Asus Eee Pad Transformer Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

by: PushkarMay 29, 2011

In this article, we compare what we think are going to be two of this year’s hottest Android tablets – the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both are excellent – there is no question. Really, at the end of the day, like with most things – it all comes down to personal preference. Google has just updated Android Honeycomb to Android 3.1, and with it, come several significant improvements to the user experience. Browsing is snappier and more responsive, flash plays more seamlessly, and things are just all around better. Critics in the mobile computing space are finally agreeing that Honeycomb is ready for prime time, and can finally stand tall and mighty next to the omnipresent iPad. So, without further adieu, here is our comparison of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch.

With so many good Android tablets already available, or soon to be, it can be an onerous and challenging task to choose one that’s best for you. It is very important to know what each tablet in the market offers so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one for yourself. While each tablet today offers something unique, the hardware is, by and large, the same. Two of the most popular Honeycomb tablets in the market are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Here is a comparison between the two which (we hope) will make things easier for you if you are planning to buy a tablet.

Where they stand equal.

  • Operating system– Android 3.1 Honeycomb (but the Asus is yet to receive this particular update as of the date of posting)
  • Processor – 1GHz dual-core Nvidia processor and 1GB RAM
  • Display – Capacitive touch screen with 1280X800 resolution. The Transformer does have an IPS Display, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is TFT-LCD but the quality is very similar between the two, with both producing radiant images and video, but struggling in direct sunlight somewhat.
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, mini-USB, HDMI
  • Memory – Both come with equal internal memory but the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not have a MicroSD slot, while the Eee Pad Transform has one, supporting 32GB.

Where they battle it out.

Size and portability

This is one of the most important features you should consider when buying a tablet. Undoubtedly, you won’t want to hold a small brick in your hand. The Eee Pad Transformer is a bit chunkier than the new and improved, super thin Galaxy Tab 10.1. It measures 271 x 171 x 12.98 mm compared to the Galaxy Tab 10.1′s 256.2 x 172.9 x 8.6 mm. It’s also a bit heavier, at 680 grams, whereas the Galaxy Tab 10.1 weighs a mere 595 grams.

Galaxy 1 Transformer 0


The Asus Transformer features two cameras, a front-facing 1.2MP camera for video calls, and a 5MP rear-facing camera, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes installed with a 3-megapixel camera in the back, capable of HD video capture at 1080p, and another 2-megapixel camera for video-calling in the front. Transformer scores with a better resolution. Additionally, the Transformer did have some problems with regards to video capture, but Asus has promised a software fix in the near future.

Galaxy 1 Transformer 1

Unique selling points

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is like many of the Android tablets available, except it has the claim to fame of being the thinnest tablet currently on the market.. Samsung is a brand that has caught a lot of companies off-guard recently. As one of the world’s largest technology companies, they make a significant amount of hardware for Apple, and their TV division is considered by many to be one of the world’s best. Additionally, they released the best selling Android phone of 2010 – the Samsung Galaxy S – and it’s without a doubt in our minds that they will be hungrily competing in the tablet space too.  Furthermore, some users maintain that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has fantastic performance, especially with Android 3.1, while the Transformer has the tendency to hang for brief moments here and there.  This is not important however, as the Asus Eee Pad Transformer will be receiving an update to Android 3.1 shortly. As i’m sure you already know, the Eee Pad Transformer has one very unique selling point to it: the ability to connect with a detachable keyboard dock (for a modest extra $150) which adds more functionality, definitely enables greater productivity, and adds an additional 7 hours of battery life. So really, it comes down to form versus function, but it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 also has a connectivity dock, and has a keyboard accessory as well. Unfortunately, unlike the Asus, it does not charge the battery, and is not as portable. For those looking to have the productivity that a laptop/netbook affords, with the compactness of a tablet, we would recommend the Asus Eee Pad Transformer in this case. For those wanting a beautiful, thin tablet that don’t necessarily plan on doing a significant amount of writing, then we would recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Galaxy 1 Transformer 2

Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers a 9 hour battery life, which we found to be accurate. The Transformer boasts 10 hours battery life, but in our tests found that it was much closer to 9 hours. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer can also be connected to its keyboard dock for charging, and to add an additional 7 hours of battery life, but you will have to spring an extra $150 for this benefit. Furthermore, one more disadvantage with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is that is cannot be charged using a laptop or desktop USB port which would have been very useful in some situations.

