Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 21, 2014

As is the case with every iteration, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and while it may not have featured the major overhaul that some hoped for, what you get is a device with a beautiful display, the best processing package currently available, a fantastic camera, and of course, a still feature-packed but more streamlined and far smoother and lag free TouchWiz UI.

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Even with the device featuring protection from dust and water, it is susceptible to an accidental drop or bump, and it’s always a good idea to get a case for it, be it for protection first and foremost, convenience, or just style. Here’s a roundup of some of the best cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Let’s get started!


best galaxy s5 cases luvvitt slim

If you’re looking to show off the look of your Galaxy S5, but still want to protect your device, the LUVVITT ClearView Slim Hybrid case may be the perfect choice for you. Featuring a combination of a clear hard polycarbonate back along with a soft TPU border, you get a slim case that helps protect your device from all four sides. The soft TPU not only allows for better grip, but also features a raised lip around the front of the device to help keep the display scratch free when the phone is placed face down. Precise cutouts are available for easy access to all ports and features including the heart rate monitor, and while the volume rocker and power button are covered, they are still very easy to press. The case comes with a scratch-resistant coating that helps it endure and keep away scratches and scuff marks. While the back of the case is clear, various colour options are available when it comes to the TPU border, including clear, black (pictured), and pink.  Buy now on Amazon for $10.95.

Rearth Ringke Slim
best galaxy s5 cases ringke slim

The Ringke Slim case is a hard case that comes with a super-slim design, and fits the device perfectly, while protecting the device from all sides, and features a dual coating technology that ensures twice the durability. The case comes with a raised bezel for the camera and around the display to keep both scratch free. The case is very thin and adds practically no bulk to the device, and its snap-on design makes installation and removal very easy. Precise cutouts are available for easy access to all ports, features, and buttons and comes with a small cutout to attach a strap holder as well. The Ringke Slim cases are available in numerous colour and style options, including a dotted back design that mimics the design of the back cover of the Galaxy S5 in black, white, mint, gold, and blue, and a plain design in white (pictured) and blue, along with a soft touch feel case that is available in black. The package also comes with a HD Clear Full Screen Protector that features full top and bottom coverage. Buy now on Amazon for $8.99.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit
best galaxy s5 cases cruzerlite bugdroid

The Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit cases are made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant TPU, and adds practically no bulk to the device. A raised bezel around the front of the phone protects the screen while face down. Precise cutouts allow easy access to all ports, features, speakers, the volume rocker, and power button. The Bugdroid Circuit is available in numerous color options, including black (pictured), blue, orange, pink clear, and purple to name a few, and of course, features the bugdroid circuit design on the back. Buy now on Amazon for $9.90.

Honourable Mentions:

LUVVITT Ultra Armor
best galaxy s5 cases luvvitt ultra armor

The LUVVITT Ultra Armor case features a hybrid design that combines a protective hard shell with a shock absorbing TPU core, but even with its dual layer protection, the case remains relatively light and slim. A raised lip around the front helps keep the display scratch free when the phone is placed face down. Precise cutouts are available for easy access to all ports, the speaker, and features such as the heart rate monitor, while the volume rocker and power button are covered and protected. The LUVVITT Ultra Armor case is available in different colour choices, including white (pictured), black, blue, gold, pink, and red. Buy now on Amazon for $10.95.

Verus Thor
best galaxy s5 cases verus

The Verus Thor case features dual layer protection also, with a polycarbonate hard shell outer layer and a soft TPU core. The outer hard shell comes with a matte finish coating for added grip and to keep scratches away, but with glossy accents around the camera and heart rate monitor for added style and features a perforated design to preserve the look of the Galaxy S5. The inner TPU layer is designed in a spider web pattern for better shock absorption, with the lower surface coming with a glossy finish. A raised lip around the display on the front and the camera and HRM at the back ensures the phone will be scratch free when placed on a surface, and the reinforced corners offer even better protection in case of an accidental drop. The heart rate monitor is also very easy to use while in this case, as it features an inclined surface that allows you to easily place your finger correctly. Numerous colour options include crimson red (pictured), white, lime, hot pink, copper gold, electric blue, black, and silver. Buy now on Amazon for $14.99.

