Inside Google's massive Android rebrand!



Dear iPhone users: Please don't forget that a green bubble is a person.

C. Scott Brown August 24, 2019 1012 shares

Why it's hard to buy a bad budget smartphone in 2019

Scott Adam Gordon August 23, 2019 367 shares

Android's new look: The more things change the more they stay the same

Kris Carlon August 22, 2019 476 shares

Let’s face it, the Android brand refresh was long overdue

Bogdan Petrovan August 22, 2019 408 shares

The removal of Android treat names makes me sad, not gonna lie

I know it sounds silly, but I feel like Android is losing a tiny bit of its identity with the removal of treat names.
C. Scott BrownAugust 22, 2019863 shares

6 camera features all smartphone brands really should have in 2019

From 4K/60fps recording to hybrid zoom, there are plenty of features every manufacturer should offer this year.
Hadlee SimonsAugust 15, 2019256 shares

Region-exclusive smartphone colors need to stop, please

From a manufacturing standpoint, region-specific smartphone colors make sense. That doesn't make them less annoying.
C. Scott BrownAugust 14, 2019469 shares

Don’t fall for the 100MP camera hype

100MP camera phones are coming, but can you really obtain such detailed pictures from a tiny sensor?
Robert TriggsAugust 12, 201964 shares

Why is the Xiaomi Mi 9 so grossly underrated?

Dollar for dollar, there is no better value smartphone than the Xiaomi Mi 9. Here's why!
Ryan-Thomas ShawAugust 9, 2019749 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Haters gonna hate

This year's Galaxy Note is different and not everyone likes it. What remains the same, however, is the Note's divisive role.
Kris CarlonAugust 8, 2019999 shares

Here’s how LG and Sony can get out of their smartphone sales rut

LG and Sony have both reported disappointed smartphone results, but there are a few possible solutions.
Hadlee SimonsAugust 2, 2019565 shares

Dongle me this: Why I’m not mad that headphone jacks are going away

Here's why Eric isn't mourning the loss of the headphone jack on modern phones.
Eric ZemanAugust 1, 2019395 shares

The stats are in and they say people like cheaper phones. Gee, what a surprise.

I hope you're sitting down before you read this because this might come as a big shock.
C. Scott BrownJuly 26, 2019267 shares

Asus made a Nintendo Switch and I’m not even mad

Asus' new ROG Kunai Gamepad is effectively a Nintendo Switch, and you know what? I'm not mad about it.
David ImelJuly 23, 2019712 shares
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