Galaxy 1 Transformer 3

Video and audio compatibility

Most buyers do not consider it an important point while buying but it can get to be quite annoying when your gadget repeatedly gives you the error message “This format is not supported”. The Tranformer supports more formats than Galaxy including AAC+, EAAC+, OGG, MIDI, AMR-NB/WB which are some formats supported by ASUS which are not compatible with Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, there is no doubt that software updates or apps will be able to handle virtually any file you throw at either tablet, but for now, the Transformer wins this round.

Galaxy 1 Transformer 4

Native apps and software

Scaled up smartphone apps alone don’t create a well rounded tablet experience. It takes native apps for the tablet to be truly competitive. The software running underneath is very important. Galaxy has a few Samsung apps that make it score over Transformer. Most of the third party apps are also scaled well, too.

Galaxy 2 Transformer 4

The lowdown

The two tablets have very similar specifications, so it’s not going to be an easy decision to make. We have to take into consideration the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a lot slimmer and lighter than its Asus competitor, so if you’re looking for increased portability, that’s clearly the way to go. On the other hand, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer comes with the potential to be equipped with its own detachable keyboard dock, which is a pretty useful accessory that will add more functionality to the device. Personally, if I was more concerned with style, I would go with Galaxy Tab 10.1, and if I wanted a better all around device that has more  usability down the line, then I would go with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Ultimately, while the Transformer comes with a few added advantages you simply cannot ignore that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one sexy device.

What are your thoughts – does the Transformer have what it takes, or is thinness more important to you? Let’s also not forget that Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 3.1 on board already, and we don’t have a confirmed roll-out date for the Transformers’ update.
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  • I still think the Transformer is the best all around tablet/netbook device. Sure the Tab is a very compelling tablet for those who want and iPad-like tablet. I’m one to fall on the side of functionality over style thus the Transformer wins for me. Nonetheless, I still want to see the standard in Android tablets to have USB, HDMI/MHL, an SD expansion on the tablets–not just the dock or a proprietary port–those are must have hardware features for me and sadly both the Transformer and Tab are somewhat lacking here.

    • troy

      As i write this on my Transformer i can tell you that it comes with mini sd expansion slot as well as a mini hdmi port on the tablet add the docking keyboard and you get 32g sd card expansion slot usb port & up to 16hrs of battery this is simply a no brainer:-P a ipad killer to be sure. Galaxy not even close being in the same league as the transformer…

      • Aqlynch75

        The think alot of you are missing is…….most and eventually all batteries will need to be replaced. I doubt you will be able to replace or even justify the cost of replacing a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 battery. At lease with the “bulky” devices… . the not so slim and sexy you can attempt to replace them yourslef… Hell even better would be to get the Toshiba Thrive…. it has a user replaceable battery with all the ports and it has an IPS screen.. come on now….

        • G8UZQ

          I have been reading these post with interest but as a complete novice when it comes to mobile phones (have company phone) and tablets can some one explain in laymans terms. how do you connect to the internet when out of wifi range? can you do simple word/excell type docs on the Asus and can you write to the micros sd card aor via usb to an external drive (without connecting to a computer) I have a pC and company laptop. loooking for a tablet bit want some pc type functionality for when we are away in the caravan.
          thanks Steve

    • Len

      Regarding expansion ports, the Transformer does come with an onboard microSD port.

      And via its USB power cord it can be tethered to a laptop or desktop to exchange files or be charged.

      I received my Transformer via pre-order on May 30th. On June 1st I received my OTA upgrade to Android 3.1 at 5am as previously announced.

      ASUS also bundles several functions/features for free: unlimited cloud storage free for a year(MyClOud); remote desktop control via Wi-Fi of computers on your network (MyDesktop)… I was able to access all of my video library from an external hard drive and display it on the Transformer or relay it to my HDTV.

      • Robert Baucom

        Um hi do you mean spashtop remote to control your PC via wifi? That’s what I have on my transformer. I also recommended thumb keyboard and syncsms. They round out the transformer tablet!

  • Art

    Transformer please, Samsung can keep theirs. The 5,000 Samsung 10.1 incher handed out at I/O are already having big problems like the glass lifting right off the machine. The Asus looks better to me, has killer options and the Asus 3.1 update (due next week and already leaked for download) is the fastest update ever offered on an Android tablet. Nice start for Asus, we all know what Samsung’s track record is like.

