knight ridder future tablet

It’s hard to believe that someone envisioned tablet PCs 18 years ago, but a dusty video clip from 1994 shows us that there were, in fact, technology visionaries before Steve Jobs (insert “ironic grin” here).

The video shows how newspaper company Knight Ridder saw the news of the future and, darn it, I must say that those guys were spot on with their assumptions. However, what they probably didn’t think their little video would do is seriously hurt Apple’s chances of winning the design patent war against Samsung and other Android tablet manufacturers, a war that is heading towards a conclusion these days.

How did something like this happen? Well, it’s pretty simple. Apple has been accusing Samsung numerous times over the past year or so of ripping off the iPad’s design with its Galaxy Tab slates.

The design in question is a rectangle with rounded corners and a big glass screen, which, for anyone with some sense, doesn’t sound like an awfully original concept. However, as today’s legal system is more complicated than some of us can understand, the legal heads at Apple really had a shot at proving they had invented the whole “rectangle with bla bla…” concept.

That is before this video surfaced, showing off and, hopefully definitively proving, that Apple didn’t, in fact, create a groundbreaking and innovative design concept with the iPad, but rather took something pretty simple and straightforward and refined it and gave it polish.

The 1994 Fiddler/Knight Ridder “tablet” shown in the video below created “the same basic visual impression” as Apple’s D’889 patent for the iPad, Judge Lucy Koh decided recently, basically squashing Apple’s last hope of squeezing some money from Samsung or other technology manufacturers.

Judge Koh’s Court found that “Samsung has raised a substantial question regarding the validity of the D’889 patent on obviousness grounds’’, so, while Apple will probably continue to look for “justice” in courtrooms in the US and all over the globe, Samsung has good chances to be allowed to continue selling and manufacturing Galaxy Tabs.

I’m not one to judge or cast a stone in any direction, but, in this particular case, I would like to offer a sincere and simple opinion, that probably most of you share. Apple, which, indeed, is one of the most innovative technology companies of the past decades, is certainly not honoring its name by continuing to fight pointless legal battle that they don’t even stand a chance to win.

Without having legal studies of any kind (watching every season of the original “Law and Order” doesn’t count, does it?), with some common sense and a bit of reason, I can safely say that hell will freeze before Apple will win any trial referring to one of their products’ designs. I mean, come on, guys, you’re not Picasso and you didn’t invent the straight line, so give up the whole patent folly and start thinking of how you can come up with better, prettier, and snappier devices!

  • Brianepatt85


    Another loss for Apple, they better get use to this.

    • Short bus, huh?

      • Jackson

        Cheerleader, huh?

        • Josh

          Like, totally! A college freshmen sure does know a lot about technology. Isn’t there a car wreck you should be causing, Tara?

          • Joe78

            Misogyny too? You guys are more pathetic than I thought.

      • Anti-Tara

        Are we having a bad day today Tara?

      • Lol

        Don’t you need to get back to the kitchen, ya know.. Where you belong? Do you cook with an iStove?

        • John O’Connor

          do all those ‘ville apps and cooking games count? HA

  • Apple is so greedy, and it will see downfall soon…

    • Tesla33

      While i do agree that Apple is greedy, i dont see their downfall any time soon. They’re the most valued company in the world, equaling the gdp of Poland. that alone ensures their survival as a company for the foreseeable future.

      • That may be so, but the bigger they are the harder they fall. It will hurt too

      • tomelders

        That poland fact is widely quoted but incorrect.

        There’a BBC podcast called “more or less” that deals specifically with this and is worth a listen. The title of the podcast is “Is Apple worth more than Poland”.

        Apple ranks a whole 87 places behind Poland, and that’s being generous.

      • Diminished5th

        I like to think that history tends to repeat itself. When Steve Jobs was originally with Apple, they were doing fine, after they fired him Apple tanked. When he was rehired, Apple was revamped. Now that Jobs is no longer with us, I do see Apple tanking in the future. Not immediately but if they keep up this “Patent War” instead of innovating, it’s going to tank.

      • John O’Connor

        {insert esoteric comment about being too big to fail here}

    • Because microsoft and google aren’t as greedy? Please.

      • Jackson

        Do you ever take a stance which isn’t straw-man?

      • All companies have some form of greedy, but apple takes it to another level.

      • Guest

        At least Bill Gates knows how to donate his money.

        • mmh

          Not really he has a foundation but % wise of his net worth he donates very little he uses other people donations… Warren Buffet donated $31 BILLION of his personal money to the gates foundation.

      • jokersaurus

        Problem is that Google want’s to give everything away for free, and Apple doesn’t want that to cut into it’s profits.

        In the end, the CONSUMER suffers.
        Innovation suffers.
        Progress suffers.

      • Lord Seth

        So we should give Apple a pass because there are eviler companies then them?
        And Microsoft as a whole improved a ton after Vista; and it all started when they had to bail Apple from bankrupcy.

  • This is great, but I wouldn’t count my chickens. Common sense doesn’t seem to be bountiful in the legal system these days- especially when it comes to patent law.

  • Graham Laight

    If you want to support open source software (an EXCELLENT cause IMO), but don’t want to write code, an equally valuable alternative would be to form an online team to examine Apple’s patents, find prior art for as many of them as possible, and challenge their validity. Stripped of their unmerited patents, they might then stop attacking open source software, and go back to developing products – to everyone’s benefit.

  • banjoonmyknee

    It’s funny because Knight Ridder legacy papers (McClatchy bough them out) have about the worst tablet/online interfaces I’ve ever seen. I wonder what happened to all these people after the buyout?

    Also, today the MLB baseball video would be substituted with “This video is blacked out in your area”.

    There are some interesting short-sighted items, like “your local department store” not being envisioned as being an online presence unto itself . He almost got there, but not quite, talking about seeing a video on the department store’s products. Still pretty good in predicting where we got to within the past 20 years.

  • guest

    how is apple innovative? Beyond some software tweaks and creations, they’re running modified unix on intel hardware.. They are successful because they patent things like “touch” and “unlock” they jump ahead of other companies and try to patent “face unlock” even though they don’t have the technology.

    • zackb07

      They are absolutely magical with marketing and people like form and they put form over function.

      • Oh god, stop with this moronic nonsense about marketing. No one buys crap even if the marketing is great. When apple was making crap, no one bought it. The Super Bowl add was the greatest add ever, remember? And yet when quality went down, no one bought apple products. Also, I use apple products because of function just as much as form. Try again.

        • Jackson

          You are precisely their aimed market, honestly your opinion is irrelevant because it isn’t yours. A college freshman expounding the virtues of Apple, thanks for the entertainment.

