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If you could change one thing about Google Allo, what would it be? [Poll of the Week]

by Jimmy Westenberg 2 days ago151 comments

Nostalgia trip: 5 iconic Nokia phones HMD could bring back

by John Callaham 1 day ago30 comments

Dual cameras are a boon for manufacturers, but are they worth the hype?

by Robert Triggs 1 day ago55 comments

The complete list of services with Google Home support

by Jimmy Westenberg 1 day ago18 comments

Samsung could be investing $1 billion into artificial intelligence

While many worry about artificial intelligence, Samsung believes it could be an important part of the future. Or at least that is what the latest rumors suggest.
by Edgar Cervantes6 hours ago3

The Galaxy Note 7 could be coming back, refurbished and with a new battery (Update: or not?)

Samsung released it, recalled it, resold it, cancelled it, and now...
by Scott Adam Gordon7 hours ago59

Qualcomm and Intel reveal LTE modems with 1Gbps download speeds

Rivals Qualcomm and Intel have both announced their own new LTE modems for smartphones, ahead of MWC 2017.
by John Callaham8 hours ago5

Ransomware attacks targeting Android users have increased by over 50%

According to cybersecurity researchers at ESET, Android ransomware attacks have risen by over 50 percent in just a year, and many unfortunately fell for it.
by Brian Reigh8 hours ago16

Your Samsung Galaxy phone may soon unlock your Windows 10 PC

Samsung is planning to update its Samsung Flow Android app so it can allow all Windows 10 PCs to be unlocked remotely from a Galaxy phone.
by John Callaham9 hours ago5

Jide’s Remix Singularity OS will turn your Android phone into a PC

Jide, the company behind the Android-based Remix OS for PCs, has announced Remix Singularity, designed to turn an Android phone into a work PC.
by John Callaham9 hours ago5

XCOM: Enemy Within price dropped to $2.99, other popular titles on sale too

XCOM: Enemy Unknown's cost has been dropped to $2.99, down from its usual pricing of $9.99. A handful of other great games are on sale, too.
by Edgar Cervantes10 hours ago

Flexible OLED: Samsung already defending an unassailable lead

Samsung enjoys 97% market share in flexible OLED displays. But in light of recent developments, the company is "making massive investments" to stay on top.
by Kris Carlon10 hours ago4

The Meitu T8 packs a 12MP front camera with AI software just for selfies

The Meitu T8 has been released in China. The phone includes a 12MP dual pixel front-facing camera and AI software to improve selfie images.
by John Callaham11 hours ago7

Qualcomm to announce LTE chipset for Google’s IoT, Android Things

Qualcomm just announced its plans to add support for Google’s IoT OS called Android Things on its Snapdragon 210 processors.
by Brian Reigh12 hours ago
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