Spigen Neo Hybrid
best galaxy s5 cases spigen neo hybrid

The Spigen Neo Hybrid offers dual layer protection with it featuring a TPU casing along with a hard polycarbonate frame, providing impact protection while maintaining a slim profile. You get the same perforated dot design that is found on the back of the Galaxy S5 that helps keep its look, and comes with metallic button covers for the volume rocker and power button that are easy to press and add to the style quotient. The raised lip around the front keeps the display scratch free when the phone is placed face down, but still allows for a smooth fingerprint unlock experience. The TPU casing features a spider web design for added shock absorption, and will not expand and stretch from heat. The case offers great protection overall, while keeping the slim profile of the phone and also adds minimal bulk. While the TPU casing is black, colour options available for the polycarbonate fram include metal slate, dante red, electric blue, copper gold, reventon yellow, and satin silver (all pictured). Buy now on Amazon for $17.99.

Honourable Mentions:

Spigen Flip View
best galaxy s5 cases spigen s view window

The Spigen Flip View case features a front cover that provides sleep/wake functionality, and a built-in view window which is compatible with a free downloadable Style View application, which download instructions included in the package. The exterior cover has a brushed metallic texture  with the inside coming with a soft microfiber lining that keeps the display scratch free, along with a polycarbonate case that holds the phone securely in place. The hard case inside features a raised lip around the front to keep the display protected, and the case itself comes with a magnetic strap that will keep the front flap closed. The case can also positioned into various positions with different viewing angles, perfect for media viewing in landscape orientation. The Spigen Flip View case is available in black (pictured) and white. Buy now on Amazon for $17.99.

Navor Folio Wallet
best galaxy s5 cases navor leather wallet

The Navor Wallet case is made from a premium PU leather, comes with a slim profile, and can also be used a stand to prop up the phone in landscape orientation.  The case comes with a magnetic flap to keep the front cover closed, and also includes a removable strap. If you’re looking for a full option wallet, the Navor Folio case certainly provides, and includes four slots for credit cards and ID, along with a large pocket for cash. The Navor Folio Wallet is available in black (pictured) and brown. Buy now on Amazon for $14.50.

Honourable Mentions:

Evecase S-Line
best galaxy s5 cases evecase sline stand

The Evecase S-Line TPU Case is made up of two different materials to provide both durability and flexibility in one case. The flexibility of the TPU allows you to bend the case for easy installation, while the polycarbonate material provides a sturdy base for the kickstand. These contrasting materials come together to form a stylish S-Shape design. The built-in foldable kickstand holds your phone up in landscape orientation, and is ideal for media viewing. The case also features precise cutouts for easy access to ports, camera, speakers, and the heart rate monitor, and the volume rocker and power button are covered. Available colour options include black, purple, clear, white, blue, and red. Buy now on Amazon for $4.99.

Honourable Mentions:

Seidio DILEX
best galaxy s5 cases seidio dilex

The Seidio DILEX case provides shock absorbing protection with two interlocking layers in a thin case, adding an overall thickness of just 2.2 mm, with the build material providing users with improved device grip. The case also features the additional benefit of a magnetic metal kickstand, perfect for hands-free multimedia viewing in landscape orientation, which snaps back into place easily when not in use, and also comes with a holster than the phone slides easily into, and is locked into place with a top clip, and features a belt clip that swivels in up to seven different directions. Buy now on Amazon for $39.99.

Aduro Shell Holster Combo
best galaxy s5 cases arduro holster

The Aduro Shell case is features a rubberized texture that adds protection and makes the phone easy to grip. The back cover features a kickstand that allows for hands free viewing in both landscape and portrait orientation. The case comes with a holster that the phone easily slides in and out off, and the holster comes with a belt clip that swivels and features a sturdy locking mechanism to hold the phone in place. Buy now on Amazon for $5.95.

