Do you have the new Moto X (2014)? See our best cases for the Moto X (2014/2nd gen).

The Moto X has proved to be a capable performer, despite Motorola’s decision to stay away from the specifications race that dominates the Android market. With its optimal screen size, customization options, near stock Android experience, and budget-friendly price, the Moto X is a great choice as an entry point into the world of Android. There are a lot of great accessories available for the Moto X, and today, we’ll be focusing on one type of accessory in particular – protective cases. Be it for style, convenience, and of course, protection, here’s a roundup of some of the best cases for the Motorola Moto X. Let’s take a look!

CaliCase Waterproof case for Moto X
CaliCase Waterproof case for Moto X
If you are heading to the beach or anywhere near water then you need a CaliCase. These cases are IPX8 Certified so you can go up to 100 feet under the water. They also float so you never have to worry about losing your phone while in the water. They come in 4 stylish colours and offer the best protection for your valuable phone. They also come with a no questions asked lifetime warranty for peace of mind. *PROMOTED CONTENT
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Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

best moto x cases cruzerlite bugdroid The Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit cases are made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant TPU, and adds practically no bulk to the device, while adding some protection from accidental bumps and spills. A raised bezel around the front of the phone protects the screen while face down. Precise cutouts allow easy access to all ports, while the buttons are covered, but still easy to press. The Bugdroid Circuit case is available in numerous color options, including clear, black, blue, orange, red, and purple, to name a few. Buy now on Amazon for $12.90.

Cimo S-Line Flexible TPU Cover

best moto x cases cimo s-line The Cimo S-Line Case is a very slim case made from TPU, and is shock absorbent, as well as tear and scratch-resistant. The case adds minimal bulk to the device, and the soft finish provides more grip. Raised edges around the screen protect it when the device is placed face down, and precise cutouts allow easy access to all  ports, camera, speakers, as well as the Motorola logo dimple on the back. The buttons are covered, but easy to press. Multiple color options include black, blue, clear, white, purple, pink, and red. Buy now on Amazon for $9.93.

Honorable Mentions:

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Bumper

best moto x cases supcase unicorn beetle The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Bumper case features a polycarbonate outer shell, along with a soft TPU bumper, for great shock protection. Snap-on design makes the case very easy to install and remove. Precise cutouts allow easy access to all ports, while buttons are protected. The package also comes with a Premium Ultra Clear HD screen protector, for additional display protection. The case is available in dual color schemes, with available options including black/red (pictured), black/black, clear/black, clear/blue, clear/grey, clear/red, red/black, white/grey, and yellow/grey, to name a few. Buy now on Amazon for $15.99.

Honorable Mentions:

Incipio Watson Wallet

best moto x cases incipio watson The Incipio Watson Wallet case is designed with hard shell construction and an eco-friendly vegan leather cover, that includes three card slots for credit cards, ID, or cash. The dual layer case includes a separate Incipio Feather case and a removable leather flip cover that also protects the display. The case also features innovative flash diffusing camera cutouts that are integrated into the removable Feather case and folio back. Buy now on Amazon for $24.20.

Cellto Premium Wallet

best moto x cases cellto wallet The Cellto Wallet case is made of a faux leather material, and includes 3 slots for ID or credit cards, as well as a full-sized bill fold for cash. The case features a double sided magnetic enclosure that prevents the flap from sticking out during use, and the flip cover also doubles as a stand. The package also comes with a Cellto Premium Clear screen protector, and a lifetime warranty, with free replacements for damaged or defective products. Buy now on Amazon for $3.49.

Honorable Mentions:

Seidio DILEX

moto x accessories seidio case The Seidio DILEX case provides shock absorbing protection with two interlocking layers in a thin case, adding an overall thickness of just 2.2 mm, with the build material providing users with improved device grip. The case also features the additional benefit of a magnetic metal kickstand, perfect for hands-free multimedia viewing in landscape orientation, which snaps back into place easily when not in use. Buy now on Amazon for $25.11.

E-LV Dual Layer Hybrid

best moto x cases e lv hybrid kickstand The E-LV Dual Layer Hybrid Case features a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, for great shock absorption, and cushioned protection against accidental drops and spills. The case is easy to install and remove, and features precise cutouts for easy access to all ports, while the buttons are covered. The case includes a built-in kickstand which ideal for media viewing in landscape orientation. The package also includes a free stylus. Available color options are black, blue, and pink. Buy now on Amazon for $9.99. Honorable Mentions:

PureGear Shell

best moto x cases puregear shell The PureGear Shell case provides lightweight, durable protection, and features a rubberized build material for added grip. It includes a low profile built-in kickstand that allows you to prop up the device in both landscape and portrait orientation, and is easy to open and close. Finally, the case comes with a holster, which the phone slides in and out of very easily, and the belt clip can be adjusted to 12 different directions. Buy now on Amazon for $14.80.