        • Anti-Tara

          Tara, in reading your posts and Twiiter feed, it’s obvious you are an intelligent person. Some might even call you a pistol. Given your insight, I’m surprised you’s state “No one buys crap even if the marketing is great.” Aesthetics, design and emotion all play a part in the buying process so it’s entirely plausible for someone to buy a pet rock for instance and be completely useless “crap”. If you’re a Marketing major at USC, you may need to look at something else.

        • When Apple was making crap, the marketing was also crap.

        • jokersaurus

          Tara Beth, that’s your inner voice telling you to praise Apple at all costs and convince you that it defines your status in society as an elite money spender.

      • Cocofashionlv

        This I agree with. They market well and target human nature which is superficial.

    • aforty

      They are innovative because before Apple nobody did it correctly. You Android fanboys like to think that you owe nothing to Apple when in fact you do. Take a look at your beloved OS when it looked like a Blackberry OS clone.

      • …which is a common myth. Android was designed pretty well from the start to run on a variety of form factors *including* a touchscreen, of which there was an early prototype before the iPhone that already “looked very similar” to the iPhone.

        That “Blackberry OS clone” was a UI matched to the early developer devices, a crappy HTC bar.

        tl;dr: android was an iOS rip-off before iOS was out, fanboy

        • aforty

          There’s a reason why they ousted Eric Schmidt from the board at Apple.

          • zack25

            yeah, b/c Google purchased android which created a conflict of interest. Android existed prior to Google. What’s your point?

            Also, Eric wasn’t ousted, he stepped down.

          • Chriskerrigan

            You’re an idiot. I own an iPhone, and I can tell you your argument is completely blind.

            NO ONE owes Apple anything. If anything, Apple has found ways to take the ideas of other companies, mass market them, and create success. Is Apple the only company that does this? No. But they’re one of the few that tries to cash on on ridiculous patents (or lack-thereof) that they “own” on “inventions” that have been around for YEARS before them.

            And yeah, Schmidt didn’t get ousted. He resigned on his own accord. Learn to use Google. Oh wait, you’re wearing Apple Glasses. I forgot, you don’t know it exists.

            There’s a reason that Apple continues to (for the most part) lose these patent lawsuits. Wake the hell up.

      • Dustin

        I’m actually rooting for Windows 8, it’s gonna change the whole game. Apple is just a tech bubble that is gonna pop once someone makes a device they can’t copy.

      • Lord Seth

        Also wrong. the only one thing you can give Jobs is that he was very keen at predicting market trends and capitalize on them.
        He started moving the ipod when technology made it affordable for everyone involved; and then locked it so you NEEDED a Mac to put stuff into the stupid thing. Then he realized MOST people wouldn’t buy a MAc just for an iPod, so they released iTunes on Windows.

        The iPhone wasn’t as much innovation as great marketing at a point in time when ALL other phone alternatives had been ehxausted (the iphone wasn’t even the first smartphone) and technology had advanced to a point where the gimmick was actually enjoyable.

        The airbooks came about at a time when processing power and die chrinking were advanced enough that a smaller, slower processor could be fed minimum current and still work at peak capacity; thus ensuring a long battery life; since for everyday computing you DONT need a state of the art processor.

        Spec vs Spec; every mac sold in the last ten years has always been underpowered when compared directly, dollar by dollar of the cost, vs a Windows based PC (and let’s not bring custom built computers into this, the Mac ends up being waaay overpriced for minimum gimmicks)

  • AppleFUD

    Wow. . . this is very old news.

    Just to add a little more info.

    Apple assisted with the Knight Ridder tablet mock-up, and did NOT include it as prior art in their filings. Just like they did with the iPod. In other words, they are intentionally committing fraud.

    I don’t think apple has ever had an original idea. They steal the basic idea from someone else and then do their minimalist tweaks. And don’t even look at where most of their software comes from, cause it sure isn’t original sourced at apple.

    • Mark777

      Actually from what I read, Apple has said in court that a tablet like the Knight Ridder one would not violate their design patents.

      >I don’t think apple has ever had an original idea.
      That has to the stupidest comment I have read in a while. One need only look at phones before the iPhone, tablets before the iPad or laptops before the Mac Book Air, etc etc.

      • AppleFUD

        You do know the definition of “original?” It’s a very rare thing to have a truly original idea. Most inventions evolve from previous ideas. One of the few people to walk the planet that had original ideas was Tesla–NO ONE at apple is or ever was close to Tesla’s intellect! That’s a very rare person.

        Apple said that about the Knight Ridder tablet AFTER they were busted for not having it listed as prior art. What do you think they are going to say, “no, you can’t make it anything like that either cause it came out over a decade before outs!”????

        • Mark777

          “NO ONE at apple is or ever was close to Tesla’s intellect! That’s a very rare person.”

          Huh? I doubt there has anyone of the intellect of Tesla at any company in the last 50 years. Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been innovation in the things we buy. But it has always been easier to copy someone than to do the hard work of coming up with something new. By your standard no one has ever come up with an original idea – does that mean I can copy google’s patents on pagerank and make my own search engine? Google paid > 1 billion to yahoo for stealing adwords – should they have been allowed to copy it?

          • AppleFUD

            oh, now it’s “innovation”
            innovation != original idea

          • Mark777

            “oh, now it’s “innovation”
            innovation != original idea”

            If you want to argue that there has been no innovation in the last 50 years anywhere – go ahead, That is stilly enough that I don’t think I even need to answer it.

          • AppleFUD

            You must be brain dead or unable to read. I’m going to assume that you can read because you are replying.

            However you keep thinking “innovation” is the same as an original idea.

            Is that what happens to a person’s brain when they use apple products?

          • Mark777

            By your definition NO ONE has had an original idea (except for maybe Tesla). That doesn’t mean that there aren’t ideas that are worth protecting (i.e. google pagerank, yahoo adwords, etc) Whether you call them innovations or new ideas, if we don’t protect them, copycats will steal from those who do take the time/money/sweat to produce something. It isn’t that hard to understand – though if all you can do is attack people maybe you should step away from the keyboard.

          • Lord Seth

            Those are systems, or ways to achieve a result. Even tough they originated as an idea, they are more solutions to a specific problem than a completely new, original idea.
            And no one is stopping anybody else from working on the same idea, by looking at a new way to solve the problem.

            Let’s imagine it like this: what do you think would happen if google was allowed to patent entering text in a graphical representation of a box, using a keyboard.

            That’s one of the reasons we don’t have two thousand commercially available operating systems; after a while there is only so much you can do about interfacing with a computer and representing shit on the monitor to interact with.

      • AppleFUD

        btw. . .
        apple did NOT make the first smart phone–just added a capacitive touch screen and they weren’t the first to do that either.
        apple was not the firs with an ultra thin notebook–see sony ;)

        apple may design and market well but that also is NOT original creation.