Honourable Mentions:

Otterbox Commuter
best galaxy s5 cases otterbox commuter

Unlike the heavy duty Defender cases, the Commuter series offers the perfect compromise between protection and form factor. The case features dual layer protection, silicone plugs to cover all ports, and easy access to to all buttons that remain covered. Also included with the Commuter case is a separate self-adhering screen protector. While not as rugged as the Defender case, the Commuter case is still a great case to protect your device against accidental bumps and falls. Colour options include black (pictured), blueprint, glacier, and neon rose. Buy now on Amazon for $34.95.

Urban Armor Gear
best galaxy s5 cases urban armor gear

The Urban Armor Gear case features a feather-light composite construction with a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. The unique shape of the case also provides strength while minimizing size and weight. The case allows full access to your device’s controls and ports, while openings are designed for glare-free flash snapshots and uncompromised audio from the speaker, while the volume rocker and power button are covered. A screen protector and cleaning kit is also included. The case meets Military drop-test Standard 810G 516.6 (26 drops from 4 feet). The Urban Armor Gear case is available in different colour choices, including ice (pictured), black, white, rust, and slate. Buy now on Amazon for $34.95.

Honourable Mentions:

EnGive Anti-Slip Sports Armband
best galaxy s5 cases engive armband

The EnGive Sports Armband is made from a water-resistant neoprene flexible material that is designed to carry your Samsung Galaxy S5 on your hands. It is fully adjustable, and ideal for listening to your music while cycling, walking, jogging, or any other fitness-related activities. Since it is specifically designed for the Galaxy S5, it holds the device in place snugly, and protects against shake and other damage. The case also comes with a single key holder, to hold your gym locker key if needed. Buy now on Amazon for $10.95.

HHI Sports Armband
best galaxy s5 cases hhi armband

The ultra-comfortable and stylish HHI Armband lets you carry your Samsung Galaxy S5 anywhere while keeping it protected from scratches, dents, and cosmetic damage. The band offers a sleek design with a comfortable adjustable strap that allows for a universal fit. The clear cover gives convenient access to the touch screen while keeping it protected, and the band also comes with an integrated key pocket that can hold your gym key. The armband is made with a washable material and comes with a perforated design to ventilate moisture. Buy now on Amazon for $5.99.

Brando Power Jacket 4,800 mAh

The Brando Power Jacket features a 4,800 mAh capacity, which will definitely help you extend the battery life of your device a great deal, and lets you keep your device charged on the go. When charging your Samsung Galaxy S5 while it is plugged into the power bank, data sync with the computer is supported, and there is no need to remove the extended power bank from your mobile phone. A flip cover adds extra protection for the display of the device. It also comes with a built-in stand which provides a comfortable view angle, and ideal for media viewing in landscape orientation. Black and white are the two colour options available. Buy now directly from Brando for $38.00.

Honourable Mentions:

Olina Handmade Hard Wood Case
best galaxy s5 cases olina cherrywood case

If you loved the idea of a wooden back cover that was available with the Moto X, the Olina Handmade Hard Wood case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the perfect choice for you. Handcrafted from natural eco-friendly material with the natural texture, the case is designed with two interlocking pieces that makes it very easy to install and remove. The form-fitting case features a soft velvet interior that keeps the phone scratch free. Cutouts for easy access to all buttons and ports are also available, but keep in mind that because of the sturdiness and thickness of the case, it might be a little difficult to open the flap cover of the microUSB port. Available material choices include bamboo, zebrawood, and cherrywood. Buy now on Amazon for $20.80.

Honourable Mentions:

  • MasterMuffin

    Nexus 5 doesn’t have wooden cases :( Also why is Cruzerlite the only one trying to make their cases look good?

    • melhiore

      Otterbox cases – black only – look good… I use one on my Note 3 and love it…

    • Brendon Brown

      AA needs a design section … :|

  • The Black Hand

    I’ve seen way better cases both in store and on certain vendors sites. The Defender of course, the Survivor, the Recon series by Element to name a few. Why none of those? The Recon series top model is pretty bad ass looking with sound boosting channels found on all of the line as well.

  • DW Duck

    Goospery makes some great cases. I have used them for my S4 and have one for my S5 that comes in today. They are probably the best TPU case you can buy and on Amazon they are $9.00 free shipping.

