Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

by: ClaytonJuly 9, 2013

galaxy s4 best cases

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most highly anticipated devices of the year, and it’s probably one of the more expensive ones out there, especially if you pay for it outright. Most people like to protect their investments, and in this context, you do that by purchasing a case.

Now, there are a lot of cases out there, making it hard to choose which one is right for you. So we’re going to show you some of the best ones available, though we can guarantee they’ll be the cheapest ones. If you’re in a rush, jump straight to the video, otherwise, stick with us as we took a closer look at some of these awesome cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4!

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Speck Candyshell Grip

This is a highly sought after case because of its 2-in-1 hard and soft construction. Looking at the case, you’ll notice the four rubberized grip areas. It’s great because it provided maximum grip to almost any surface, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble with your phone sliding off the table.

galaxy s4 best cases - speck candyshell grip

You have your usual cutouts with this case — headphone jack, microUSB port, and etc. There’s also a rubberized edge around the screen, which protects the Galaxy S4 from any unfortunate face-down falls. For maximum protection, you may want to throw a screen protector on your Galaxy S4 as well. And don’t worry, the Speck Candyshell Grip will still fit nicely, even after adding a screen protector.

I have the black version, but it comes in seven other colors as well. It sells for $34.95, which really, isn’t too bad for all this case has to offer.

Cygnett FitGrip Hybrid Active

It’s a dual-material case with raised edges, and a really sleek dual-color design. Looking around the front of this particular case, you immediately notice the raised edges. It’s very nice because it will, also, protect from face-down falls.

galaxy s4 best cases - Cyngett

Again, you have your usual cutouts — speakers, microUSB, headphone jack, etc. There’s also two rubberized button for easier control of the volume rocker and power button. Additionally, the Cygnett comes with extra rubberized corners for added protection in the event of your device landing on one of its corners.

This case comes in four different colors and retails for $25.49.

Samsung S-View Cover

This case in unique because it offers fullscreen protection, but still allows you to use basic features of the phone without removing the cover, such as answering or rejecting calls. Simply open up your cover to get to the home screen, or close the cover to access S-View.

Galaxy S4 cases best - flip cover

Now, this is just a shell replacement, so it doesn’t really offer any extra protection on the back and corners. The S-View cover is one of the more expensive cases out the bunch, running at $41.99, but it is available in seven different colors.

Otterbox Commuter

Next up is the Otterbox Commuter case. It’s one of my favorite cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and due to the popularity of the case, you may have heard of it, too. It features nice protection, but it’s not as bulky as the Defender case.

galaxy 4 cases - otterbox commuter

You can see that it has a raised edge to protect against face-down falls, which it does really nicely. It has a rubberized power button and volume rocker, which makes the two buttons really easy to press, unlike some of the previous models of the Commuter. Then, once again, you have your usual cutouts, but there’s a nice deep dish for the camera to protect it from any sort of impact.

As you might expect, it also has rubberized corners to help it bounce in the case that you do drop it. This case is available in ten different colors, and retails for $34.95.

Sonivo Sneak Peak

This is another case that utilizes the Samsung Galaxy S4’s S-View functionality. It’s pretty much the same as the Samsung official case, but it rings in at $21.95, instead of the much more expensive $41.99 from Samsung. It’s also available in 10 different colors.

best galaxy s4 cases - sonivio

It has a great, leather texture, and it has cutouts for all of our ports and buttons. Now, the Sonivo does offer extra protection, as you put your Galaxy S4 in an existing case, instead of taking the back cover off. This does add a bit more bulk, but not much.

Spigen SlimArmor

This is a very shock absorbing case with a hard shell exterior, which is great if you ever drop your Galaxy S4 on hard surfaces. I really enjoy this case because of the rubberized corners. The colors also blend is very nicely, and we have access to our usual cutouts — camera, LED, headphone jack, and etc. With this case, the power button and volume rocker are rubberized for easier control.

spigen slim armour : best galaxy s4 cases

It’s available in five different dual-colored options, and it retails for $25.49.

Otterbox Defender

Available in 12 different colors, the price is very fair for the triple player protection it offers. We have a very large bezel along with a nice screen protector that sits atop of the Galaxy S4. There’s nice cutouts for our camera, speakers, LED, and there’s even flaps on the headphone jack and charging port for dust resistance.

otterbox defender best galaxy s4 cases

The raised edges will protect the device from any face-down falls, and the included screen protector will keep the display intact in case it does shatter, however, the screen shouldn’t crack or shatter with this mighty case attached, so I wouldn’t worry.