        Why can’t apple fans just be happy how apple tweaks other’s ideas and push the market. Why do they HAVE to believe that apple is the originator of everything?

        • Mark777

          “apple did NOT make the first smart phone–just added a capacitive touch screen”

          You can keep telling yourself that I guess. Or you could be a little more honest with yourself. After the iPhone came out, the way to be successful with a phone is to copy the iPhone as much as possible.

          “apple may design and market well but that also is NOT original creation.”
          If everything is just marketing – why isn’t there an AppleTV in every living room?

          “Why do they HAVE to believe that apple is the originator of everything?”
          Yes everything builds on everything else. That’s why a phone maker doesn’t have to figure out how to make glass, mine ore, create alloys, mine the copper, etc etc etc. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t innovation in the world.

          • AppleFUD

            best laugh I’ve had in days. . . using cultofmac to support an argument in favor of apple. . . cause they aint biased at all.

            apple fans crack me up!!!

          • Mark777

            No response to the actual info? I guess that means you agree with that image on there that all smart phones after the iPhone basically try to look like the iPhone?

            Thank you for at least admitting you were wrong.

          • So the HTC Cha Cha tries to look like the iPhone, or the Kyocera Echo?

          • Lord Seth

            Because no one in their right mind would buy an overpriced TV just because it is branded Apple. TV sets stopped being a wealth display ages ago; people just want a TV that looks great; you can’t simplify a Tv more than it already is: you turn it on, you flip the channels, you watch stuff; when required you connect stuff to the TV when programming blows.
            And Apple can’t “innovate” ways to interact with a TV, it’s all already done; the TV race is one of price and incheage; and nowadays, slim proportions.
            Sure, they could make it so that you can change the channels using your iphone or ipad or whatever; but that was already there it’s called a fucking remote control, and they don’t hold the patent to it.

  • Irhuntly

    This is just Apple’s delaying tactic, it knows proprietary systems are long dead and iAnythings are as bad as the IBM lock-in of the ’60’s. No-one should be considering buying a locked in product.

  • farnsworth_pro

    The problem is that the ENTIRE PATENT SYSTEM is a folly. And we will continue to see insane tactics and money burning litigation until it is fully dismantled. It is unnecessary and is stifling competition to the point of lunacy.

  • Benji Dalton

    I haven’t hear anyone use the phrase “Information Super-Highway” for like 10 years before this video…

  • guest
    • guest

      That’s awesome. Does it say Google in Hebrew down at the bottom?

  • Jackson

    “…Apple, which, indeed, is one of the most innovative technology companies of the past decades…”


    Name a single innovation beyond aesthetics.

    • SHeadius

      Similar to Bose. Crap to average products behind the best marketing money can buy. I do have to admit Apple hardware is many steps up in quality from Bose but it still applies.

      • artk2219

        Hah for some reason I though your were going to make a pun. “but its still apples to apples” :).

    • Test

      Retina display.
      Highly accurate touchscreens. [1]
      Unheard of media deals (iTunes Match)
      Inventing the tablet industry (videos are just videos… where’s the KR Tablet?)


      • adf123

        Retina display: only a higher resolution screen
        Ultrabooks: larger netbooks
        Highly accurate touchscreens: these were already being used in industrial electronic products. apple was only the first to bring into commercial use
        iTunes Match: google music and spotify beat them to the punch. itunes match was apple’s response

        • Test

          Retina display: Apple was first one to build and mass produce it. How do you define innovation? Everybody copied it, after.

          Ultrabooks: False. The Air was a significantly more powerful netbook. Prior, netbooks were stripped down versions of computers. They innovated a design that provided a significantly larger amount of power in that small form factor. Blew them away.

          Touchscreens: Reference?

          iTunes Match: As far as I know, you can’t have your music library scanned and receive full access to those songs within the service with Google Music. That’s a pretty huge licensing deal. Spotify is a different (but similar) service.

          • Cyclone

            Retina display: Here’s the dictionary definition of innovation actually: something new or different introduced. Whether or not everyone copies it is irrelevant. Also, this is an aesthetic quality anyway and OP was looking for non-aesthetic examples.

            Ultrabooks: Other companies also create more powerful lines of computers. This isn’t a new concept.

            Touchscreens: Use google. Or look at the wikipedia article for touchscreens. This is fairly well-known I thought.

            iTunes Match: Google Music can do this and they did it before iTunes Match did it if I’m not mistaken.

          • Applsauce

            “Retina display: Apple was first one to build and mass produce it. How do you define innovation? Everybody copied it, after.”

            Retina display is a marketing term, not a scientific classification. Plenty of Android phones had better resolution than the iPhone 3G, and while you are right that for a brief moment the iPhone 4 had the best resolution, there are plenty of phones now with better than “retina display” resolution.

            The touchscreen of my nexus one was pretty bad, but there is no discernible difference between the touchscreens of an iPhone and any high-end android phone built in the last two years.

            And iTunes match is wayyyyy late to the party as far as music syncing goes, and has none of the licensing issues you speak of.

            Its funny how people inside the walled garden think. I suppose I’d try to justify it too if I overpaid to do less.

          • Ted Calouri

            Apple was not the first company to increase resolution on a display. Do they currently have the highest pixel density? Yes, but are they the first to increase pixel density as a selling point? No

            Retina display qualifies as a selling point but not as innovation.

          • EddieT

            It depends on what device you’re talking about:

            iPhone 4, 4S = 326 ppi.
            Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha = 356 ppi
            HTC Rezound = 342 ppi.
            LG LU1400 (Flip Phone) = 333 ppi.
            LG Optimus LTE = 329 ppi.
            Nokia E6 = 328 ppi.
            Sharp 930SH, 934SH, 936SH = 327 ppi.
            Sharp ISO3 = 326 ppi.
            Sony Xperia S = 342 ppi.
            Sony Mobile S = 342 ppi.

            iPad 3 Retina = 264 ppi.
            Samsung Galaxy Note = 285 ppi.

          • strikethree

            Apple does not produce its displays…

          • Apple only gave retina the name, It’s infact made by LG in the iphones and Samsung now makes it for the new Ipad.

          • Derp

            “and Samsung now makes it for the new Ipad”

            Oh REALLY now? Well isn’t that a twist…

          • Samsung?! What?! I thought Apple was going to go with Chimei, the subsidiary of LG, that’s cheaper! Why would Samsung have anything to do with Apple’s cut throat bill of manufacturing?

          • Because money is money. :

          • Lord Seth

            The fact that samsung is one of th emost reliable electronics manufacturer. When making chips price is only one factor, the other factor that cuts costs is the yield of each waffer and how many waffers can you manufacture at any given time reliably.

            Samsung is the biggest, baddest, fastest mofo to make chips at an AFFORDABLE price reliably. they basically make all the RAM in the world; and not only that but LCD displays too.

