Ice Cream Sandwich, sounds delicious right? It most certainly is, and it’s looking like another tablet maker is eager to hop on the bandwagon, and provide its user base with the latest version of Android.

With so many Android users chomping at the bit to know whether their device(s) will be receiving said update, it really couldn’t come at a better time. In the world of Android, the companies that act fastest to provide their customers with timely updates are typically those that earn not only the greatest amount of good will, but also the greatest amount of customers.

While this is unconfirmed at this point at time, we have faith. Thanks to the kind folks at, we have received word that the Acer Iconia Tab A100/A101 and the A500/A501 will all get the upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in mid January, 2012. This would put it in line with the updates coming for the Motorola Xoom, the Asus Transformer, and others that we are hearing about at this monent.

Android product manager, Gabe Cohen, has said that any tablet running Honeycomb should, in theory, be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich. The underlying code between Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich is nowhere the leap that is the code from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. How quickly said updates will come ultimately depends on whether the device is running a custom UI or not.

We’ll keep you posted! Any thoughts on this, Iconia Tab owners?

[via Tablet-online]

Darcy LaCouvee
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  • Anonymous

    Nice. But only question is what is better this or the Asus?

    • Anon

      They’re pretty close. I think the Acer is a little better, but the ASUS keyboard dock it pretty cool. I wish Acer would get it together and make something similar.

    • Susan George

      I bought the ACER for the USD port

  • Tgrusso78

    The A500 has a full sized USB slot for flash drives, keyboards, mice, PS3 controllers, etc. The Asus does not.

  • Drwevil

    I got handed an a500 by the boss to setup for testing.

    I turned it on it asked for the wifi. I set that up it immediately asked for an up date 70 odd megs. That downloaded and installed.

    After the restart it asked for another update….

    370 megs or so.

    V4.0.x.x Icecream Sandwich woo hoo.

    I’m going in early to work to play. Unfortunately I was not allowed to bring it home.

    • Drwevil

      Not so much of the waa hoo.

      Aparently its the 3.2 update ,…. Sniff.

      Why would acer give an update of 4.0……?

      Gotta hate that…

      Sorry for the false alarms i was all excited…

  • Just got the A500 last night (fairwell iPad 2 :() and was very curious if the update would come. I am now that much more pleased with my jumping of ship. Also stoked the GS II is getting updated. That phone finally gave me a reason to stay away from iOS for good. The A500 was something I was drooling over for months. Finally made the big trade :) I sold the iPad in under 3 hours :)

  • Dazza

    Just got the A500 – very nice tablet, and good price.
    Looking forward to Android 4.
    Looked at iPad2 but too much $ for too little and not suitable for business development. Too restrictive.
    Primary influence on decision for A500 was full USB support and microsd support, and hopefully upgradeable to Android 4.

  • Nateswanner

    I have the Iconia, and just got a $30 Bluetooth keyboard…no issues at all. The iconia is expandable…the only reason to get asus’ dock is that it has the expansion slots and USB. Weak. I get that all in one tab. The dock essentially makes it an overpriced, under powered notebook computer.

  • tpolen61

    I have the a500 and love it. I found a case with a built-in keyboard on Amazon for $40, and these two paired together is better than a netbook. The selling point for me on the Iconia was the price and USB, vs. competitors such as the iPad, which is too limited and too expensive for my likes. Can’t wait for ICS!

  • James C.

    I have had my A500 since June of this year when it first came out. It was a nice tablet running 3.0.1, then it updated to 3.1, and yet again to 3.2. I can only assume the 4.0 update will show up as well. To date I have had no problems.

    With 3.2 you can use a USB hub and plug in a mouse and keyboard at the same time. Mouse cursors and arrow keys all work fine. My 2.4 GHz mouse with USB dongle works without issue. USB “thumb drives” work without issue.

    My VoIP (USB) headset does not work.

    Bluetooth mice and keyboards are simple to add and use.

    With the 3.2 update also came full 1080p output from the HDMI port.

    My only issue with Android tablets is the lack of number and arrow keys on the onscreen keyboard. My fingers are just too big to use the “point where to you want the cursor” editing feature.

    As a solution, I found and highly recommend downloading the (free) “Hacker’s Keyboard” from the Android store. I now have a standard 104 key on-screen keyboard. All the numbers, letters, and arrow keys are all present simultaneously. And yes, there are downloadable language packs. Swap languages by swiping the on-screen space bar right or left.

    I hope ICS has a similar fully functioning onscreen keyboard built in when it shows up.

    • Blackhole007

      Jespere que la mise a jour comprendra la detection des wi fi ad hos et la detection des casque stereo bluetooth

  • Wezley

    I love my iconia A500. As a android app developer I look forward to 4.0.

