Top Reasons Why Android Honeycomb Tablets Could Dethrone the Ipad

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 4, 2011

Yeah sure, the Ipad is the best-selling tablet in the world. Sure, it’s pretty good. We clap our hands in honor of Apple, for showing the world that tablets are indeed a viable computing platform.

Now, it’s time for some serious tablet temptation talk. We have gone on to list the top reasons why the Motorola Xoom, and other similarly spec’ed Android Honeycomb Tablets could dethrone Apple’s most compelling Tablet offerings in 2011.

Here are the top reasons why Android-powered tablets will dethrone the Apple iPad:

1. Multitasking:

Apple’s iOS doesn’t truly multitask. The Ipad is incapable of truly running more than one application at a time, for reasons we understand and sympathize with. Apple chose to omit this feature in the hopes that it would enable better battery life and offer good performance. The upcoming tablet from Motorola Xoom features an Nvidia Tegra 2 1Ghz dual-core processor which has the ability to handle multitasking with ease. It can do this while sipping on battery life, rather than guzzling it. Honeycomb was designed from a power users perspective, and enables the user to easily swipe and preview running applications with ease. In order to bring up an application on the iPad one has to double click on iPad’s home button. The iPad 2, expected to be released this year, is alleged to have multitasking capabilities, but we will have to wait and see.

2. Flash:

Flash is one of the most popular ways to watch and experience rich dynamic content on the web.Many of the worlds most popular sites employ Flash somehow. Technological purists will make up a wide variety of arguments as to why Apple has employed HTML 5, “the most open API in the world,” but in reality, most users, and especially developers and designers, need access to this format. The battle between Apple and Adobe is far from over. Apple is unlikely to find a fitting solution to supplant flash anytime soon. Apple has some of the most sophisticated marketing minds in the industry, and even they have failed in their attempt to convince their content providers to develop support for iOS devices with an alternate to Adobe Flash. The world wants, needs, and uses Flash.

3. Notifications:

The new notification bar was designed completely from the ground up. Employed in Honeycomb, it is an extremely useful and low impact widget compared to the one found in the Ipad. The notification feature in the Ipad is quite annoying, to say the least. It completely disturbs the user, and has been known to cause applications to crash. In Honeycomb, notifications know their place, and stay out of your way. When the messages appear in Android, it just appears to let itself be known, and subsequently disappears without causing any interruption.

4. Camera:

Ipad has no camera. It teases the user with a camera app, but simply doesn’t have one. Most, if not all Android Tablets, feature two cameras. The reasons here are numerous, but can be reduced down to a few things that everyone wants to do from time to time, like taking pictures, videos, and being able to have a video chat.

5. Home Screen:

The new Honeycomb OS has five customizable home screens that can be filled up with useful widgets, shortcuts, galleries, and anything the user chooses. The beauty of it really boils down to the fact that Android is an open O/S, and with that can expect constant improvements, new customizations, and great new widgets all the time.

6. Sync:

The Android Market enables users to buy or download apps using their computer and send them to the device without syncing. Honeycomb also features support for media and photo transfer which lets users instantly sync media files with a USB-connected camera or desktop computer without needing to mount a USB mass storage device. ITunes is already missing you.

7. Speed:

These new Android Tablets are going to be smoking fast. Check out our Benchmarks on the Motorola Xoom. It’s a speedy one. The Xoom and several other Android tablets feature dual-core processors, which are going to offer substantial performance gains. The Motorola Xoom features 1 GB RAM and the already released Notion Ink Adam features 1 GB RAM as well.


The Ipad has done wonders for the Tablet market. We really do respect what Apple has been able to do, and the sales figures demonstrate that people do too. Apple loyalists are clamoring for a new iPad, and its release should be relatively imminent. Apple has shown its true colors, its true creed, as a company that enjoys exerting total dominance over its hardware and the software that runs on it. On the other hand, Google has demonstrated that it is much more open. Either way, we actually hope the drawbacks of the Ipad will soon be addressed to further bolster competition between the major tablet players. We, indirectly, will all be the beneficiaries of this.