            Sure, you could go with a cheaper manufactuer… that would net you half the working chips Samsung is able to churn out.

          • noddy

            Instead of “retina display” Apple should have called it the I-Display (Eye-display).

          • Chris

            Sony made the first superthin notebook. In 2003 as a Vaio. X505 I think is the name.

          • ABerry5

            what adf is getting at are these are not innovations of apple.. apple took what was already invented and innovated, and refined it.. they copied, then they were copied..

            rebuttal please?

          • The Apple Newton

          • Predated by the gridpad amongst others.

          • I_RATE_HATS

            The air wasnt a significantly new idea at all.

            Thinkpad X series predates macbook air in the “significantly more powerful netbook” space. Fujitsu, Panasonic, Sony, and others have all made machines of similar size / weight / performance compared to the status quo of the era, and for a very long time.

          • John O’Connor

            I have over 14k songs on my google music account accessible via the cloud anywhere i go. on my tablet on my smartphone or even on the desktop. instant mix works just as well as genius, hell i can even listening to my android cloud music on an apple device, not so easy to do with my itunes content

          • Mel

            Improvement Innovation. IOS = improved (unix) Retina Display = LED… nothing original except the name. Air=improved(netbook), Apple GUI=improved (Parks GUI). Even their Apple logo was not original. Jobs was a good industrial engineer/artist. Gates was a rutheless businessman and smart at marketing. Neither one of them were particulary sharp visionaries.

          • Colin1497

            Actually, Air was a simplied Ultraportable, not a scaled up netbook. Ultraportables existed for years before the Air, but only businesses bought them because they were relatively expensive options. I had a Toshiba Portege 2000 half a decade before the first Air came out. Similar size, similar weight, similar processing power relative to the high end laptops of the day, more ports.

          • brandnew234

            “Google Music, upload 20,000 of your songs FREE to the cloud and have access anywhere!”

          • 1. Apple doesn’t manufacture its displays.
            2. Making something more powerful doesn’t mean you’re being “innovative.” All they did was improve on something already there, which is not innovative.
            3. Touchscreens were around before anything Apple had put out.
            4. I don’t use Spotify much or Google Music at all, so I won’t bother commenting on this.

        • herval

          it’s innovation anyway, regardless of how innovative you consider it to be or not

          • What you just said made literally no sense, because none of it was innovation on Apple’s part.

          • herval

            And now I’m literally wasting some time replying to a reply that literally adds no value to any discussion whatsoever.. Yawn.

      • Jackson

        Nothing you listed is innovation, just refinement.

        • Ephesus

          There’s no such thing as an invention that isn’t refinement.

          • asdfasdf

            Not necessarily, but using that logic (which I do “generally” agree with), ALL innovation is “stealing someone’s idea”, so it shoots holes in the entire patent claim. Imagine if patents and copyrights existed from 2000 BC on – we couldn’t use a single thing without paying royalties to someone. The whole concept is absurd and unsustainable in the long term (except if you’re a scumbag lawyer or one of the dirt bags benefiting from these artificial monopolies). Google “Against Intellectual Property”.

          • Jackson

            Invention and innovation are two very different things.

      • johnsmith500

        Are you serious?
        You call these innovations?
        All existed before Apple. And your iPad specs in 2010 were inferior to HP’s HP TC 1100 which sold in 2003.
        It would help if you take your Apple fanboy glasses off and do some research before posting.

      • johnsmith500

        “Unheard of media deals (iTunes Match)”

        So sales pitches are now innovations?
        LOL. Dude, I heard lame arguments from Apple fanboys before, but this one takes the cake.

        Not to mention your flawed argument, as anyone who has any experience with what is out there knows that Apple was NEVER about deals. Their so-called deals get crushed by Amazon app store, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and even Rhapsody.

        “Inventing the tablet industry”
        Once again, you demonstrate how little you know about the industry.

        Since you are online, can’t you just do some research? Or Google/Wikipedia are not rendering properly on your oh-so-cool retina display on your oh-so-cool iPad 3?

        Apple came up with a tablet 7 years late.

        • Apple’s deal = “you’re going to pay us top dollar, we are apple, take it or leave it”

      • Cocofashionlv

        Retina display? You mean the marketing term for LCD with lots of pixels?

      • Retina display is the equivalent of Samsung’s Super Amoled technology. I think Samsung came with that concept first. The way things are at the moment, it seems to me that Apple is stealing from Samsung, and not the other way around.

        • I think Samsung actually produces Apple’s Retina Display, though I could be wrong.

      • Snipertango247

        You sir are an idiot.

        Retina display? Oh more pixels you say? I will still prefer to watch TV on my HDTV than an iPad.

        Highly Accurate T-Screens?My droid incredilbe’s screen is highly accurate and I have never had a problem with it.

        Inventing tablets- Pretty sure we had Tablet PC’s way before iPad was even out. You can’t sit there and say you never saw anyone walking around with an HP Tablet PC. All apple did was shrink it down.

        Unheard of medias deals?-It’s called I get all my music for free. Age of piracy.

        Don’t even get me started on Apple trying to patent face recognition software. It isnt the best at all but my Asus eee PC has it.

      • Camry03you

        Test, you are just stupid. No offense, but feel free to take offense. First of all, highly accurate touch screens is so general. My Nintendo DS has a highly accurate touch screen; everything does once you calibrate it. iTunes Match is stupid too. I would never pay so much for a song that I can record from the radio (or get for free in some other unmentionable way). Also, the retina display is just more pixels. Did Apple invent the electronic screen? I really do not think so. Apple might have decent products, they are not at all innovative, but I think they did invent the computer mouse decades ago.

        • rockhound

          The mouse was a Xerox invention.

          • That was never put into production and would have been thrown away if not for apple…..same thing with the GUI interface.

      • Ajlolz

        As for KR Tablet being just a video….ARCHOS has been producing tablets before apple did. ARCHOS had defined what mp3 players operated as today. If you want the closest example of early tablet development, the ARCHOS generation 4 or 5 models sums it up. ARCHOS had Windows XP and 7 running on their devices. This patent battling crap has to end. As others have mentioned earlier, stick by your product and let it do the battling for you. If it isn’t as superior as the others, go back to the drawing board and do it again. I have no gripe with Apple. Their products are extremely efficient and rarely suffer Operating System sputtering and issues. At the same time, I like to control my use of technology and the ever-adaptable Android OS is my cup of tea. Why do we have to continuously bash people for spending more on their product than others? Whatever floats your boat people.