  • I got the A100, and this is very good news for me. I wasn’t sure if I would have to depend on xda forums.

  • Singer2112

    Awesome news! Just picked up my a500 and love it so far

  • MUHAMMAD Shahnawaz

    is anyone knows how to connect 3g usb to acer tab a500? i am from from pakistan and i want to connect worldcall 3g usb on it!

    • Papo

      Loro its not possible

  • Shadowhunter320

    Sounds incredibly awesome! I’m writing this from my a500 :-)

  • If am running a custom rom how do i get the update when it come out in january?

  • would ice cream sandwich support apps2sd.i have an Acer a500 i love very much.

  • Robbbzilla

    I have been using Android tabs for little over a year now. It is amazing how far they have come in such a short time. My only problem with tablets is the ram. Let us be able to add ram. My Acer has 1 GB ram but it would be really cool if you culd add more at a later date. It would certainly extend the life of the Tab. My last tab was a Viewsonic Gtab. It was a great Tablet when running a custom rom.

    I had been drooling over the Acer ever since a friend of mine got one. The $499 price tag was too much but when they dropped to $349 I had to get one. I was debating between this and the Transformer Prime. As much as I want the quad Core it just seemed foolish to buy it. I will not really gain that much over the Acer and by the time the quad cores are truly supported there will be more products to choose and the price will drop.

    Of all the Android Tabs I have played with or owned I will say Acer got the build quality up!! I was going to buy the cheaper A100 for $249 but when I looked closely at the screen it had a bad viewing angle like my Gtab and I was not going to do that again. Also I really like the solid Aluminum case. It just feels like quality. I dropped it on a hard surface second week I had it and it was good drop. It scratched the side near the power button and opened the case a little. My Gtab I had to replace because a similar drop caused a short in the charging.

    I love my Android Tablet. The screen Acer uses is beautiful and I just find it to do everything I need in a tech device. I use it so much I do not need my PC anymore. There are some things I keep my big 17 inch Windows 7 Monster but for most things now I use the tab.

    Hopefully I will be able to get two to three years of solid use out of my Iconia. I will get a quad core tab in a year or so!!

  • Cmt2a2

    Ice Cream or not Iconia a100 best gps i ever had

    • really? I bought one of the very first ones, and I can’t get my GPS to pick up ANY signal….

  • Alien

    i just asked acer about the update, as we are in the first wave it is disappointing, not expected until april

  • Otostopcu

    So far anyone got any update for A500 we past mid of Jan and still no news

  • Anonymous

    just got off the chat session with support from acer and they said they had no idea of the upgrade

  • Css0999

    Hen is it coming for the A100?

  • Trigger

    When and how will/can we download it to our tablets? I have the A500 did some trades for.

  • hmm still no update yet

  • The Acer Iconia A500 is the best tab feature-for-feature pound-for-pound dollar-for-dollar bar NONE.
    Add ICS 4.0 and you have the best of all worlds,.Wrapped in aluminum, topped with Gorilla Glass, loaded with the hottest and strongest Android OS yet = Ka-Boom.

  • Rogue_usmc_ret

    SOOOOOOOOO where is the update????

  • No update yet! And I can’t wait to get it!

  • Llanero36

    Hola, he comprado esta tableta hace unos dias, como sabes esta viene con 3.0, primero me pidio actualizar el software y se hizo el upgrade a 3.1, ahora segun dice q hay una actualizacion 7.x.x.x pero comienza a descargar y derrepente la descarga vuelve a empezar desde 0, no es desde un punto espeficifico, sino desde quizas el 7X u 8X (%)porciento de la descarga, crees q podrias ayudarme a como forzar dicha actualizacion o si me puedes dar algun tip. muchas gracias de antemano.

  • Karrar

    Still no update

  • Shields

    It’s February and yet still no update for Acer Iconia Tab A501.

  • Ajresto

    Any idea when the update is coming out?

  • Anonymous

    yup.. no update yet(12 feb 2012)

  • Jlan Lancaster

    Ok just got off the phone with acer they said between march or april

  • Johnmlkl145

    There will be no ICE update from acer for the iconia tab a500.
    This is confirmed by Acer headquarters on friday 10-02-2012.

  • Madmonks

    Bought the tablet based on this upgrade… still nothing. Would be nice but not holding my breath at this point. Still good equipment but DO NOT BUY if you want ice cream sandwich on you menu.

  • guest02934847

    little did we all know, it would be April 27th before the update came lol

  • anyone got an update ? facing prb with rooted ICS version will switch to official if update released.