Trident Kraken

best moto x case trident kraken Like every rugged Trident case, the Kraken case meets military standards for vibration and drop (26 drops on concrete from 4 feet) tests, and includes a tough exoskeleton, featuring hardened polycarbonate, impact-resistant Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) corners, and silicone on the inside. This case features protection for device power-ports and audio-jacks with TPE plugs to keep out dirt and debris, and the built-in screen protector provides the ultimate display protection. The Kraken is also a three-in-one case, allowing to choose the level of protection you desire, ranging from the heavy duty Kraken, to the light-weight Perseus case. The case also comes with a built-in media stand that allows for convenient and hands free viewing from multiple angles, along with a removable belt-clip/holster that provides security and easy access to your device. Multiple color options include black, green, blue, pink, and red. Buy now on Amazon for $25.97.

Honorable Mentions:

Trident Cyclops

best moto x cases trident cyclops The Trident Cyclops case offers the best of both worlds, combining features of the Aegis and the Kraken series, with the Cyclops boasting the same superior protection meeting military standards for vibration and drop tests, along with the relative sleekness of the Aegis case, but with a built-in screen protector. This also case features protection for device power-ports and audio-jacks with TPE plugs to keep out dirt and debris. Multiple color options include black, blue, green, pink and red. Buy now on Amazon for $23.99.

Otterbox Commuter

best moto x cases otterbox commuter Otterbox is well known for its ultra-protective cases for high-end smartphones. Unlike the heavy duty Defender cases, the Commuter series offers the perfect compromise between protection and form factor. The case features dual layer protection, silicone plugs to cover all ports, and easy access to to all buttons, which are also protected. Also included with the Commuter case is a separate self-adhering screen protector. Multiple color options include black, glacier, hornet, surf, and wild orchid. Buy now on Amazon for $33.72.

Honorable Mentions:

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  • Jayfeather787

    All of these reviews mention the Cruzerlite case. I want it now!!!

    • maxfrix

      Cruserlite is a frosted clear. The Cimo S line has an actual clear portion to really show off the wood back. Most clear choices are matte or frosted finish. Cimo has an awesome grip along the edge also. When looking at the Cimo covers on Amazon, you can select clear from the color choices below the photo

      • mustbepbs

        Do you own the Cimo case? Do you know how well it works with a screen protector? Every TPU case I’ve owned has torn up my wet screen protectors. It’s aggravating because I have to choose one or the other.

        • maxfrix

          Yes, I have had S line covers on a number of phones. I always use screen covers a well. I have never had trouble with screen covers with the case. I have read of people saying they have trouble with case and screen covers but I always assumed they were using cases that fit over the front of the device. This case comes around from the back and has a very small lip that is raised around the front edge. I have never used a wet cover. It sounds as though it would take a long time to completely dry. I imagine the adhesive barely sticks until it is dry. If so there may be some special technique or type of cover recommended by the company that makes the screen protector. I use tech armor or halo screen protector

      • Suggest you see my comment on the Air Jacket (transparent) case elsewhere in the thread. Really like it and how it shows off my X….

    • Jared

      I get it that you like the phone, but humor me for a moment and realize what you just said…
      …the fact that people should buy the phone because “IT HAS A WOODEN BACK”? lol Not trying to argue, but should you go up against s/one in a debate and simply say, ‘IT HAS A WOODEN BACK”, you lose!

  • HappyWithMyMotoX

    I bought the PureGear Shell and at first I really liked it. The flexibility of the kickstand and the holster were great. Then after about a month or two, the corners of the case started disintegrating and I’ve never dropped the phone or roughed it up in any way. Both of the upper corners are gone and the case split on the right side from the top down through the power and volume cutouts so this plastic sliver is always getting caught on pockets when i don’t put it in the holster. Now, cracks are forming on the bottom corners and constantly interfer when putting the phone in the holster. The only thing I attribute all this damage to is routine insertion and extraction from the holster. So I definitely don’t recommend this case.

  • Super happy with the Power Support “Air Jacket” case, and surprised it wasn’t mentioned.

    If you a) used MotoMaker to get a look you liked, b) you like the phone’s design with the dimple “anchor point” in the back, and you want light and stay outta the way, this case is a) transparent (but tough and scratch resistant so far – a couple months) – so you see the entire protected phone the way you designed it, b) have complete easy access to all controls and ports and keep the ergonomics, and c) it’s yeah, light and stays outta the way.

    (And I used a tough film to protect the front.)

    • Jared

      Close…but no cigar. What I have yet to find is a BUMPER case only that is CLEAR…flexible and soft enough to grip as well or better than the stock back, and one that has the volume & on/off buttons still exposed.
      This would be a TRUE bumper case. I’ll continue to search.