Google changes Nexus One pricing structure – upgrade price now $279, $100 credit issued to early upgraders

January 15, 2010
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    Thy complaints have been heard and the great Google has responded. Effective Thursday, Google has revised the pricing structure for the Nexus One, lowering the upgrade price from $379 down to $279 and issuing a $100 credit to current T-Mobile customers who purchased the Nexus One at the higher price. The change only effects the upgrade price which is offered to current T-Mobile customers. The full retail price of the Nexus One remains $529 and the Nexus One with a new two year T-Mobile contract stays at $179. Now that Google has rectified one issue plaguing the Nexus One, perhaps it can address the much more controversial double ETF or 3G connectivity problems.

    [via Engadget and TmoNews]

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