      • Jayesh Badwaik

        Retina Dsiplay is manufactured by Samsung, thank you very much.
        Ultrabooks -> Seriously? Making things thinner is innovative. Someone should patent processors because they have a small size then.
        Itunes I might give them, if napster would nto have been the first oen there. Again, Toshiba tablets in 2001. :P

        • The retina display was going to be manufactured by SHARP, but due to production issues Apple stopped and went with samsung

      • Exadyne

        Actually, Ultrabook was Intel’s invention, they just let Apple use it first (same as thunderbolt connector) because of Apple’s abandoning PowerPC for x86. Notice how Lenovo, Dell, etc. all had an ultrathin just like released 1 month later? You think they built and ramped all that in 1 month?

        • Apple has patents to the design of an ultrabook…
          They let Intel start up the ultrabook thing- get ur facts straight the macbook air was the first ultrabook

      • iTunes Match is unheard of? Try Amazon Cloud Player, which released months before it. Also, Amazon Cloud Player can stream music from any web browser, whereas iTunes Match requires iTunes or an iOS device to stream.

        Furthermore, Apple didn’t “invent” the tablet industry, but they did push it into the mainstream.

    • badillin

      This right here… They made things shiny and they are called innovative…

    • Tom

      You’re an idiot. Seriously. Be a fan of whatever technology you want, but you just sound like a moron when you say stupid stuff like this.

      • Jackson

        I own them all, for different purposes. So, name some innovations inside two decades. I admit to their innovation making personal computers affordable in the 80s with the II-e series, which most people encountered up through the 90s in public education.

    • Sn_jansen

      There’s alot of argument here, but Jackson is definitely spot on. Apple hasn’t actually created anything. Apple takes things that exist, makes them pretty, and markets them better.

      They’re not in anyway innovative, and to be honest they’ve restricted innovation with lawsuits, and ad dominance, as much or more than they’ve brought to it. The Ipod was a pretty mp3 player. For all it’s beauty, it’s value was lost with the forced us of itunes. Rather than allowing you to organize your music the way you want, they force you to “think differently” or “think exactly how we tell you to”. HTC had touch screen phones 2 years prior to Apple, and Palm Trio, and other companies had 5-10 years on it. The App stores existed well before apple as well.

      Building a smaller, more powerful computer and calling it innovative is like creating a wheel with rubber, and saying you created the whole concept, it’s silly.

      The Iphone, or the idea of: phone, mp3 player, and internet device, was about 5 years from being innovative or even creative. Symbian phones 10 years prior were capable of this. Improving technology that exists isn’t innovative, it’s an arms race. One that Android has fallen well behind in.

      Apple has done three things well: Aesthetics, Marketing, and finding a niche market of people who are willing to pay to much to feel superior and hip. There products aren’t actually competitive in the market, but the someone who pays $600 for a $300 phone is doing it so that people will see that they have it, and therefore won’t stop talking about it. Which in itself is brilliant marketing.

      “I have it, therefore I am interesting, but I must make sure you know I have it, so that you know I’m interesting.”

      At the end of all of this dispute, there’s not really anything to argue about, Apple overcharges, and people are willing to pay for the status. As a result, Apple has a successful business model. The massive majority however doesn’t use apple, and never will. For the 90% of people that use there computer for browsing the internet, there $600 dollar laptop does the same thine as a $1500 Macbook, and has superior hardware at a fraction of the price. Sure, a Mac might not get as many virus’ but that’s because someone designing a Virus isn’t going to build it to attack that 10% of Mac users, because no one actually cares about them. If they ever actually take a significant portion of the market, which they won’t because they’re not practical or competitive, someone will design a virus that tears their shit up, and the population will flock back to the realistically priced pc, and it’s wide spread widely used operating system, that the world, statistically prefers.

      I for one am hoping for Apples collapse, so I can get a hardware keyboard on my phone, These on-screen keyboards suck. If it can’t perform as well as the product it was based on, drop it.

      • userjoe9066

        Well said man!

      • Thiago Grande

        Very, very well said!

      • jokersaurus

        You must be trolling, because of that one key statement “Android is falling behind”

        iOS is a childs toy compared to android

        • mobileman

          and your a jokersaurus.

          i can do everything i do on my sg3 with my 4s.

          I don’t count “put weather widget” as a task, i mean things like vnc over vpn, checking IP cameras, starting work backups (which i still can’t do on android, and can on iOS)

          fanboys are fucking stupid.

          • brandnew234

            Yes, they are. The pot calling the kettal black. Both platforms have strengths and weaknesses.

          • ThomasM195

            that would be a “kettle”

    • Color computing

    • Jeremy

      Automatic Reference Counting

      • zenzy

        Sooo, implementing garbage collection mechanism for obj-c is innovative?
        So, if I add a handle to a door that should have had one in the first place I can be innovative too?

    • riteshk

      Why “retina”??? /s

    • Really small and good MP3 players :P

  • so Americans came up with car idea, why didn’t Americans ban all other people to make cars, cuz it’s their idea of making cars. .

    • Phill1709

      Typical American, just like apple. America
      s didn’t come up with the idea of the car. It was the Germans. Henry ford came up with the mass production idea.

    • AppleFUD

      America didn’t invent the car. . . just the assembly line to make them faster.

      • Lord Seth

        And it was lifted whole sale from butchers and other factories. Ford only decided to apply the concept to building cars to make them affordable for the masses.

        So… yeah.

  • I too am a FanDroid, and don’t own any Apple products; but that said- they are fantastic products. They work well and their users absolutely love them, which is a major sign of success in any designed product.

    Those are Apple’s strengths, not in fighting a losing battle in the courts that only creates emnity, but reflects poorly on the company- fighting dirty rather than playing to their strengths.

    Apple’s design and marketing have always been their strengths- they make cool products and they know how to make people want them. They should continue playing to those strengths and try to beat the competition on merit.

    It shouldn’t matter whether you prefer the Android or iOS platform; if companies like Apple and Samsung are in an arms race to produce the most amazing gadgets, we all will come out winners.

  • Steve Jobs caught on camera! Steve Jobs busted!!!

  • Guest

    but can it play Angry Birds?

  • Droogi

    “Star Trek Next Generation” started airing in 1987 and episodes frequently show characters using tablet computers.

    So I guess both Samsung AND Apple owe the creators of that show a LOT of money?

  • Ddd

    I think that guy in the video is Steve Jobs long lost brother!

  • Gfgg

    I would love go see Steve Jobs reaction to this video.

  • The important is not concept it is REALIZATION, also remark in the video that there is an electronic which Steve Jobs was absolutly against :). The real battle behind stupid legal appearence is rather that Samsung is a provider of Apple and like you, you wouldn’t propably like a provider to compete with you as client.

  • Shekhoo Raja

    Apple ‘We invented rectangle’ patent must be cancelled and Samsung should sue Apple for causing all these baseless legal problems/expenses

  • This has got to be the most hypocritical business position in the last quarter century. Jobs ripped off the revolutionary graphical user interface from Xerox’s PARC labs, and is now indignant that someone lifted some of his original ideas? Give me a break.

