AT&T always offers special deals to keep its customers happy. These include discounts on smartphones and other tech products, BOGO offers, various bundles, and more.

We’ve rounded up the best AT&T deals that you can get directly from the carrier as well as retailers like Best Buy — check them out below.

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list regularly as new deals are announced.

50% off DirecTV

What you need to do: Buy the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or Note 8 

direct tv samsung galaxy s9 deal at&t 50% off

The latest in AT&T deals is one where you can purchase the latest flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S9, for 50 percent off its normal price. You have to sign up for the AT&T Next payment plan, and you start getting credits on your bill after three months, which means your payment on the S9 would $13.17 a month for 30 months or $16.46 a month for 24 months, with a maximum bill credit of $395.

You can also get the same $395 maximum bill credit if you get the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note 8 from AT&T, but since the phones’ prices are higher, you won’t get a 50 percent discount like you would on the Galaxy S9. Thes deals also require you sign up for DirecTV as well.

BOGO: Samsung Galaxy S9

AT&T is currently giving you a Samsung Galaxy S9 free whenever you buy one and add both on AT&T Next. This is a limited time offer, and requires the addition of a new line. 

50% off ZTE Axon M

What you need to do: Get DirecTV bundle

get ZTE Axon M for 50% deal at&t


The ZTE Axon M is a truly stand out smartphone because of its folding design that allows owners to turn it from a smaller smartphone to a larger device that’s almost the size of a tablet. AT&T is the exclusive US carrier for the phone, and at the moment, they are offering a 50 percent off deal. To get this AT&T deal, you will still have to pay the full $724.99 price, but you will get the money back in monthly bill credits spread out over 30 months. You also have to sign up for DirecTV to get this discount.

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