  • supremekizzle

    The best case for the GS5 would be the one that turns it into a G2.

  • somedude

    Spigen are overpriced rubbish the hinges crack within 3 months i went through 2 , s-view are fine unless they don’t have a magnetic clip then they are pointless as the front opens when you drop it leading to damaged screens as i found out on my s4, also they offer no side protection as the metal surround is unbelievably easy to damage , i would seriously advise getting a full case that completely covers the screen in leather as that absorbs the worst of the impacts as my friend managed to smash the screen within a week by simply dropping it onto a tiled floor face down

    • somedude , this is the one i have and it cover the lot i would imagine it would fit a s5 , i had an old s-view case and cut the magnet out that triggers the s-view and fitted inside this case so every time you open it the display comes on :)

    • melhiore

      EVERY SINGLE case looking similar to Spigen (thin, not much of a phone corners protection, small lip around LCD etc) will do the same. If you want the real protection go for Ballistic or Otterbox. I never used anything else apart from them two, never had ANY problems with scratches or bumps in years…

  • Saurabh Gupta

    Where bad phone. Battery backup of just 8 to 10 hrs.
    Hanging problem also.
    Want to sale .

    • MasterMuffin


      • somedude


    • leviwhite9

      You is do is speak any English?

      • Woe, Is [S]unjay


    • GC736

      Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

  • Dan Lane
    • Woe, Is [S]unjay


  • thartist

    What an exhaustive piece of work! Congrats on the author!

  • Stan

    I need that sports armband case for smartphone. I can strap phone on my thigh and keep running on wall like ninja! Hell yeah, ninja!!

    PS: modern ninja bring smartphone

  • Spigen have a good case

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    it is much nicer when a case adds something to your phone not take away from it…cough cough

  • I just realized something. People buy extremely thin phones, then add thick cases on them for protection.

    Why? I have no idea.

    • Brendon Brown

      I buy a case for it’s design, nothing else. They need a design section …

  • Groud Frank

    This article come with a TLDR section after every case review.

  • Cool! Now I now where to get the coolest cases I’ve ever seen for my 1:1 S5 clone! Thanks Ankit!

    Check our blog if you want to see the best S5 clone ever!

  • John

    I swear by the UAG cases, light , and extremely durable, and they look fantastic to boot, I always get compliments on my case.

  • Dhruvdutt Jadhav

    Spigen -> Best Looking and Minimal Protection
    Cruzerlite -> Best Protection and Good Design

  • Sam Connell

    Picked up the Spigen Slim Armor case for myself, not one complaint. <$20, interesting design, slim, no real weight/profile addition, uses same dotted pattern on the back, almost disguises the fact that I have a case on it at all. Would recommend.

  • kakakadaf

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  • Notthisguy

    I was able to find a really nice leather wallet case for my galaxy s5 at I prefer leather cases over Spigen and others because I can use my case as a wallet, makes my pockets feel much lighter!

  • gumby

    I prefer leather cases which i can also use as a wallet, like the kind you find at

  • popper59

    I purchase the replacement cover for wireless charging and now none of my cases fits

  • Emily Mainzer

    The galaxy S5 cases shown in this website are looking great.Especially i liked the Cases with Belt Clip/Holster,which looks stylish.

    These days people are using latest smartphones with features.Found that Galaxy S5 released top 10 colorful cases which are also looking beautiful.When we cover our mobiles with these colorful cases, they looks awesome.

  • typhoonchang

    Nice!!! Really considered design. I would recommend this website to all my friends; the quality of the flip case is one of the best qualities. You know what I already bought my flip case from otherwise I will must go for a purchased here.

  • Kos Astra

    Found some for lower price on and they look pretty good for the price.

  • lzr68

    I have an element chroma case for my s5 and love it. I recommend it to everyone. It provides protection on par worth the otterbox commuter with a pretty cool design. It has this design feature that channels the speaker from back to around front. No noticeable volume loss to me (still no m8) .



  • tom

    This is a top rated on amazon real leatther case for the galaxy s5. Its custom designed, slim, sleek, offers great protection, and is very convenient. Highly recommend!