    • Lord Seth

      “original” ideas, please.

  • amon


  • DavidB23

    So; Steve Jobs didnt invent the rectangle… I knew it! Apple should have to pay the courts for wasting so much legal time.

  • Thank Gene Roddenbury – it’s called star-trek. They had tablet computers back in the early 90s, too. Captain Picard always listened to his classical while he read his kindle.

  • nps-ca

    Apple clearly does innovate but lately it has a habit of confusing product innovation and initial concept firsts. For how much better Apple executes and markets how could they worry (today at least) about the competition. Android has its place and its killing the others besides iOS yet iOS is growing just as well. Tablets: until Google gets its act together Android will be a tier 2 – its not bad with ICS or Honeycomb but iPad is on another level. Win8 will be a real threat for tablets more so than Android. Win Mobile may be a joke on market share buy don’t count out MS as a threat across enterprise users.

  • Zarathrustra

    ppl will buy based upon pressures that they feel will be eased if they purchase a certain item..wahtever factors into those pressures depends on alot of variables and teh amount of relief one gets from these pressures depends upon the severity of teh pressure itself along wit waht factors are causing teh person to feel this pressure..if a person feels they will be getting something that is genuine and made from teh best possible materials and will help that person in their continued survival then they are then able to gauge other properties of teh item such as operating guides, accessories and aesthetics and whether or not they will be seen as a person who has taken these matters into consideration..once all these base judgments have been met then and only then will this person be willing to release teh funds necessary to procure this item and then everything will have been accounted for and teh person can continue living in their bubble of selfish materialism feeling elated for having procured another item that labels them as “elite”

    teh rest of us will shop around for teh best Android at teh best price from teh best provider..and feel elated knowing we not some fanboy snob

    • Cactuscat

      I don’t understand. You almost spelled “Zarathustra” correctly, but I cannot find a single place where you spelled “the” with the h before the e. Did you type this on an iPhone with poorly calibrated autocorrect? Cos, y’know, that’d be pretty funny.

    • jokersaurus


  • Glad to know this wasn’t posted on April Fools :)

  • geo

    I feel sorry for brainwashed Apple customers…

  • Manov rao

    Hopefully apple wins!!

  • Except that Apple had a prototype 27 years ago :

  • UserX

    What apple did was they designed from and to the user experience. This is something that differentiates good design from bad design in general. However, they did not come up with the concept of tablets, they just made the concept more practical.

  • eddy woddy

    One might point out that apple has been arguing because they came up with the design everyone owes them money and only they can sell the design.
    Well the patent holders here deserve all apples money and for apple to stop selling the design by apple’s own arguments.

  • bobthecoder

    LOL, apple didn’t invent this. They stole it from the 1969 movie – 2001 a Space Odessy. See clip from movie here: This movie was even used in court to show that Apple didn’t invent the tablet.

  • Duplomancer

    I am no expert but Apple Newton was a tablet. According to Wikipedia (it is on the internets so it must be true) began development in 1987. Then again Psion pre-dates it (1984).

  • I would probably hate Apple significantly less if they weren’t such pieces of shit, Jobs included. He’ll spend every dime in Apple’s bank to fight a war against Android and stifle innovation with countless frivolous lawsuits? Bill Gates will spend every dime he has to cure diseases.

    • KieRan

      Well said, bill gates will be remembered, to most, jobs has already been forgotten

      • AFV

        Nonsense. Microsoft is a Steve Jobs invention.

        • Wouldn’t it be the other way around since Microsoft bought a chunk of Apple’s stock in its beginning years?

          • Toby

            Windows and the mouse was created at Xerox, Apple obtained it, then Microsoft obtained it.

          • To be fair (And this comes from one who hates jobs and his doucheiness ) Microsoft stole tons from Apple, the mouse included. It all goes full circle. the point about Gates donating 95%+ of his assets to charity while Jobs hoarded his cash in the end is the defining point though.

          • Gary

            Donating your assets to charity at the fag end of your lifetime is pointless. Hoarding your cash so that you don’t have to spread your cheeks to greedy VCs at a later date is something different.

          • Him

            Fag end would be in the 70
            s or 80’s. BTW how many will even part with their wealth at the fag End

          • mobileman

            there was quicktime code in window media center until windows 7.

        • riteshk

          And I’m the Duke of Edinburgh. /s

        • Trollish. Though, in point of fact, the picture is more complex. Apple stole its UI concept for its original OS from Xerox. Bill Gates then ripped off this idea from Apple, whereupon he launched Microsoft. And of course, when Apple was going bankrupt, Microsoft bailed them out and saved the company that would later invent iOS and tablets as we know them now. Of course, tablets themselves were originally a concept pushed by Microsoft. So, who is more original here? You can’t really make absolute statements, as the entire technology industry is enmeshed in a web of innovation that no one company can claim a creative monopoly upon.

          • Slight error – Microsoft was “created” with MS-DOS (admittedly this was purchased from QDOS, but none-the-less Microsoft’s when it was released), not Windows – Windows came later technically speaking after the actual creation of Microsoft (1975, MS-DOS in 81, Windows in 84 – same year the Macintosh was released and within 12 months of the first GUI Apple – known as the Lisa). Microsoft got DOS and it’s name big by signing a contract with IBM and basically becoming the name in computer OS’s. IBM’s (and their ‘clones’) were way cheaper than the Apple products and you could easily get the MS-DOS system, and obviously by 84, could get a GUI interface called Windows to run within DOS, all cheaper I believe than buying the pre-installed GUI of the Macintosh. There was also more games and things for MS-DOS, making it more appealing to a wider market. Funnily enough though, this is where the misconception that Mac’s are better for graphics/design etc.. seem to have come from, since the first Mac’s were one of the first computers you could set up a PostScript laser printer(an affordable one anyway), and run a graphical interface with a graphics designer (PageMaker). Basically because they made it look prettier than everyone else, it made it a bit easier to use, so therefore was “better suited to it” – which may have been true at the time, but in the modern world this statement is completely false and annoys me to no end.

            ANywhore – //end nerd rant

          • I am a rabid fan of MS-BOB. What a brilliant invention

          • Mr. J

            LOL!!! What you know about BOB? Before “The Sims” and decorating the home of said Sim there was MS-BOB with Rover… F*** you little paper clip you can not help me. I chose the yellowish dog.

          • Xerox First

            Don’t forget that Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Monte Davidoff created the Altair BASIC Interpreter at Harvard and that eventually became Microsoft BASIC. MS-DOS wasn’t officially released until 1982. Windows 1.0 wasn’t released until late 1985. The Apple Lisa was released in 1983 with a GUI’d Operating System with the Macintosh being released a year later. The Xerox Star was released in 1981 and was the inspiration for Apple Interface.

