Amazon Kindle Ice Next in Line to Kindle Fire, Say Rumors

by: Ken EastNovember 11, 2011
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While the Amazon Kindle Fire is just getting wrapped up for its retail release by the end of the month, speculations are spreading about the Kindle Fire’s successor, another tablet dubbed as the Amazon Kindle Ice.  The rumors about this device seemed to have blazed like wildfire because Amazon has made itself busy acquiring several icy domains.

A report by found that Amazon bought over 500 kindle Fire and Amazon Silk domains last September 28, but someone was also doing the same thing on that very same day. Jeffrey Casserino, who is a resident of Syracuse, New York, also got himself busy registering domain names having to do with the Kindle Ice and he was lucky enough to register the following domains first:


According to WHOIS records, on November 4, each of the domain names was transferred from Casserino to Amazon Technologies, Inc.  It is unknown how Amazon was able acquire the domains from Casserino, whether Amazon offered him money, or Amazon’s lawyers threatened legal action.

Many are thinking that Amazon’s actions—which is purchasing several domain names—is a hint that it is going to create another tablet, the Kindle Ice.

Just like before Amazon announced that it will be releasing the Kindle Fire, the very same thing happened: Amazon purchased several domain names related to the tablet’s name, which gave the public a hint about the Kindle Fire.

It seems like the rumored upcoming device will get the name Kindle Ice.  It is rumored to arrive in early 2012.

Little is known about the specifications of the device, but rumors are saying that the device will be an 8.9-inch screen running on Android.  Some speculators say that it will be ready to go against the Apple iPad 2.

Did you preorder an Amazon Kindle Fire?  Or are you waiting for something better such as the rumored Amazon Kindle Ice?  What powerful specs do you want the Kindle Ice to have?

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  • EricChung

    From what I hear, the Kindle Fire’s flaws were that you can’t delete apps when you want to, the “ink” isn’t comfortable like eInk, it glares, there is no USB port or whatever included in the packaging, and I’m guessing the eBooks or whatever cost a bit too much (I don’t have anything Apple). I hope this Kindle “Ice” gets this all fixed up.

    • Angrydroid

      You can, in fact, delete apps. The screen is an LCD not e-ink. There’s a USB port but it comes with no USB *CABLE*. My assumption about this rumor would be that the Kindle Ice would be a slightly beefier tablet with a port of Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.0 on it.

  • Eric Chung