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LG G8 ThinQ camera review: average all around

Edgar Cervantes April 24, 2019 71 shares

Spotify tips and tricks: Get more out of your Spotify account

Nick Fernandez April 25, 2019 95 shares

Huawei P30 review: High cost of entry

David Imel April 24, 2019 93 shares

From OnePlus 6T to OnePlus One: A week with a 5-year-old phone

C. Scott Brown April 23, 2019 242 shares
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Confirmed: Apple, Qualcomm settlement killed Intel’s 5G modem plans

It might not come as a surprise, but Intel's CEO has revealed why it left the 5G smartphone modem business.
Hadlee Simons5 hours ago84 shares

5G is almost here – here’s what you can expect from Verizon

The 5G revolution is slowly beginning. Here's what we know about Verizon 5G and Big Red's plans for the future.
Kevin ParrishApril 21, 2019247 shares

All you need to know about every 5G phone confirmed so far (Updated April 21)

Who will win the race to the first true 5G phone? Here's what we know so far.
Oliver CraggApril 21, 20191886 shares

It’s possible Apple paid $6 billion to settle with Qualcomm, get 5G chips

Although it's hard to say who "lost" and who "won" in the end, it does seem Qualcomm came out on top.
C. Scott BrownApril 19, 2019631 shares

Intel to exit 5G smartphone modem business: Is this why Apple settled with Qualcomm?

Intel was widely expected to supply a 5G modem to Apple for the first 5G-enabled iPhones.
Hadlee SimonsApril 17, 2019381 shares

LG V50 ThinQ 5G launch in South Korea delayed (Update: Response from LG)

With the issues the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G had, LG made a smart move.
Williams PelegrinApril 16, 2019180 shares

5G networks will change our lives for good — But at what cost?

Will 5G really allow powerful forces to monitor and control our lives more closely, in ways that stifle, prohibit, and constrain? Perhaps not directly, but...
Tristan RaynerApril 14, 20193490 shares

Trump and FCC outline aggressive 5G plan, will not nationalize networks

Expanding 5G to rural areas of the country is a high priority within the new plan.
C. Scott BrownApril 12, 2019229 shares

AT&T boasts about bring 5G to more cities, still not selling 5G phones

AT&T has no 5G phones and there's no easy way to get its 5G hotspot.
C. Scott BrownApril 9, 2019147 shares

Verizon kicks off its 5G service in Chicago and Minneapolis, starts 5G Moto Mod sales

Verizon is also now selling the 5G Moto Mod, enabling the Moto Z3 to work on the new network.
Justin DuinoApril 3, 201959 shares
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