LG V50 review!



LG V50 ThinQ review: Does Sprint's first 5G phone deliver?

Eric Zeman June 16, 2019 207 shares

No console or PC? Here are 8 games from E3 that would make great Android games

Nick Fernandez 23 hours ago 116 shares

Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro: All the rumors in one place

C. Scott Brown 11 hours ago 87 shares

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL: All the rumors in one place (Updated: June 14)

Justin Duino June 13, 2019 733 shares

Android Authority’s favorite announcements from E3 2019

Find out what the Android Authority team is excited about from E3 2019!
Nick FernandezJune 14, 201964 shares

Can’t catch ‘em all in Pokémon Sword and Shield? Pokémon Go has the answer

Some of your Pokemon Go pals won’t be making the trip to Galar, but Niantic's AR game already has an obvious solution.
Oliver CraggJune 12, 2019320 shares

Multiplayer is Google Stadia’s secret weapon against traditional consoles

Could multiplayer games be what edges Google Stadia ahead of consoles?
Nick FernandezJune 7, 2019108 shares

Google Stadia fixes one of the Pixel 3a’s few flaws

Thanks to Google Stadia, the Pixel 3a is about to be one of the best gaming phones on the market.
Oliver CraggJune 7, 2019108 shares

Samsung can’t be complacent with Huawei out of the picture for now

The U.S. trade ban may have hurt Huawei in a big way, but that doesn't mean Samsung can take it easy.
Hadlee SimonsJune 6, 2019746 shares

Apple’s digs at Android distribution numbers are getting old

The joke is wearing thin, Apple, and it's an unclassy move.
C. Scott BrownJune 5, 20191414 shares

6 iOS 13 features we’d like to see on Android

Apple's iOS 13 takes a few cues from Android, but it also packs several features we'd like to see on Google's platform.
Hadlee SimonsJune 4, 2019545 shares

Android and iOS are more similar than ever, and that’s a good thing

Apple iOS 13 ports over some features found in the latest versions of Android.
Eric ZemanJune 3, 20191559 shares

Google needs to copy Alexa’s ability to delete voice recordings

Google should borrow Amazon's new feature and expand its functionality.
Justin DuinoMay 29, 201968 shares

Is the Pixel 3a what Google Pixel should have been from the start?

Are these Nexus-like phones what Pixel was always meant to be?
Adam SinickiMay 29, 2019145 shares
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