          • mobileman

            you forgot some really good points.

            1, qdos was written by one dude, i forget his first name, last name patterson. It was a cheap and dirty CP/M clone, and was originally called qdos for Quick and Dirty Operating System

            it was purchased by MS because IBM was in an incredible hurry to match the success of the Apple II and visicalc.

            2. Apple had postscript and WYSIWYG first because they worked on it with Adobe. affordable or not, this was mac only for years.

            And it wasn’t just “prettier” it let you see what you were going to print, which for people who work in print, is kinda a deal breaker.

            some serious revisionist history in this thread from the anti apple camp. My last THREE phones were samsung, and even i think it’s INCREDIBLY pathetic.

          • NathanaelCulver

            Apple was founded in 1976, back when Bill Gates was still hawking Microsoft’s one and only product: BASIC (including one of its best-selling variants, Applesoft BASIC). By 1980, Apple had several thousand employees, “Micro-Soft” (hyphen included) less than three dozen. In ’81 Gates promised with empty hands to supply an OS for IBM’s original PC. This was not Gates’ first foray into “vaporware” — Altair BASIC was — but it certainly became his most famous.

            With no hope of developing an OS from scratch in the little time he had to deliver, Gates purchased 86DOS from Tim Paterson at Seattle Computing Products (not QDOS).

            MS-DOS was not Microsoft’s first operating system, by the way. That was Xenix – a UNIX operating system for 8-bit computers. Gates had purchased a license from AT&T and then hired SCO to develop Xenix for him.

            Oh, and Microsoft Windows 1.0 (aka the “bastard child of DOS Shell”) debuted in 1985, not ’84 — Nov. 20th, to be specific, nearly two years after Apple introduced the first Macintosh.

            But if you’re looking for the first GUI for DOS machines, check out DOS Shell or Digital Research’s own GEM, which ran on DR-DOS.

          • mobileman

            then you either don’t know what stole means or that apple had a xerox licensing deal? or the 100k of apple stock they received?

            yes they after that point they sued, but they already made the deal.

        • gbyers72

          Bill Who?

        • JSA

          Not so. Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS are Xerox inventions. Jobs stole it first, and the Gates stole it from Jobs, patented it, then released it on NEC computers manufactured in japan.

          • mobileman

            that’s completely false. If you can’t take the time to google it and learn the proper history, why the fuck would you post bullshit?

        • brandnew234

          Am I the only person who gets that AFV was being incredibly sarcastic? Apple is younger than Microsoft. Not by much, but still.

      • well said.

      • Read up on Bill Gates Charitable givings – he’s no saint

    • Gary

      Cure diseases? Stop trying to portray Gates as a modern messiah.

    • Bill Gates is famous for giving money to charity (Spends dimes curing diseases). But which charities? O yeah, the one his missus owns (Tax Avoidance). But hey – it somehow puts him in a good light with people like yourself.

      • Guys the bill n melinda gates charity has been invaluable in wiping out polio in india, so that’s “one” disease I know they have fought. I’m sure there are many more. Please don’t try to paint a true altruist black just to make ur koolaid vender look less evil.

    • mobileman

      wow the people who post here are stupid.

      • fjavierm

        PROBABLY you are the Stupid iFanboy

        If you are different of the rest of the World, SURELY , you are the DIFFERENT not the rest of the world, … , stupid.

  • Asdasdasdsa

    Fing brill!

  • Apple has become 1984. They are now what they struggled against in the past. Once they were the underdogs the David standing up to Golith. Now Golith is dead and David is the bully. Seriously Apple let your products stand or fall on their own merits, don’t resort to low man tactics.

    • ThomasM195

      Maybe you mean “GOLIATH”? What is a “Golith”?

  • Palanthis

    What this video also shows is that business men have been ignoring their wives at lunch for at least 20 years…

  • ender

    Anyone read Ender’s game? it is from the 80’s and the students in the book use tablets that they take with them, etc, etc. I am sure if one digs enough even earlier evidence could be found…

  • matt

    Knight Ridder should sue apple

  • obviously grumpy

    Honestly, all of us that have been working with computers since before the 90’s envisioned this…….the success of Javascript and HTML was harder to predict.. Sorry guys, you are not so revolusionary as you think. There was always a generation before you that planed your present. Back then it was a dream, today it’s possible, back then it was the future to come, today; where are the dreams? (I’m more interested of what you surprised generation thinks of the future yourself).. Sad that the young and trendy are so short sighted that they only see the present and fail to dream of tomorrow. We shared through BBS, why donb’t you share your thoughts on internet. Stealing ideas, and take the credit (Cut and Paste) come on…….. be proud, on your own!

  • microsoftie

    All you apple haters are hilarious. You are entertainment beyond belief.

    • jokersaurus

      No one hates Apple, it’s just that people with knowledge feel it is their duty to speak out against stupidity.

      Some are wowed by “ReTiNa DiSpLaY”, while others actually know it’s simple higher amount of pixels in a display.

      The “Apple Camp” starts bashing everything Android/Google/Samsung/Rectangle, claiming credit for inventing the wheel, and asking governments to put legal restrictions on the sale of competitors goods, who often times even give them away for free (ie: Android is 100% free, iOS has to be purchased)

      The problem is that at the end of the day, the consumers suffer as a whole, due to unfair unsportsmanlike tactics used by Apple, such as court wars.

  • Cool video. But why attack apple (again)?. Did George Lucas invent Holograms because he made a mock up (pretend model) of it in the 70’s?! You have to create a product, bring it to market and dominate that market. And when every other company starts copying you and bringing out lesser imitations, then , you can say “yeah that was our idea, screw you!”. Apple is just showing it’s dominance by fighting, and what is wrong with that?, they are clearly wiping the floor with every other company!.
    Oh and notice the use of the stylus here, Jobs was always against the stylus, and before some smart arse mentions the Apple Newton – that wasn’t one of Jobs’s creations.
    If people want to buy an apple product, or a microsoft product , or a Samsung product, then who care’s? You don’t need to cry over it, just be glad that the technology is available at all!.

    • jokersaurus

      Check out the GRiDPad

      Problem is that Apple wants to kick everyone else out of the market, simply because they were the first to patent the rectangle.

  • Eddy

    Serves the bastards right, but still, people will still buy all of their devices (made in the most “sanitary and child free” working environments) because people dont do their homework. they just go for the device that looks all pretty and colorful…

  • riteshk

    And it will go on until 99% of Apple’s crap patents are invalidated and they are left with a red face. Expecting something ground-breaking from Apple is like expecting something meaningful from Paris Hilton. She could be the perfect brand ambassador for ze fruit company too!

