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The Internet has changed the way we thought about fashion. You can buy cloths, handbags, accessories, and shoes virtually anywhere and everywhere. Because of this, shopping for stuff is more fun than its ever been before. People can buy whatever they want, wherever they want because everything is online now. If you’re shopping for some unique, expensive, or stylish items, here are the best fashion apps for Android.

bloomingdale's best fashion apps for AndroidBloomingdate’s Big Brown Bag

[Price: Free]
Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag is the official mobile app of Bloomingdale’s. It features the entire catalog of items available in-store and even some items that aren’t. On top of all of the stuff you can buy, the app also features a scanning feature where you can scan an item in the store and then buy it online in a different size or color. You can also keep track of the latest sales, find an Bloomingdale’s store, and manage things such as your wedding registry or your loyalty rewards account. It’s a solid experience overall and one of the must-have fashion apps.

bloomingdale's best fashion apps for Android

Etsy best fashioni apps for androidEtsy

[Price: Free]
Etsy is an online shop where independent artists and creators can go to sell their wares. They have a metric ton of stuff that you can buy from little baubles and pieces of art to various types of clothing items and accessories. A growing fashion over the last few years has been one-of-a-kind and eccentric items and you can find those in spades on Etsy. The app is easy to use and you’ll be able to save your favorites, purchase things right there in the app, and even talk directly to shop owners about their wares or special requests. It’s a fun community and you can find some cool stuff there.

gilt best fashion apps for AndroidGilt

[Price: Free]
Gilt is one of the more popular fashion apps out there. It’s a “shop the sales” style of application and registered users will be showered with daily sales that boast up to 70% off retail for some big name brands. That includes mobile-exclusive sales which you can’t find on the website. The selection is pretty good and you’ll be able to find cloths, shoes, jewelry, and even some odds and ends like pillows. It’s a well-designed app overall and even if you don’t buy much, it’s still fun to window shop, right?

gilt best fashion apps for Android

The Hunt android fashion appsThe Hunt

[Price: Free]
The Hunt is a community-based app that helps you find the fashions that you’re looking for. It’s a great place to post pictures of something you saw on TV or online somewhere and try to find out where they came from. Unlike most fashion apps, the focus isn’t to surf and buy, but rather to communicate and see what’s out there. Some users have had issues with getting responses from the community, but it’s still worth a shot. Especially if you can help identify many of these fashions!

the hunt best fashion apps for Android

mr porter best fashion apps for AndroidMr Porter

[Price: Free]
Mr Porter is an app that focuses primarily on men’s fashion. This is a pleasant change since most fashion apps tend to skew toward women shoppers. You’ll be able to shop for a variety of items, including clothing and accessories. The service boasts shipping to over 170 countries which is a nice plus. Aside from that, it’s a fairly simple app that just works in most cases. You can also save items to a wishlist for future purchases if you need to. The stuff here can be quite expensive, though.

mr porter best fashion apps for Android

polyvore best fashion apps for androidPolyvore

[Price: Free]
Polyvore is an app that is actually a lot of fun to use. Unlike many fashion apps, this one puts a lot of stock into the idea of putting together and buying outfits all at once. You can create your own and the app has a ton that you can choose from as well. On top of clothing, you’ll be able to look at accessories and even some other stuff like lamps, jewelry, and makeup. The wishlist feature will let you save outfits that you like and send you alerts if any of the items are on sale. It’s definitely worth a shot.

poshmark best Android fashion appsPoshmark

[Price: Free]
Poshmark has been around for a while and it’s one of the most popular fashion apps available right now. It features a larger than average inventory because most of its products are things that ordinary people are selling. That means you can buy something out of another person’s closet and, likewise, you can sell things out of yours. You may not find the most recent fashions, but yesterday’s gently used fashion at a discount isn’t bad at all. Think of it like a Craiglist for fans of fashion. It’s worth a chance, even if you’re just there to look around.

poshmark best fashion apps for Android

wish best fashion apps for AndroidWish

[Price: Free]
Wish is an app that calls itself the best shopping mall app out there. In terms of fashion apps, it’s actually not half bad. Much like Gilt, it’s a “shop the sales” style of app where you log in and try to get stuff that you want at a discount. It’s simple to use, has international shipping, and boasts up to 50-80% discounts on some items. You likely won’t find the very latest fashions or super expensive items, but it’s not bad if you’re on a budget and your expectations aren’t super high.

wish best fashion apps for Android

zappos best fashion apps for AndroidZappos

[Price: Free]
Zappos is an online store that sells all kinds of things. However, they mainly focus on shoes and their inventory is larger than most other fashion apps. It boasts a clean, colorful, easy-to-use design, tons of items from a variety of retailers, and you can even get one-business-day shipping on some orders. Aside from that, it’s a fairly run-of-the-mill shopping app. It has a wishlist function, and of course you can check out and buy stuff straight from the app. There are far worse options out there, trust us.

kohl's best fashion apps for AndroidYour other favorite department stores

[Price: Free]
Most department stores have their own apps these days. Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Macy’s, JCPenny, Old Navy, and tons of other retailers and stores have apps that you can find. These fashion apps may not have the biggest names or the latest fashions all the time, but each one is probably the best way of surfing that individual store’s inventory. For some, especially aggressive stores like Kohl’s, you’ll also get exclusive deals on items for being a rewards member or just having the app installed and logged in. A well rounded collection of fashion apps definitely has a few of these just so you can see what’s out there. Don’t forget that you can find the occasional gem on bidding sites like eBay as well!

kohl's best fashion apps for Android

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