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How to add Safari to your iPhone and iPad homescreen

It just involves a little bit of searching, tapping, and holding.

Published onAugust 28, 2023

With the growing number of mobile browsers available, there’s a strong chance you’re not using the default that came preloaded on your device. iPhone and iPad users, for example, may be more enamored with Brave or Chrome than Safari. But if you decide to disable Apple’s Safari, how do you put it on the homescreen again if you change your mind?


To re-enable Safari and put it back on your iOS homescreen:

  • If necessary, go to Screen Time and toggle Safari back on under Content and Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps.
  • Once Safari is back, search for it, and tap and hold on its icon. In the following pop-up menu, select Add to Home Screen.


Re-enable Safari

ios allowed apps

We’ve already written an extensive article on disabling Safari on your iPhone or iPad using Screen Time. To re-enable Safari, simply follow the same instructions, but in reverse.

Add Safari by using search

Once Safari has been re-activated, you’ll need to find it to put it on your homescreen, and the most direct method is using system-level search. Do a quick swipe down anywhere on your iPhone or iPad’s homescreen, then type Safari into the Search field. It should quickly appear.

safari ios search

Tap and hold on the Safari icon until a pop-up menu appears. Select Add to Home Screen.

ios safari search hold

Add Safari by using the App Library

Another method is to swipe past the right-most homescreen page until you reach the App Library. Then search for Safari, either by browsing folders, or using the App Library’s own search field. Safari is usually in the Utilities folder.

ios app library

Once you find Safari’s icon, you can bring it back to the homescreen by tapping and holding on it, then choosing Add to Home Screen.

ios app library move icon

It doesn’t actually go on the homescreen, though…

When you re-add Safari, it’ll most likely appear in the Dock rather than with the bulk of your apps. This isn’t much of an issue on iPads, but on iPhones, the Dock only has space for four icons — so something you were using will probably be pushed out. On both iPhones and iPads, you can drag Safari out of the Dock and put another app in its place.

Did you know that you can also put your favorite websites on your homescreen, not just Safari? Check out our guide on how to add a website to your phone’s homescreen to learn more.

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