  • Mr. T

    All Apple can do is continue to throw their endless pit of money at courts with one hand and unjust “patent infringement” claims at other mobile manufacturers with the other. I just find it incredibly lousy on Apple’s part that they have gone to this extent. All for what? to ‘gain’ market share? Or just stop everyone else from selling products that compete with their own…? It’s clear that all Apple does is make flat, rectangular slabs and throw their magic on it to make it revolutionary. Square objects with rounded edges are NOT in any way shape or form revolutionary. Nor is software that has been around for the past couple of years (which wasn’t created by Apple). They are the most straight forward design even children come up with. What bugs me the most is their newest patent for the MacBook Air. How is it even legal to patent a “wedge” shape? Don’t forget about the ROUND rubber feet…anyone who copies those (position to say the least) are in some serious trouble!

  • If everyone tried to think over what Apple did for all the smartphones that are to day you will realize that because of Apples Iphone a lot of things changed . When Apple released the Iphone it was ground breaking , monumental and that put the “top dogs” back in the days like Nokia , Samsung , Sony Ericsson a new barrier sort of speak . Everyone cellphone company was shocked for the success of the Iphone and everyone was thinking how to make a better phone then the Iphone , it was hard , it took a lot of time but Samsung beat the Iphone . Now what they did is they copied a lot of features the Iphone had and they put them on the Galaxy series and that meant less sales on Iphone and that made Apple angry thats why they started the patent wars . I think Apple is right about the Galaxy series and the Galaxy Tab , they do intend to copy a lot of things . But Apple does over price their products that is because when you buy an Iphone you dont just pay for the phone you also pay a little bit of the marketing and commercials we all see on TV . By the way I have a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 I would get an Iphone but I cant afford it.

  • The point isn’t to win in court it’s to draw a line with the next biggest competitor, so other smaller competitors won’t tread too closely to Apple’s designs. If there is no push back it’s merely human nature to see how far one could push a products “likeness” to competitors product. Especially if that competitor is Apple and dominates the tablet market, Apple is taking the court fee’s as a lose leader to “prevent” others from stepping further.
    If you ask me they encourages companies to be different, more innovative and creative instead of just “cloning” what works.
    You’re right, your years of watching Law and Order have taught you nothing, at least that insight is correct if nothing else in your article is.

  • I am so over apple, I am moving on. They are all about money now and their prices are ridiculous. I have had iphones for the past 5 years and now I am finally moving on. If the next iphone is a brilliant reinvent I may be back but knowing apple it will be an incremental update..

  • Frank Balazs

    I noticed that the computer in his office is an Apple – a Duo Dock. Just sayin’…

  • M H

    Ever wonder how amazing all these devices could be if the tech companies started spending the money on innovation rather than patent wrangling!

  • solta frm nepal

    this post was never about apple and microsoft, people stop jabbrezizing, anyway i ****** hate iSHIT too.

  • Noreen

    Wow! I would agree that this video clip is valid and evident in the hypocrisy of what we see in Apple with these lawsuits. And how do you like that??? It’s right there, for the whole world to see.

  • It’s funny because in Star trek (1989-1999), every officer is walking around with a tablet. Not once is it ever named, though..

  • Kindly check this out. I entend ( As a former XEROID ( Xerox employee ) ) to do what I can to get the word out that Jobs Mob STOLE my former company’s IP. Did egregious harm ( the Alto and successors ) to the Business models. ALSO that Apple by doing this actually OWES BILLIONS to XEROX. The Lisa, as well as the Mac were patterned from his ( Jobs ) admitted theft ( HIS admission see the 46-90 second video) Be prepared to be amazed at his lack of honor. Respect for the 10s of Millions spent by XEROX in it’s PARC facility to bring their idea from concept to ACTUAL PRODUCT: NOT just a ROUGH IDEA.. Marketable products!!!!!!

    This is what I am speaking of….

  • test


  • nigratruo

    Craig said, quote: Bill Gates will spend every dime he has to cure diseases.

    You are funny, you give Gates too much credit, he is surely the bigger dirt bag than Jobs.

    Gates gives $100m to fight HIV, $421m to fight Linux

    So you can see where his priorities are. Gates has been using his foundation to clear wash his name, as man extremely rich but once hated people have done, putting their names on Universities and such.

    And Android is Linux and Gates and Microsoft still fight Android tooth and nail and currently extort money out of OEMs for every Android that is sold.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    They didn’t invent the straight line, they just made it black and shinier.

  • anon

    No matter what anyone says the apple fans boys will always have something to say to defend there precious “innovative” device. They will always believe apple was first to invent everything and if you even there to prove them wrong with undeniable facts then their only reponse is to call you a troll. Dont get me wrong im not a apple basher and i love my ipod its just the fanboys and the companys constant patent lawsuits (mostly against companies that build components for their devices) that turn people off.

  • Boy did these guys call it or what. And the presentation was actually not that dated.

  • word. very well said

  • Drew

    Wow the only reason I wish they patented this is because they could keep apple from claiming it. This is amazing how accurate this is. Predicting news on a tablet is one thing but to predict YouTube videos built in and advertising. I am blown away

    Roger Fidler just became the coolest man ever.

  • Shaun

    OMG who gives a toss… Microsoft tried taking over the world , now Apple are trying to do the same…
    Lets just give the people choice not argue over MS dos, MS basic, IBM Bill gates this, Steve Jobs that blah, blah, blah!!!!
    Choice….. Apple, or Samsung or for that matter any manufacturer of any tablet or smartphone…. were all individual… surely we can make our OWN minds up….

    • Lord Seth

      Google already has the world; they just like to make people think Microsoft is still the evil empire even tough Apple is trying real hard to out Microsoft Microsoft.

  • apple get F#@k.

  • dom

    Job’s was a lunatic. A very rich, smart lunatic

  • It’s odd how Apple will try to claim the iPad is some great innovative product, but we’ve seen countless sci-fi movies like Lawnmower Man, Quantum Leap and others that used portable tablet-like devices where they swiped across screens or spoke to it.

  • jahwookie

    Check out the tablets everybody uses in Star Trek: Next Generation (1987-94). Maybe Roddenberry’s peeps should be suing Apple!?!

  • So much history in the comments for the youngsters. <3

  • This just in!! Buck Rogers 1920s comicstrip served as the blueprint for the NASA space program. Major blow….LOL…get a clue.

  • Him

    Why this Video. Can we not see the Idea on Old Star Trek. The Pads are so often shown especially in TNG

  • Smartapp

    At least let money flow out from both these companies who sell these products at exorbitant profits. Atleast it is reaching the common man- Lawyers in this case :-)

  • wovenlander

    The concept of tablets (or slates, more commonly) goes back quite a bit further than 1994. Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke put them into their 1960s vision for 2001: