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Galaxy Gear vs. Pebble vs. Sony Smartwatch

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 4, 2013
We’ll compare the three -- Galaxy Gear, Pebble, and Sony Smartwatch -- in a few key areas. At first glance, they all seem pretty much the same, but once you dive into the nuance, they become three very distinct choices.
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Sony to extend SmartWatch line with a variety of models and price ranges?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 27, 2013
Sources in the Taiwanese electronics industry claim that Sony is gearing up to launch more variants of the SmartWatch, to accommodate more budgets and market segments.
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Rumor: Sony’s upcoming SmartWatch will be “minimally water-resistant”

by: Adam KoueiderJune 24, 2013
Sony’s been teasing the release of its next-generation Sony SmartWatch for days, and now we’ve got some more information. Read on for more!
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Sony teases a new SmartWatch, could be announced next week

by: Adam KoueiderJune 21, 2013
Sony has been making some moves in recent months, and now it seems as if Sony is ready to unveil a successor to the Sony SmartWatch. Read on for more!
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Sony SmartWatch goes open-source, looking for more innovation

by: Alex SerbanJune 17, 2013
Sony's SmartWatch is now open source, so anyone can develop a custom firmware for the device with the help of the Open SmartWatch project. Read on for more details!
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Sony opens up its SmartWatch platform, now allowing third-party firmware

by: Andrew GrushJune 13, 2013
In a move to drive new interest in the Sony Smartwatch, Sony has now announced the Open SmartWatch Project, aimed at developers. To learn more, read on!
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Sony SmartWatch gets new firmware update, brings new watch faces and notifications previews

by: Andrew GrushMarch 19, 2013
The Sony SmartWatch now has a new firmware update available that adds notification previews, new watch faces and improved search to the mix.
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Motorola’s MOTOACTV smartwatch gets a $100 price cut

by: LucianJuly 17, 2012

Over the past months, we’ve seen a slow but steady stream of smartwatches appearing on the market. Some of the more recent ones that we reported on are the Sony Smartwatch, which runs the full Android OS, and the yet to be released Pebble smartwatch, which is designed to function as a companion to your smartphone, via Bluetooth.

Both the Sony Smartwatch and the Pebble go for $150 or less. Now the Motorola MOTOACTV smartwatch, which was released last year along the Droid RAZR, is getting a $100 price cut from the original $250. The new $149 price tag should make the GPS tracker/MP3 player more competitive with the Sony Smartwatch and Pebble.

The MOTOACTV is [...]

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Pebble team launches Android SDK at Google I/O

by: LucianJuly 2, 2012

Is it time for smartwatches yet? And are smartwatches something that the mass-market will be interested in?

This is a question that Pebble, Sony, Motorola and others are trying to answer. So far, the Pebble smartwatch has got a lot of attention, being the biggest project on Kickstarter ever. The figures speak for themselves – $10 million raised within a month (way beyond the initial $100,000 target) and 85,000 pre-orders.

The difference between Pebble and Sony’s Smartwatch is Sony is trying to cram the full Android experience into a 1.5-inch screen. But you can’t really enjoy playing Angry Birds on such a small screen, even though Sony has [...]

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Sony SmartWatch is now available from Verizon for $149.97

by: Arnold ZafraJune 11, 2012

If we didn’t convince you to snag the Sony SmartWatch the first time we reported about it, maybe this time you might consider finally scoring one for yourself or your loved one.

But where to get it from? Of course, from your ever dependable Verizon Wireless online store, which is now selling for $149.97.

So, are you ready to part ways with that amount of money? To help you make a decision, let us quickly review the features of the Sony SmartWatch. Or better, let us take a look at how Verizon Wireless is selling this snazzy wearable computer.

According to Verizon, the Sony SmartWatch connects to your Android smartphone via [...]

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