Juicy news has trickled from the grapevine that will definitely excite the enthusiasm of the tablet-inclined. The word’s out Acer are mass-producing a new line of Android tablets for a July release. That’s barely two months away and the choice of using Intel processors is what makes this item so alluring. Important note: Pictured above isn’t the much-talked about Acer tablet, but a representation in lieu of photographic evidence.

Contrary to what Paul Otellini may say about Android being “chaotic”, this Intel/Android mash up is being construed as an effort by the chipmaker to establish a beachhead in the tablet wars with the help of its downstream partners. (Such partners include heavyweights Lenovo and ASUS).

The soon-to-be-released Acer Honeycomb tablet, rumored to be a 10-inch affair, will use Intel’s Oak Trail platform. Aside from these cursory details, little else is known. Not a huge problem since the official release date is sooner rather than later.

There is some concern among bloggers and informed journalists on the issue of Intel’s relative inexperience when it comes to powering tablets. Long an established presence among the laptop and notebook crowd, serious doubt remains whether Intel chips have the necessary oomph for tablets without adding to its price.

Some people think Intel might flub in providing enough battery power to tablets, which need a good charging before a day’s use as opposed to the on-the-go juicing up for notebooks. There’s an emerging consensus that believes to stay competitive, an affordably priced Acer tablet is what hits stores shortly.

Source: ZDNet