Check out the video for an idea of what to expect:

  • eyez00

    You’re comparing products that haven’t shipped to the customer yet to one that’s created & owns 95% of a new market.

    I’m certain Honeycomb “iPads” will concentrate Apple engineers minds for new functionality for the iPad 2, that’s why competition is good.

    But why waste screen real estate on a vaporware comparison test?

    • vertigo360

      Don’t be too quick to judge, eyez00.

      Recall that the Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2005.
      PS3 release date: November 11, 2006.

      Yet both were officially unveiled at the E3 2005 conference.

      Don’t look at it as a wasted screen — think of it as a preview of things to come. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a glimpse of how much better things can/will get.

    • iRaVeR

      Why not call apple hardware “Ignorantware”

  • Graumagier

    Wow, are you seriously ignoring that the iPad indeed does multi-task, for all intends and purposes? Consumers couldn’t care less about whether Apps actually run in the background (Android) or get suspended and resumed (iOS). And if you’re a geek and do care, you can always jailbreak and have real multi-tasking.

    PS: You really should learn how to spell product names…

  • Mike Bee

    “Apple has shown its true colors, its true creed, as a company that enjoys exerting total dominance over its hardware and the software that runs on it.”
    It also has shown it’s true colors by having shipped a device for nine months while Google sat back and waited to see if it would be popular and then try and release something.

    “On the other hand, Google has demonstrated that it is much more open.
    Yes open to allow each manufacturer to decide whether or not it can be upgraded to the latest OS for example. How useful.

    “Either way, we actually hope the drawbacks of the Ipad will soon be addressed to further bolster competition between the major tablet players. We, indirectly, will all be the beneficiaries of this.”
    It’s a shame that 14.8 Million people last year actually went with the product they could actually lay their money down and buy. Why couldn’t they have waited for the Android solution? Because it didn’t exist! Even now you can’t walk into a store and purchase a honeycomb tablet.

  • CharlieB

    Darcy, Darcy, Darcy. Shouldn’t it be time to start looking for a real job instead of wasting your talents on drivel like this? (I’m sure that with some grammar and spelling lessons you’ll one day become a fair writer). I’m all for opposing views and would dearly love to see a well balanced comparison between the iPad and Honeycomb tablets. This article however doesn’t even come close to an unbiased view of the tablet market. Fair enough, it was posted on an android centric website so I would expect some bias towards Android. Bias is ok, we can see through that. Making things up however? Not ok my friend.

    • vertigo360

      Very mature, CharlieB.

      You know, instead of relying on ad hominem attacks (which only make you sound like an eight-year old boy who just lost the head to his Ken doll), why not go the intellectual distance and point out exactly where the author has (allegedly) gone wrong?

      As for your comments on bias, a tad bit contradictory, don’t you think?

      “…doesn’t even come close to an unbiased view”
      “…I would expect some bias”
      “…bias is ok”

      Too bad there isn’t a “logic check” or “think check” eh — perhaps it’s time for Apple to make an “iThink.”

      • iRaVeR

        Haha Pwned… ;)

    • iRaVeR

      Its funny to me how the average apple fanboi thinks it’s one of the 7 deadly sins to dislike apple. Next thing you know you’ll have people coming to your door with shaved heads talking about the “prophet” steve jobs. And how you will burn in hell for talking badly of the apple name brand. Is it not allowed to not like Apple? Ive used their phone and computers and it just feels flashy. Not practical. Look at how long it takes them to support something people use everyday like FLASH. Apple should stick to making ipods. Its the only thing i will buy from apple. Nothing worse than being talked down to by someone who wants to show you how cool the ibeer app in their iphone is and attacks you because you say its retarded as you drink a real beer(Although the real beer helps you to tolerate their ignorant attitude*suggestion*) .

  • Vince V

    Great!! This is probably the best article to describe what an Ipad can’t do. All this time, buyers are only lured by Ipad’s sleek design, and willing to pay a premium without actually knowing what are its limitations. Technology and design aside, perhaps Apple also needs to review its marketing plan.. it’s always great to create buzz about the product, but at some point it’s counter-productive that the company can’t supply enough products to those who are looking to buy. At that point, an informed buyer will start to make a comparison.