The Otterbox Defender ranges anywhere from $50 to $60, and if it’s not worth it to you, a belt holster is even included with this case, so you can clip to your belt for easy use in heavy working environments.


Final thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Galaxy S4 cases out there. The cases that we listed here will offer you either a good amount of protection or accessibility. They aren’t the cheapest cases on the market, but as they always say, you get what you pay for.

If you’re not looking to spend a whole lot of money on giving your device maximum protection, a quick Amazon search will reveal a lot of cheap cases with minimal protection. They’ll protect against basic stuff, such as dropping your phone on the carpet, but not much more than that.

Do you have a favorite case for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments below!

  • eclipse

    Honestly, I don’t see the point. These devices are “throw-aways”, a few years at best. Putting them in a case destroys the design aesthetic and makes them feel bulky and heavier then in tended.

    I just put mine in my pocket and they show very little wear and tear. I have a knock-off hybrid from eBay ($5 shipped), but rarely use it as it makes the phone feel clunky.

    Mine are no worse for wear caseless in my pocket.

    • tikay

      The S4 is way too slippery, and thin to use without a case.

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Am I the only one who thinks all of these cases but the S View are uglier than a cracked S4?

  • vampyren

    I tried several and Samsungs own case was the best:

  • Chris Boots

    I have the s view fitted and a transparent standard silicone case as well, they work perfectly together & fit nicely giving near compete protection :-)

  • sheevah

    I own a commuter case for my galaxy s4 and I must say it has alrdy saved my phone from one serious potentially lethal drop if it had fallen naked.All these cases make the S4 lose 70% of it’s charm but still…I wouldn’t forgive myself if smth happened to it so it’s a price I gladly pay.

  • kph3

    Diztronic matte black tpu case. Its slim but still offers protection and looks sophisticated, not childish like some of the multicolored bulky cases.

  • Kevin

    Spider offers a slim armor view case now as well that utilizes the S View capabilities. And the front cover can be removed if neccessary

    • Badelhas

      Do you have it? What’s your opinion on it?

  • Johnh24

    Had a S3 with about 12 different cases now with S4 for 4 so far and it will be more later on because I will keep look for a nice but thin one. my S3 screen once cracked and paid $260 for replacement but still I can’t think of using bulky cases, especially otter box. People are wired they mostly cover their Phones with master cases still talking about built quality and design.

  • archer999

    Cygnett FitGrip Hybrid Active does not match with the picture

  • RPG

    Where is the Spigen Neo Hybrid? for me it’s the best.

  • David

    I use the Spigen Slim Armor View.
    it combines good protection, closes very and has the advantages of the S view. I’ve picked mine in black (matte) but a white (glossy) is also available.

    • Badelhas

      Do you have it for a while now? What’s your opinion on it? Cheers

  • jb

    All of these cases suck except for the S View, especially Otterbox (lamess cases ever!). The best case for the s4 is by far the Incase Slider. Sleek, protective, and slim.

  • cody D

    Otterbox deffender is by far the best case you can get for the s4. It really doesnt add alot of bulk too the phone, Compared too otterboxes of previous samsung devices. And the speck grip case is my thin case, and I love it.

  • Mark Ray

    I have done an extensive research on Galaxy S4 cases, and I can conclude that Cocoon case is the best case for Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • BB BB

    The commuter saved my S4 thats the point. No one wants to replace their new phone after an accidental drop so spending $40 to protect your $700-$1000 phone its definitely worth it!

  • randy

    Sure devices might be throw away but given I dont work in a office and retrieve coffee for the ceo I need more protection. Otterbox, seideo, balistic are on my short list of cases

  • Rhoda

    The prior comment is somewhat silly, I think. When you have to spend anywhere from $100 to $300 (or more!) on a phone, we tend to get as much use out of them as we can! And if, like my husband, you are a farmer and a mechanic who uses his phone quite faithfully outdoors, around machines and dirt, and dropping it on the ground, on gravel, and even on cement, from time to time, a good cover is crucial! After using it a year in the above-mentioned situations, his phone still works and looks like new, thanks to the Otterbox Defender case he protects it with. A good phone cover is essential if you are using it where you will be doing physical activities in rugged situations. He has even spilled coffee and water on it and it has never missed a beat, thanks to the Otterbox cover!