It's been two years since the last Nokia flagship phone. What gives?

Hadlee Simons February 25, 2021

Would you buy a folding Google Pixel phone? I'm not sure I would.

Eric Zeman February 24, 2021

Why is there no real competition to Samsung's S Pen?

Jon Fingas February 21, 2021

Value for money is important, but we still need phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Robert Triggs February 20, 2021

Why Samsung should ditch Tizen for Wear OS (and why it shouldn’t)

Should Samsung make a Galaxy Watch running Wear OS? Or should it stick with its own platform?
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 19, 2021

Who asked for Xiaomi’s portless concept phone?

It could be useful for Xiaomi, but not for everyday users.
Jon FingasFebruary 11, 2021

Why haven’t other true wireless earbuds taken off like Apple’s AirPods?

It's not just due to a recognizable brand name.
Jon FingasFebruary 7, 2021

Is Google’s acquisition of Fitbit the death knell for Wear OS? (Update: Video!)

Join us as we speculate on what could happen next for Google's oft-neglected wearable software.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 3, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 might convince me to ditch OnePlus

After four years straight of a OnePlus phone as my daily driver, I might be switching teams.
C. Scott BrownJanuary 31, 2021

Carl Pei’s Nothing announcement reveals the underbelly of modern OnePlus

Pei may be using his former employer to drum up publicity, but there is likely a lot of truth here, too.
C. Scott BrownJanuary 27, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra finally lives up to its moniker

The Galaxy S21 Ultra might mark the first time that a Samsung device lives up to the Ultra name, Hadlee Simons writes.
Hadlee SimonsJanuary 24, 2021

Change my mind: Samsung Internet blows Chrome out of the water

I switched from Google Chrome to Samsung Internet, and I'm never going back.
Mitja RutnikJanuary 24, 2021

Galaxy S21 prices make this Samsung’s most inclusive line-up in years

With prices spanning $799 to $1,379, the Galaxy S21 range is Samsung's most inclusive and accessible launch in years.
Robert TriggsJanuary 19, 2021

2021 could be the year smartphone prices are finally kept in check

After years of price hikes, a lot of 2021 smartphones could be decidedly more affordable.
Jon FingasJanuary 10, 2021
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