    • Kevin

      Samsung only has a good track record. They update the Galaxy S line very quickly. It’s the carriers that keep delaying their updates (especially Verizon, they’re the worst about getting things done on time). Don’t knock Samsung just because you’re in America; the European Galaxy S phones get updated pretty quickly.

      • Mick

        Don’t Transformers need to travel to America too?

        So still, -1 to Samsung for having anything to do with that carrier then…

  • Christo

    I think the fact that the official 3.1 update for the Transformer has already been leaked signals its coming in the very near future. It’d be interesting to see this article updated to compare 3.1 on both units…

    IMHO, as sexy as the new Tabs may be (and I almost considered holding out for the 8.9″), I gave in and bought the Transformer. After using it extensively as both a tablet and near-laptop, it’s going to be very difficult to convince me it’s not the best one out there…

    • Joe

      Agreed. I love the dedicated android keys on my TF101.

      Asus FTW.

  • Steve

    I agree with Acupuncture and Christo.
    The keyboard on the Transformer is a winner. Typically I use the Transformer on its own throughout the day and dock it with the keyboard (which I had left on charge) in the evening. That way I never have to charge the Transformer separately – AND when I remove it from the keyboard dock, its fully charged ready for the next day.
    This is a great advantage for me.
    I also find the Ttransformer ‘sexy’ enough and 95 grams (0.70 oz) heavier doesn’t matter to me that much ;-)

  • David Webb

    This article is laughable!

    First, I only bothered to skimp through it to see how AndriodAuthorithy would justify their reasoning for why they would pit these tablets against each other and I’m not impressed. In any case, I’m still looking forward to AutoWeek’s track test between the ’11 Toyota Corolla and the new BMW 5 series — it’s anyone’s guess which will prove track worthy, eh!?

    It’s really disappointing to see so many websites and blogs (and in turn, consumers) approach their review of tablets with the same criteria as laptops, notebooks or even netbooks! Tablets are more task-specific than perhaps most are willing to either acknowledge or understand.

    On that note, I don’t recall reading any reviews for computer hardware in PC Magazine or Maximum PC that held one computer in higher regard than another because of what formats Windows Media Player could or could not support. The issues of audio support are mute when you consider (as the article concedes) that these are software issues easily resolved with apps that can provide support for the file formats in question.

    Having said that, what’s really in question here is the hardware! Both tablets support Bluetooth connectivity and, therefore, are both compatible with wireless keyboards. There are many wireless keyboards with small form-factors designed for the tablet market, so optional first-party accessories should not weigh-in on the verdict (especially when they’re NOT included.)

    When I buy a Samsung product, I know I’m buying an intelligently designed product built with quality materials that is backed with a very reassuring warranty that often exceeds those of its competitors.

    HARDWARE is what consumers should concern themselves with, NOT the variances in upgradable software that’s already quite versatile and accommodating.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Dave

      Asus is one of the largest and best component manufacturers out there. I for one have been using Asus motherboards almost a decade.

      The Transformer has extras built into that keyboard dock that no bluetooth keyboard can offer like a second memory card slot, 2 USB ports, double battery life with its own internal battery, and mouse support.

      The audio/video codec thing is actually pretty big. Avg joe doesn’t want to go digging around to find new media players, they just want to throw in an SD card with videos and hit play.

    • Kevin

      Are you an idiot? Asus makes the best computer motherboards and, statistically, their laptops have the lowest return/repair rate of any major manufacturer.

    • Joe

      Okay, first of all, The transformer turns into a laptop, so it should be judged as a laptop, no? Also, software is part of choosing a tablet. I wouldn’t go buy a Android 1.6 tablet, would I? And the difference between Asus’ laptop dock and bluetooth keyboards is amazing. First of all, it charges the battery life, instead of depleting it, the way Bluetooth keyboards do. And the dedicated Android keys are BEAUTIFUL. Have fun living under a rock. Come back when you have something valid to say.

    • Zdravke

      “When I buy a Samsung product, I know I’m buying an intelligently designed product built with quality materials that is backed with a very reassuring warranty that often exceeds those of its competitors.”

      What’s that you have been buying?I have a Samsung LCD which develops scratches when first wiped with ultrasoft cloth. The panel developed clouding after a month. It’s just another Korean brand, like Asus. Don’t get too excited about it just because you got lucky.

      • Guest

        Last time I checked, Asus was Taiwanese…

      • Guest

        Last time I checked, Asus was Taiwanese…

        • Moglie

          The Samsung Group (Korean: 삼성그룹 / Samseong Geurup) is a multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea.

        • Cyco Mantis19

          Yes, correct. Asus from Taiwan.
          What’s wrong?Asus has been in the globe for years and prove its performance and reliability all this while.
          I do not see a problem there.
          Go transformer.
          Looking forward to get one.

      • Asus is Taiwanese!

    • skeith5

      Your comparison between a Corolla and the BMW 5 series is laughable and ignorant. Let’s see… both of these tablets have the same “engine” under hood. What about your comparison? Not even close… The Corolla and BMW have COMPLETELY different markets… The Transformer and the Tab are both playing towards the same market.

    • Edgarsalas007

      Your post is wrong on so many levels. I received both, the Galaxy Tab and the Asus transformer as a gift for xmas. Decided to keep the asus. :) i already have an asus Laptop and it is a great product, i’ve been using their motherboards for over a decade when i build top line computers. while this takes nothing away from the Galaxy Tab or my Samsung Galaxy s2, i would never buy a samsung laptop… ever! :) good day commander.

  • Pushkar

    I agree with you David, but for some users the software is also equally important. I have come across many users who were annoyed of their tablets just because they did not support a particular audio format and downloading and installing softwares for different audio or video formats can be very cumbersome at times, especially for people who haven’t bought the tablet for fun and are really busy doing productive work on it. Many users have experienced a number of problems with Samsung’s hardware and their would be nothing to help you out once your warranty expires.
    There are users who do not have time to download softwares and updates, hence what comes along with the tablet is very important.

  • Darcy Alexander

    I love the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – it’s fast, beautiful, and a joy to use. I simply require more functionality than a tablet affords, and the Transformers keyboard dock really takes the device to the next level. Of course, this is the first of what I anticipate are many to come.

    These tablets will get thinner, faster, and better in every possible way. For now though, i’m going with the Transformer, but I still love the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Cthulhu

    The question is which is the better tablet, not better device. though the asus is indeed the latter, it is not the former (imo).

  • KJ

    I don’t see a microsd card slot stated anywhere for the new galaxy tab 10.1.
    Please update your info.

    • KJ

      Yep I just placed an order for the EEE transformer. Samsung GTAB 10.1 just delayed online orders untill June 17th and no microsd card slot (Fail).

  • ndeno

    Hey I love both android offerings. I have preordered the samsung though…I want a tablet. The asus keyboard attachment is great but I have a laptop..a more powerful one than any tablet.

  • Norwegiankid

    I LOVE the Samsung Tab 10.1. But the constant delay in Norway pluss the lack of SD port makes me choose the Transformer. Sorry Samsung but you where to slow :(

    • KingChris

      Ditto, Norwegiankid!

      As a fellow Norwegian, I will buy the Transformer too. I’m going to use the device during the summer and as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now postponed to be released at the end of July in Norway, the choice has become a no-brainer!

  • rvo

    I’ve bought a Transformer after reading numerous reviews.
    I am glad I made the right decision. Everything works flawlessly.
    Upgrading to 3.1 is a snap.
    It’s not “sexy” as other tablets but it has one important feature, microSD, that I need.

  • tyler

    I agree that the GT is nice, but the UI skin and lack of ports pushes the Tf ahead for me!

  • alisabki

    i own the Galaxy Tab7 but I’m still think Transformer is the best tablet if i want to replace my Galaxy Tab 7.
    and, yes, In couple of days, my new tablet replacement is Asus Transformer. I’m already order it.

  • Shmo

    If the GT had microSD card, I’d go for the GT, but since it’s not, to me the transformer is superior.

  • Jake

    I have had the transformer and I am in love. The screen is great, the speed is excellent, and the portability is not an issue at all. I would rather have a slightly heavier device anyways because it means that it is more substantial in its build. I love the micro sd card slot, I got a 32 gig card. If I bought a 32 gig Ipad or galaxy tab it would be at least 600+. My total with card and tablet was $440

    Some caveats are: Speakers could be better, power and volume buttons are fine but feel a little cheap, and my headphones do not change songs and toggle volume with the buttons on my headset.
    -Those are the only problems I have seen for the past month. They are really minor compared to some of the major flaws of the competitors.

    • Connie1052

      Where did u get it at that price?

