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The Google Pixel 4 XL seems to have large bezels, and it could be a wise move

Hadlee Simons July 9, 2019 490 shares

Bring back plastic phones.

David Imel July 5, 2019 877 shares

New Android Firefox browser might make a good Chrome alternative... eventually

Scott Adam Gordon July 2, 2019 274 shares

What if Google shared its profits off your data with you?

C. Scott Brown June 30, 2019 485 shares

Why is the Google Calendar mobile app so much better than the desktop version?

Theoretically, shouldn't the desktop version be better than the mobile app? Why do you hate me, Google?
C. Scott BrownJune 23, 20191591 shares

Why I won’t pre-order the Pixel 4

Pre-ordering a Pixel phone isn't the deal it used to be.
Adam MolinaJune 22, 2019361 shares

RCS messaging: Why I’m not hyped

At long last, the wait for RCS is almost over! Here's why I'll continue to not care about it.
Scott Adam GordonJune 21, 2019198 shares

Is it me or have smartphones become interesting again?

We've held on tight through a few years of smartphone stagnation, but I think we're now coming out the other side of it.
Scott Adam GordonJune 19, 2019354 shares

Android Authority’s favorite announcements from E3 2019

Find out what the Android Authority team is excited about from E3 2019!
Nick FernandezJune 14, 201999 shares

Can’t catch ‘em all in Pokémon Sword and Shield? Pokémon Go has the answer

Some of your Pokemon Go pals won’t be making the trip to Galar, but Niantic's AR game already has an obvious solution.
Oliver CraggJune 12, 2019320 shares

Multiplayer is Google Stadia’s secret weapon against traditional consoles

Could multiplayer games be what edges Google Stadia ahead of consoles?
Nick FernandezJune 7, 2019108 shares

Google Stadia fixes one of the Pixel 3a’s few flaws

Thanks to Google Stadia, the Pixel 3a is about to be one of the best gaming phones on the market.
Oliver CraggJune 7, 2019108 shares

Samsung can’t be complacent with Huawei out of the picture for now

The U.S. trade ban may have hurt Huawei in a big way, but that doesn't mean Samsung can take it easy.
Hadlee SimonsJune 6, 2019746 shares

Apple’s digs at Android distribution numbers are getting old

The joke is wearing thin, Apple, and it's an unclassy move.
C. Scott BrownJune 5, 20191414 shares
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