GALAXY Note 10.1

Samsung’s gamble with the Galaxy Note has paid off reasonably well, with the phone and tablet hybrid selling more than 5 million units since it was released. Building on the phablet’s momentum, the Galaxy Note 10.1 was introduced in Barcelona last February, bringing the same S-stylus pen support to a much bigger screen. Though the release date of the Galaxy Note 10.1 has never been confirmed, word has it that pen-equipped tablet has been pushed back to June.

There’s a perfectly good reason for which the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was delayed. Apparently, Samsung isn’t too pleased with the 1.2GHz dual core Exynos processor initially pegged to power the tablet, so the Note 10.1 will be upgraded to a quad-core processor instead. According to mk News, the local newspaper from where the information originates, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would sport a 1.5GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 processor.

Now, Sherlock Holmes would probably agree that this last-minute strategic move was taken in response to the availability of a certain tablet from Apple that just came out. Within hours of the new iPad being announced, Samsung released a comparison chart detailing how the Galaxy Note 10.1 is more worthy of your hard-earned money (except in the processor department, we might say, but that’s about to change).

Reasons aside, there’s plenty to cheer about Samsung’s decision to equip the Galaxy Note 10.1 with a quad-core processor. After all, quad-core is fast becoming the new black in 2012. It’s also a great way to ensure that the Galaxy Note 10.1 stays ahead of the competition — or at least keeps up with it — for the rest of the year.

Does this mean that the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be the Korean’s flagship slate this year? That is a possibility. With the mid-range Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 coming out soon, we wonder if there’s more room to accommodate another 10-inch tablet from Samsung. Of course, a Retina-crushing 11.6 Tab  tablet was also rumored…

Bams Sadewo
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  • Amine Elouakil

    It does make sens, why should they run two SoC production line for two different product ( Exynos 5210 and the 4212 if the later is choosen for the S3) but this news contradict the annoucement of of dual cortex A15 @ 2ghz on the preparation for the next tablet (the 5210)

  • Ray

    Wonder what the cost will be…

    • Prasana

      Do you think it’ll be more than Rs. 40000 ? as in more than $800 ?

  • Medicci3737

    Samsung needs to put out a better product. Instead of the same old crap. If they really expect to compete with the ipad, they need something with more than 1280× 800 res. (the 5.3 inch note introduced last November has the same res.) & a A15 quadcore chip. As well as more than 1 gig of ram.

    • kp4x

      i rather have 20 hour battery life than a high res screen on a 10 inch tablet, is aready difficult to take notes and draw on my lenovo thinkpad tablet w only 10 hr battery life in a full day work/school, i have sold 200 ipad 3s showing the ipad 2 , 720p to 1080p on tiny screen is not that different but thats just me i want screen to stay that way but 20 hour battery life like asus prime

  • AndroidRocks

    without a doubt I will buy this. I am already happy and satisfied owner of Samsung galaxy note 5.3. It is amazing and excellent in every aspect. Now the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 with quad core and ice cream sandwich makes it even better and my hunt for best tablet to buy has come to an end. I will happy go and take this baby. With 7000 mah battery and with Ice cream sandwich on it I am sure this will blow everything away easily.

  • Mike Criley

    This tablet needs to run cool so I hope Samsung doesn’t make the mistake Apple did with going for a large battery and high res screen. Being a designer tablet this tablet has to feel comfortable and be pleasing to work with. More RAM is way more important than higher screen resolution. One needs more RAM so as to support larger canvas sizes and more layers. Having a higher screen resolution is just going to place a greater burden on the system and any potential gain from having a quad core processor will go to supporting the screen instead of making the performance zippy.

    • hot_spare

      True. Very good point. Sometimes top-notch benchmarks numbers are irrelevant compared to how comfortable the device is in hand. Check this :

      I think Samsung is aware of this. “Samsung optimized its 45 nm processor for performance first and later found it could not get its full performance without exceeding power consumption limits. The 32 nm chip was optimized first for power consumption, said Yang.”

  • Whatever

    Cool, my balls are itching

  • Karan85_delhi

    when the note was launched i thought that it is a waste of money but now i love this device.

  • AdRiaN

    this is what i been waiting for!!

  • Vivek

    when can we expect the new samsung galaxy note to come to market (with the ice cream sandwich and the new hardware), i need to make a decision on whether to purchase the existing Galaxy note or wait for a new launch. Any views anyone?

  • Vivek

    would it be possible for me to purchase a 7000mA battery and replace the 2500mA on the galaxy note? would that be possible?

    i am yet to make a final decision on whether i should wait for the new galaxy note or to pick up the existing one, i am also not clear on whether samsung will simply upgrade the software or they might change the entire hardware as well>>>

    any views?

  • Paul Know

    I think if the note has call function, 8MP camera and 4g lte is the best chice to my work.

    • Bjørn

      From what I’ve seen, there’s no call function at least, the camera is 3 mpx and likely only 3g, but that I’m not really sure of.

  • Erza

    I will give Samsung all my money allowance for tech this year if the 10.1 has phone capabilities, 8+ hour battery life and is fast on wifi. I hope they keep it under $600 though.

  • Gatorproof

    I use a Galaxy Note phone and it has no equal. I want a Note 10,but worried about a mere Super PLS
    1280X800 display. Just not enough. Then I hear they are building a new Note phone phone with 1520x? Display. Why, oh just because LG is building 1080 phone. But why no 1520×1200 Note 10? Think about 10 inch tablet with a 5 inch phone res. Agreed Note cell is Super Amoled HD and Note tab is Super PLS,but WTF, OVER.

  • White Allister

    I have the galaxy note 5.3 ” and i am planing on geting
    The 10.1 but the fact that the 10.1 has the same number of picsels is infuriating thay need to do something about that