    • Jake

      That’s the music player not the tablet, if you get the right music player the headset buttons will work. I had this same issue and got the headset buttons to work when I got the right music player

  • giacitto

    does the Android support the ordinary Windows file systems? Does it “reads” the files from an external USB-HD? Is it therefore possible to work with the Office set of software and store/read in my external HD?

    • Dave

      Yes, it can access files over network shares (SMB) be it a NAS or PC/WHS.
      Just get the ES File Explorer app.

  • Shane

    i dont need to turn a tablet into a notebook.. i want a mobile tablet.. i own a xoom and original ipad, and the xoom seems a little too heavy and thick.. its time to upgrade to the samsung gt 10.1 for me.. size is everything, and i tablets that means thinner / lighter is better. tablets are held up in your arms most of the time, not sitting on a desk with a keyboard attached..

    • Nick3s

      Good thing that the samsung is 85 grams lighter then…
      We wouldn’t want you to get thicker arms then those half a ince u got atm.

      • The thin Galaxy Tab 10.1 and its weight make all the difference in the world, night and day. Not to mention, the screen on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 blows away any other tablet out on the market which is enough right there to pick the GT 10.1 – which I did end up doing and we now own two of them.. Best decision ever.

        • — TF101 Owner

          For the record, IPS>TFT-LCD, so try again. While the review may say they compare similarly, the Asus still does have the better screen. Unless you are a child, or have rubber arms, 85 grams is nothing, even over time.

          • OK – I’m not going by TFT vs IPS, im going by actually owning both and having them side by side and saying SAMSUNG LOOKS/FEELS and is just BETTER.. Until you go buy them both and use them both for a week and side by side and do the same.. GT 10.1 FTW.

          • Pinkdanicat

            Huh. Why didn’t you say you owned both in your original post of ‘omg look at all the cool toyz I has’?

          • This article is older, and at the time I did not have both, and now I only have the GT 10.1 – I write reviews and develop applications, so it has nothing to do with toys, and everything to do with finding the right tablet for the job and checking out the latest technology and doing a 1:1 comparison myself instead of taking someone else s word for it and acting like I know ;)

          • Anonymous

            I love the back peddling you’re doing…You clearly stated the screen was better( Samsung over Asus)…then you back track to…”oh it just feels better”. We might all base ‘quality’ by different standards (price,weight, functionality), but when you’re comparing the sheer physics of the device, it’s 1:1 not 1: to whatever you feel like. If you review like this, there’s a good reason we have no idea who you are, nor do we care to find out.

      • The thin Galaxy Tab 10.1 and its weight make all the difference in the world, night and day. Not to mention, the screen on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 blows away any other tablet out on the market which is enough right there to pick the GT 10.1 – which I did end up doing and we now own two of them.. Best decision ever.

  • YeomanDroid

    I was debating over the Acer Iconia or the Asus eePad Transformer and when I heard that Samsung was pushing out a 10.1 Galaxy Tab, I held off on making a purchase until it was better reviewed and we learned more about it. I have to say that I’m disappointed about the proprietary connector, uggh. Also, I noticed that just like the eePad Transformer its basically plastic on the back end. Though it appears the eePad does a better job at it making it grippy and virtually fingerprint free on the back. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 can bend and suffer from torsional stress, the eePad not so much. Though I’m not overly pleased about the lack of USB on the eePad tablet by itself unlike its main competitor the Acer Iconia, it really was the keyboard and extended battery life to 16 hours that sold me on the eePad Transformer. The cost of the device even at $499.00 on Amazon for a 32 GB and toss in the $145.00 keyboard, in my opinion is a steal when you add in how much it costs for a Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi even though that Motorola is giving away a free Bluetooth Keyboard (not sure how long that is on for, but suspect it may have already ended). The Keyboard normally runs about $50.00 to $60.00, and its a full keyboard. However, the eePad Transformer’s keyboard is not too bad and is fully integrated with the tablet, unlike some of the other Windows Tablets that completely baffle me at the complexity of how they attach to their keyboards. Overall with all that expandable memory and SD Card slots that actually work (hint hint Motorola), Asus has a winner. Yeah it may not be an iPad2 killer (neither was Motorola’s XOOM) but the price point and longer battery life, greater storage, in my opinion is better than iPad in hardware terms. I’m more for functionality than sexy, though would love to see both, that usually comes at an expensive price. That is why certain exotic cars cost so much, they get you to from A to B very fast and they look sexy doing it. All I can wish for is Acer to come to its senses and make its beautiful Iconia and Android machine with great battery life and get it off the Winblows 7.0 ecosystem. For now, Asus eePad Transformer is the Honeycomb tablet to get and the added feature is it doesn’t suffer from a carrier’s quirks and limitations which in my opinion is just killing the mobile experience all together and frustrating the end-user to no end.

  • I have a Transformer 32Gb on order, and in Australia it comes bundled WITH the dock. I have been waiting for this tablet to be released for almost 15 months as it was “first” announced at Computex in 2010.

    And I don’t understand how the Asus is seen as ‘not sexy’. I’ve played with the 16GB and found it to feel awesome in hand, and thought it looked much better, and felt better made than any of the other tablets I have seen to date.

  • Frack

    Go & get a life…. Why y’all are surfing through internet like dumbass

    well i don’t have a tablet….
    But still i’m happy…

    • So, why are you looking at a tablet comparison page. Seems like maybe you can’t afford one and have tablet envy, you are an iPad2 user with Functionality envy, or you are a troll. It’s one of those.

      • Allpe

        Or perhaps you are just a total dick.

  • Patrik

    I found this article and the comments here interesting as I was just looking for a comparison between these two tablets. And I’m leaning towards the Transformer for two reasons, functionality and availability.

    But, there’s a major difference in these devices that I don’t see anyone talk about. The Galaxy can be ordered with 3G support when there no such option for the Transformer. I know you will preferably connect it to your wlan when at home, but what about outside? I understand some will argue that you can then use your 3G phone as a wifi hot spot but isn’t that a bit annoying having to start up your phones hot spot each time? As you can see I haven’t made up my mind on this issue yet so any arguments are welcome but I’m still curious as to how no one else has seen this as an issue.

    • Sonny

      You don’t need to start up your phone’s hot spot each time. You don’t even need to root your phone. The TF has a built in function to connect to the internet using the phone’s 3g/4g support via bluetooth. All you need is to pair the phone and TF once; every time you need internet, just turn the connection on on your TF and voila mobile internet connection as long as 3g/4g service is available from your phone’s carrier.

      • Matt

        Question my understanding so you are saying if you bluetooth pair the TF to a smart phone Motorola droid 3 you will be able to surf the web? as in not making the phone a hot spot but just Bluetooth?

  • Varman001

    How hard it is to start up your phone’s hotspot? One or Two clicks! the Transformer beats them all by PRICE, FUNCTIONALITY, BATTERY LIFE, and more!

  • Derek Freeman

    I’ve had the Asus Transformer 32gb version for about 2 weeks now, I must say it’s a gem! It does everything I need it to, the wifi scanner picks up wifis and connects. I just travel around the city, check the tablet every so often and boom new emails waiting for me. My productivity has gone through the roof, reading books, news, emails, staying up to date is effortless.

    I got a review coming pretty shortly here where I’ll discuss my first 2 weeks with the transformer and give you some good insight into the tablet. Stay Tuned!

    • Connie1052

      Can u get netflix?

      • Zdravke


        • Ryan

          Update just came out to include netflix

    • Fransisca73

      I’m writing a book. Is it comfortable to use ASUS to write a book?I’ve read in one review that tablet is great to ‘make schoolworks’ but surely writing books is harder than working on homework! I usually used MS Word to type stories. What does your experience in using ASUS tell you about this ?

      • I would recommend getting the keyboard dock if you plan to use it for writing a book. You will get too frustrated writing on a virtual keyboard, it’s fine for daily emails but for a book, way too frustrating…

      • I would recommend getting the keyboard dock if you plan to use it for writing a book. You will get too frustrated writing on a virtual keyboard, it’s fine for daily emails but for a book, way too frustrating…

      • The Negative Shape

        If you install a good virtual keyboard like Thumb Keyboard (great layout) or SwiftKey (amazing prediction) typing will become MUCH easier on any tablet. Personally I can type faster and more accurately on my tablet than at my pc

  • Holyshizzle

    It’s seriously like saying what do you like better, sex in the missionary position or doggie style? Umm hello they’re both awesome! I would sell my left nut for either of these tablets but if I had to choose I’d say the transformer wins by a hair.

    • GTP

      i have a transformer and i must say its worth your right nut, not left…lmfao

  • You’re missing one thing.
    Galaxy 10.1 comes with 3G Wireless connectivity from the first time launched, while ASUS sells WiFi only tablets for now.

    • Globespy

      Yeah…but you pay a crazy premium for that.
      And with most carriers you will be locked into a 2 year agreement and will be paying 2 cell phone bills each month!
      I use my Samsung Galaxy S as it’s own wifi hotspot using the unlimited 3G data plan I’m already paying for, so I have constant connectivity (in the unusual occasion I can’t find a wifi hotspot – seriously, how many of you ever find it difficult to find a free spot these days?). Additionally, with this setup you can have cheap connectivity anywhere in the world using local sim cards in the country…….roaming charges? PUHLEASE!

      • Tchais

        y get 3g u can use mobile hotspot cheaper in the long run and works good for me with wi fi u can turn it on and off when needed

    • For me this is not a feature, but a burden. I don’t want a 2 year contract with my tablet. Hell, I don’t even want one with my phone.

  • In europe i guess the Eee Pad won’t stand a chance, due to the success of the Galaxy S2, people will automatically buy the tablet from Samsung, my guess..

    • Ember

      Galaxy S2? Isn’t it a mobile phone, not a tablet?

  • Globespy

    ” We have to take into consideration the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a lot slimmer and lighter than its Asus competitor, so if you’re looking for increased portability, that’s clearly the way to go”.

    I understand that the OP was looking at the simple facts, but the reality is that 85grams is hardly “a lot lighter”. It’s like 15 quarters……..clearly causing you to slow to a crawl, fall over gasping for air in the street.
    I’m sure that this extra “baggage” is actually worthwhile, because it is most certainly because of the tough metal bezel around the entire circumference of the screen. Kinda useful if say you accidentally drop your tablet (as I did the other day) on a hardwood floor from about 2 feet high. It hit the floor on one of it’s edges, leaving a significant dent in the wood, but the Transformer was perfect, not even a scratch.
    That 85 grams (or 15 quarters, or $3.75) just paid for itself MANY times over.

  • If the Galaxy S2 phone can have a 32gb microSD card slot, it is clear the omission of this feature from the 10.1 Tab is silly and it will make many users (including me) to go for the Trasformer

  • Zaid

    I played with both tablets for few days before going for the Asus unit…I’m glad I did

  • If you want sexy, buy an iPad! Another feature of the Transformer is that with the clamshell keyboard, the entire package is protected from accidental damage.

  • Adanasir

    is transformers compatible with projector? i’m planning using it for lecturing in classes..

  • Juan Nicolas

    I just bought a GS Tab and I read this article and I think I’m gonna go direclty to the store and exchange it for the Asus. Have the stuff I need, like USB!!!!! for example. I don’t mind to have a device with +-85grams more heavier. Ahh and the docking, I will buy it for certain.

  • Rahul Chaudhary

    waiting for the windows 8 Transformer!

  • burakqwertyncreyo

    pad transformer is better in more ways than the galaxy but what caught my eye about the samsung was the brightness of the colors wonderfull:))

  • burakqwertyncreyo

    btw i voted asus cuz its better meh.

  • Khughes

    Have the Asus Transformer and have problems finding accessories like a extra usb cable or AC adapter. What I was impressed the supplier could not help me but when I posted this problem on th Asus support site, I received a phone call and an email pointing me in the right direction. After sales service is the issue that usually lets a product down.

  • Lam Nguyen

    Buying a tablet is an investment. I don’t see

  • Andrewr01

    It’s not “without further adieu”, it’s: “without further ado”.

  • Paulbumatay

    ows better than the samsung and ipad2

  • Guest

    I have the Asus Transformer and I am Impressed, Exellent Product and Good Quality. The sounds are very good. Riptide game runs great and smooth. Excellent screen for play youtube videos and movies. Thanks

  • Mauroburbano

    anybody knows if transformer could be used as a GPS offline (without WiFi) ??

  • I think asus is better in terms of performance and design
    how do you think? agree?

  • Swartpeet

    I don’t really see how a tablet can be better than a laptop, other than being more portable..
    In the Asus you get both! A laptop for typing, and a tablet for whatever people use it for.

    Asus, you have my vote!

  • Psissons

    An incredibly helpful article for someone who had no idea how to evaluate these two products…thank you!!

  • Sriramhero1

    hey!for more advantages you can consider asus but for sexy style you can consider samsung galaxy tab 10.1!!!!!!!