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How to add widgets to your iPhone lockscreen

The selection of available widgets is gradually increasing.
April 27, 2023

iOS 16 introduced a variety of new features, one of which expanded the power of iOS widgets. Originally confined to the iOS homescreen, widgets can now also be placed on the lockscreen. This is great if you want to keep tabs on the things like the weather or battery levels without unlocking, especially on iPhones with always-on displays.


To add widgets to your iPhone's lockscreen, hold your finger down on it, then select the specific lockscreen you want to Customize. Tap the tray below the clock, which will open a pop-up allowing you pick widgets. Once you've ordered them the way you like, close the pop-up, then hit Done.

How to add widgets to your iPhone lockscreen

Widgets are added through the same interface used to customize the rest of your lockscreen. While you can always go to Settings > Wallpaper, there’s no need — just tap and hold on your existing lockscreen then hit Customize. The one catch is that if you have Face ID or an Apple Watch, your iPhone might automatically unlock before you have a chance to react. You’ll have to re-lock and try again, or resort to the Settings app.

ios16 select lock screen

Next, choose Lock Screen.

ios16 select screen

As you can see below, widgets can only be added to a small area below the clock. Tap that space, and a pop-up will appear allowing you to add new widgets or manage existing ones.

ios16 lock screen widget areas

Recommended widgets are near the top of the Add Widgets panel, paired with corner icons to identify their associated apps. Tapping on one of these will add it, as long as there’s enough room — if there isn’t, you’ll have to remove one or more items already in the widget tray by tapping on them. You can drag tray widgets around for better positioning.

ios16 lock screen widget selection

If you scroll further down the Add Widgets panel, you’ll see a list of all the widgets on offer, including different versions and sizes of Apple’s recommendations. The exact contents of this list will depend on which first- and third-party apps you have installed, and whether or not they support widgets to begin with.

ios16 lock screen more widgets

Tapping on a list item presents different widget styles (if available) and explains the information provided. Tap or drag a widget here to add it.

ios16 lock screen select widget

When you’re finished, close the Add Widget panel, then tap Done to save your changes.


Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Auto-Lock. Select Never. For security and power consumption reasons, though, this isn’t recommended.

Go to Settings > Face ID and Passcode and tap Change Passcode. You can adjust a variety of related options from here, such as Face ID settings or whether to unlock with an Apple Watch.

Go to Settings > Notifications. Select the app you want notifications for, and check Lock Screen to enable it.