuum represents the pinnacle of technology that can make your life simpler. Just relax while your little robot buddy keeps your floors free from dust and lint. We really like the Roomba devices from iRobot, which also happens to be among the best Google Home accessories.

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From the comfort of your sofa, you can instruct your Roomba to start vacuuming, stop vacuuming, return to the dock, clean a specific room, or help you find it. This specific Roomba robot can also be had with an automatic dirt disposal compartment, which means you don’t even have to empty it as often.

8. Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor - Google Home accessories

It should come as no surprise to learn that all Nest products also work as Google Home accessories. The Nest Cam Outdoor shows a high definition view of your property outside the front door with up to 8x zoom. With the built-in speaker and mic, you can converse with people who come to your door as well. And with “Nest Aware” you can look through old clips to see if you missed anything interesting.

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With voice commands, you can then tell one of your Google Home products to stream the view straight to your TV if you have it paired with a Chromecast. This is ideal when you combine it with the August Smart Lock, allowing you to see precisely who’s at your door and then let them in, all through your Google Home.