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AT&T Prepaid Plans

AT&T currently offers a selection of prepaid phones and plans under its AT&T Prepaid brand. You may be familiar with its previous GoPhone brand for prepaid phones, but AT&T ditched that name a while ago.

The brand currently sells several budget prepaid Android phones as well. If you already own a GSM-based network phone, you can also sign up for one of the carrier’s prepaid plans.

Let’s take a look at the very best AT&T Prepaid plans on offer. You can choose from plans with a limited amount of high-speed data, plans with unlimited data, or even a plan with no data at all.

Best AT&T Prepaid plans:

  1. Plans with limited high-speed data
  2. Plans with unlimited high-speed data
  3. Other prepaid plans
  4. Get a free SIM kit when you bring a phone

Editor’s Note: We will be updating this list when more AT&T Prepaid plans are changed or launched.

1. Plans with limited high-speed data

For $35 a month ($30 a month with the Autopay bill option) there’s a plan with unlimited talk and texting in the US, with 1GB of high-speed LTE data thrown in. You also get mobile hotspot support with LTE speeds, but it drops down to 128Kbps when you run out of your 1GB data cap. You can stream video at HD resolution with this plan.

This plan also offers Rollover Data. If you don’t use up that 1GB of high-speed LTE data, whatever is left over will transfer to the next 30-day billing period. If you run out of that high-speed data before the billing period ends, you can still use your smartphone’s features at the slower internet speed.

AT&T Prepaid also offers a plan for $50 a month ($40 a month with the Autopay bill option). It offers unlimited talk, text, and data, and 8GB of LTE data. Once again, if you run out of that high-speed data before the billing period ends, you can still use your smartphone’s features. However, the download speed will slow down to just 128kbps including its mobile hotspot amount.

This plan also adds unlimited talk from the US to Mexico and Canada, along with roaming in Mexico and Canada for talk, text, and data. At least half of the plan’s usage must be inside the US, so you can’t purchase this data plan and then use it primarily in Canada or Mexico.

There’s an AT&T prepaid plan promotion right now that allows you to get the same 8GB data plan for just $25 a month. The catch is that you will have to pay $300 upfront for the whole 12 months of service.

2. Plans with unlimited high-speed data

ATT Prepaid Unlimited Plans March 2020

The next version of the AT&T prepaid plans costs $65 a month ($45 a month with the Autopay bill option). It offers everything in the previous plan and “unlimited” high-speed data. However, AT&T says some customers may get hit with reduced speeds temporarily “during times of network congestion.” Video streaming under this plan is cut down to 480p and cannot be boosted up to 1080p. There’s also no mobile hotspot data with this plan.

Finally, the most expensive of AT&T’s plans offers “unlimited” high-speed data plan for the price of $75 a month ($55 a month with Autopay). This one allows video streaming up to 1080p when Stream Saver is disabled. Users should not experience speed slowdowns unless they use over 22GB of data before their billing cycle ends. 

This plan not only includes mobile hotspot support, it also gives the subscriber 10GB of high-speed LTE data a month for that feature. After that’s used up, the data speed goes down to just 128kbps until the new billing cycle begins. You can get discounts if you sign up two or more of these lines on one account. 

3. Other prepaid plans

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If you want to use it, AT&T offers a $2 a day prepaid plan, where you are only charged on the days the phone is used. It offers unlimited talk and text, plus you can add 100MB of high-speed data for an additional $1. There’s also a plan that charges you 25 cents a minute for talking. It charges 20 cents for each text message and you can buy data for 1 cent per KB. Both of these AT&T Prepaid plans are mainly for people who only use their smartphone occasionally, or for emergencies.

For $30 a month ($25 a month with the Autopay bill option) you can sign up for a plan with unlimited talking and texting in the US, but no high-speed data. This is perfect for people who just want an old fashioned phone to chat with people, or maybe text a bit. Those users can still add data to their plan for $5 per 250MB if needed.

 4. Get a free SIM kit when you bring a phone

One of the common fees when you switch carriers is the cost to get a new SIM card. However, you can switch to AT&T prepaid right now and get a free SIM card when you sign up for certain plans. You’ll see the green bar at the top of each qualifying deal while you’re browsing the plans. The offer is good for every plan above the 1GB high-speed data plan. As you can see at the top of the page, a SIM kit retails at just $4.99, but it’s always nice to save at least a little bit of money.

If you want to save some money, these AT&T Prepaid plans should be on your radar. Remember, you are also not limited to AT&T’s choices for phones. You can buy an unlocked GSM phone and use it on this service with the purchase of a SIM card. The unlimited plan from AT&T Prepaid is also an excellent deal for families. The discounts that are offered for more than one line make it a good choice.