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The Google Stadia launch games lineup isn't nearly as bad as you think it is

Oliver Cragg November 19, 2019 104 shares

T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert has some big *bleeping* shoes to fill

Eric Zeman November 18, 2019 55 shares

Google’s reputation is becoming its biggest problem

Bogdan Petrovan November 17, 2019 1031 shares

My Pixel 4 pickle: I love it and hate it at the same time

Kris Carlon November 15, 2019 217 shares

I just canceled my Google Stadia Founder’s Edition pre-order

I was initially very excited about Google Stadia, but now I've decided to wait this one out.
C. Scott BrownNovember 14, 2019305 shares

Opinion: Apple’s Phil Schiller dissing the success of Chromebooks is peak Apple

Schiller said Chromebooks are "not going to succeed" as full classroom tools, which is patently ridiculous.
C. Scott BrownNovember 13, 2019107 shares

With the upcoming Motorola Razr phone, foldable form factors are taking shape

I have a confession: I know foldables are the future, but I'm not totally sold on them yet.
Jimmy WestenbergNovember 12, 201973 shares

What I want from Motorola’s foldable RAZR reboot

Motorola is widely expected to announce a folding sequel-in-spirit to its mid-aughts mega hit, the Motorola RAZR.
Eric ZemanNovember 11, 2019106 shares

RCS vs WhatsApp: Thoughts from a long-time WhatsApp user

Spoiler alert: I probably won't be switching from WhatsApp. Here's why.
Jimmy WestenbergNovember 6, 2019326 shares

My Verizon Wireless nightmare: Failure to activate

My attempt to switch from AT&T to Verizon Wireless has been a complete disaster. The industry needs to do better than this.
Eric ZemanNovember 5, 201992 shares

Ditching custom CPUs is the right call for Samsung’s Exynos

Samsung is abandoning its custom Mongoose CPU design inside its Exynos mobile processors, which is probably for the best.
Robert TriggsNovember 5, 2019212 shares

Thoughts on the LG G8X from an old LG fan

Is there anything that the new LG G8X dual-screen can offer an old LG smartphone fan?
Robert TriggsNovember 2, 2019211 shares

Google is right — and wrong — to focus on the camera

Google built the Pixel brand on the back of exceptional photography capabilities, but this focus has led to sacrifices.
Robert TriggsOctober 30, 2019122 shares

Making sense of the Alphabet-Fitbit acquisition

Alphabet buying Fitbit is (mostly) a good idea for everyone involved.
Jimmy WestenbergOctober 29, 201977 shares
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